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Emerging Bank Jobs: Job Profile and Career as Cyber Forensic Analyst in Public Sector Banks

Cyber Forensic Analyst is responsible for securing the sensitive data with the banks as well as foreseeing the possible threats to the customers.

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Publish Date : Mar 21, 2017

Current Affairs Quiz: 3 March 2017

3 March 2017: The Current Affairs Quizzes section of wants to help every aspirant of competitive exams to revise the day at an ease. These quizzes will help you in answering questions which can/may be asked in the next exam that will be faced by you. The day’s updated quizzes cover the topics like 2017 International Yoga festival, freight sector initiatives by Railways and annual city governance ranking ASCIS 2016 among others.

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Publish Date : Mar 3, 2017

Oriental Bank of Commerce launched five new products to mark 75th Foundation Day

The five products were launched by the nationalized bank to improve its quantity and quality of services.

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Publish Date : Feb 21, 2017

What is the role of Law Officer in Banks?

The recruitment of law officer in Public Sector Banks is done through the IBPS Specialist Officer Examination. For IBPS SO Law officer, candidate should have an LLB Degree and enrollment in the Bar Council of India as an advocate however, in some banks experience is also required.

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Publish Date : Dec 10, 2016

Revamped Aadhaar toll-free helpline number launched

The free of cost helpline 1947 will be available 24x7 throughout the year on IVRS mode. It will be especially beneficial in these times when the Aadhaar number is being increasingly used in the banking sector to identify individuals.

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Publish Date : Nov 17, 2016

Payment Banks and Small Banks: A New Opportunity for Jobs in Banking Sector

In the course of next two to three years, small and payments banks will recruit a huge number of people in the junior level as well as mid level and senior level positions to give their business a head start over the other players present in the Banking sector.

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Publish Date : Nov 3, 2016

CVC asked banks to report frauds of Rs one crore and above

CVC has asked the Banks to report to it any suspected fraud cases of one crore rupees and above.

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Publish Date : Nov 2, 2016

Transfer policy of Female employees in Public sector banks

PSU Banks have been advised to draft a new preferential transfer policy aimed for female employees. Read on to find out the details about this new move.

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Publish Date : Nov 2, 2016

IBPS PO, SBI SO, IPPB Exam 2016: Top five Banking news of October’s first week

Questions based on banking news are regularly asked in bank examinations. In order to help in your preparation, here the banking team of jagranjosh is providing top five banking news of last ten days.

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Publish Date : Oct 17, 2016

Promotional Avenues for PO in Public Sector Banks

Most of the banks transfer officers once they are promoted to the higher cadre. Sometimes it happens within the region where the officer is posted whereas sometimes, it takes place outside the region as well. But one thing is certain, you are going to be transferred once you are promoted.

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Publish Date : Oct 6, 2016

Chanda Kochhar: Shaping the Retail Banking Sector in India

The success of the present MD-CEO of India’s second largest bank is not only driving the retail banking to the top but also making it happen when it was very difficult to make inroads in the retail banking sector in India.

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Publish Date : Sep 24, 2016

10 Great Qualities a PSU Bank Employee should possess

A career in Banking, especially when it comes to Public Sector Banks has been a preferred choice among the youth of this country. To help students out, we have compiled a list of top 10 qualities that every banking professional should possess in order to build a successful career in Public Sector Banks.

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Publish Date : Sep 20, 2016

पीएसयू बैंक के कर्मचारियों में निहित 10 आवश्यक गुण

प्रधानमंत्री जन धन योजना जैसी सरकारी योजनाओं द्वारा समर्थित बैंकिंग क्षेत्र में हाल ही में बहुत अधिक उछाल देखा गया है। इस उछाल ने बैंकिंग क्षेत्र में कुशल एवं योग्य मानवपूंजी की आवश्यकता को बढ़ा दिया है जो निजी क्षेत्र के बैंकों और सरकार क्षेत्र के बैंकों में बढे अवसरों से स्पष्ट पता चलता है।

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Publish Date : Sep 20, 2016

Why do females prefer Public Sector Bank jobs?

The women candidates find banking sector immensely productive and it provides the social status they always desire from their work field. The banking sector provides the healthy working environment for the female candidates to grow and development within banks.

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Publish Date : Sep 17, 2016

SBI PO 2016: A practical approach for GD

SBI has recently announced the result of the main examination that was conducted on 31st July 2016 all over the country for recruitment of PO across the country. The next step to get the coveted job is to appear in the GD and interview. In this article, we shall try to present a scenario in which you will get an idea about how things are going to take place in the actual GD of SBI.

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Publish Date : Sep 6, 2016

Retirement and Pension benefits offered to Public Sector Bank Employees

Today, when all other employers are busy reducing their financial burden by significantly cutting down on retirement benefits offered to their employees, banking sector has continued to swell their retirement benefits policy to help their employees. This is also one of the main reasons for banking sector attracting the best talents from all academic backgrounds.

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Publish Date : Sep 1, 2016

बैंकों में क्लर्क/पीओ की 21000+ से ज्यादा नौकरियां: अविलम्ब अगस्त/सितम्बर तक करें आवेदन

सरकारी नौकरी की तैयारी कर रहे युवाओं को बैंकिंग सेक्टर ने हमेशा से आकर्षित किया है.

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Publish Date : Aug 24, 2016

SBI PO GD/PI: Some Important Topics that will help you prepare Well

SBI PO GD/PI will be conducted in the month of September 2016.The candidates who will make it to this stage need to understand that interview is not about luck only but it is about rigorous as well as smart preparation on the part of the candidates. In this article, we shall try to look at some topics that may come up for discussion during the GD/PI stage at SBI interview round.

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Publish Date : Aug 23, 2016

India Post Payments Bank incorporated

With this incorporation, the bank has become the first Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) under the Department of Posts (DoP). Further, the DoP is expected to complete the roll out of its branches all over the country by September 2017.

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Publish Date : Aug 19, 2016

Why still the ratio of women working in banking sector is less?

Banks are gradually taking note of various issues facing by women in public sector banks and are implementing policies in order to retain talent in the future. But why are there so few women bankers in India? Let us find out the possible reasons.

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Publish Date : Aug 5, 2016

केंद्र सरकार ने 13 सरकारी बैंकों में 22,915 करोड़ रुपये की पूंजी उपलब्ध की

इन बैंकों के लोन परिचालन को बेहतर बनाने और उन्हें बाजार से अधिक पूंजी जुटाने के लिये सक्षम बनाने के वास्ते यह पूंजी डाली गई.

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Publish Date : Jul 19, 2016

RBI sets up Sudarshan Sen-headed Inter-regulatory Working Group on Fin Tech and Digital Banking

It will view the growing significance of Fin Tech innovations and their interactions with the financial sector as well as the financial sector entities.

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Publish Date : Jul 15, 2016

Top Career Options for Engineers in Banking sector

In this article we will discuss about generalist career options and specialist career options available to the engineers in banking industry.

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Publish Date : Jul 13, 2016

Shikha Sharma: CEO of the ‘Most Trusted Private Sector Bank of India’

Today, after almost 7 years at the helm, Mrs Sharma has already proved her critics wrong by registering a compound annual growth rate of 30 percent along with making the bank a full-fledged financial institution by offering services to both corporate and retail consumers apart from starting consulting and M & A Advisory business for its customers.

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Publish Date : Jul 7, 2016

Why Engineering graduates are looking for banking sector jobs?

In the interview level itself, it is observed that number of engineers is there to be interviewed in order to get a place in banking sector. This is a pretty new trend specially after the boom of IT industry in India in the first decade of the 21st century. People were then reluctant to even think about banking, however, now they are mainly focused on banking after degree. Why?

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Publish Date : Jun 28, 2016

World Bank releases India Development Update 2016

It reviews the current challenges in India’s financial sector and analyzes some of the impacts of the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission on Indian states.

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Publish Date : Jun 22, 2016

Are private sector banks giving more growth in terms of salary rather than Public sector Banks?

If we compare the entry level, the average CTC in a PSB will be around 5.7 lakhs whereas the private sector pays around 4 lakhs per annum to its freshers but once you climb up the corporate ladder, the Chairman of SBI gets around 24 lakhs in compensation compared to around 5.2 crore for her counterpart in ICICI bank.

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Publish Date : Jun 14, 2016

Why Public Sector banks are ideal paymasters?

The public banking sector has given open challenge to its private counterpart as well. Along with the monetary benefits, the public sector bank employees enjoy various other rewards and facilities that make them be seated in a better position than their private counterpart.

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Publish Date : Jun 11, 2016

Why do candidates choose Banking after Engineering?

The increasing numbers of bank jobs due to opening up of new branches of the public and private sector banks, more and more candidates are joining the banking sector after completing professional courses such as Engineering and MBA. The better career and pay promise of the banks are luring the candidates towards its ambit along with development in the overall technology of banking and its operation. More candidates, due to the lack of proper job market in engineering, are shifting base to join the banking sector.

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Publish Date : Jun 9, 2016
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