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Transfer policy of Female employees in Public sector banks

PSU Banks have been advised to draft a new preferential transfer policy aimed for female employees. Read on to find out the details about this new move.

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How to get job in Private Sector Banks in India?

Private Banks are growing at a faster rate in India than Public Sector banks. Candidates having interest in the private banks could undergo various short term banking courses available and get an extra edge over the others in the recruitment rounds. They should have clear understanding of the recruitment process of different private banks.

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CCI cleared Reliance Capital-Goldman Sachs deal

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Why do candidates choose Banking after Engineering?

The increasing numbers of bank jobs due to opening up of new branches of the public and private sector banks, more and more candidates are joining the banking sector after completing professional courses such as Engineering and MBA. The better career and pay promise of the banks are luring the candidates towards its ambit along with development in the overall technology of banking and its operation. More candidates, due to the lack of proper job market in engineering, are shifting base to join the banking sector.

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How is the life of a clerk in Public Sector Banks?

Bankers working with nationalised banks are of the view that the twin factors of achieving operational efficiency and better labour relations may have led banks to hire more officers than clerks. Officers are required to work 24/7. However, in the case of clerks, you are required to pay overtime.

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How to start a career in Banking Sector?

Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country and with the advent of technology in the sector, the desired requirements have also changed and the race has become wide open regarding getting a job in a bank. Nevertheless, the job opportunities are huge in this sector and it is going to rise in the coming years as well.

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What are the negative facets of Banking Jobs?

The banking sector has been rises as one of the most developed sectors in the last decade in India and has resulted in huge number of recruitment in the sector. Along with positive sides of bank job as career option there are certain negative aspects as well that the candidates need to face on a regular basis at the banks that they work in.

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Role of Banking Sector in Women Empowerment

Banking sector has been at the forefront of women empowerment moment through pioneering efforts like financial inclusion and economic independence of women that has helped them achieve socio-economic equality in the Indian society. Let’s look at some of the important women-centric bank schemes available for women.

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What is the role of Law Officer in Banks?

The recruitment of law officer in Public Sector Banks is done through the IBPS Specialist Officer Examination. For IBPS SO Law officer, candidate should have an LLB Degree and enrollment in the Bar Council of India as an advocate however, in some banks experience is also required.

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How MBA is Useful in Banking Sector?

A bank is defined as a commercial institution which accepts deposits from the public and gives loans to the public in order to circulate the monetary resources available in the economy in the most effective manner.

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आरबीआई ने क्षेत्रीय ग्रामीण बैंकों के लिए प्राथमिक क्षेत्र के लिए संशोधित ऋण मानदंडों की घोषणा की

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ప్రాంతీయ గ్రామీణ బ్యాంకులు ప్రాధాన్యత రంగాలకు ఇచ్చే రుణ నిబంధనలు సవరించిన ఆర్బిఐ

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10 Great Qualities a PSU Bank Employee should possess

A career in Banking, especially when it comes to Public Sector Banks has been a preferred choice among the youth of this country. To help students out, we have compiled a list of top 10 qualities that every banking professional should possess in order to build a successful career in Public Sector Banks.

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RBI announced revised Priority Sector Lending norms for Regional Rural Banks

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Do Government Banks Share Profits with Employees?

As of now, the Public Sector banks do not share the profits with their employees as there is generally no component named performance incentives in the salary slips of the employees of public sector banks. Apart from basic salary and different allowances, there are various perks such as newspaper allowances, petrol allowances, entertainment allowances etc given to the public sector banks employees.

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Why Public Sector banks are ideal paymasters?

The public banking sector has given open challenge to its private counterpart as well. Along with the monetary benefits, the public sector bank employees enjoy various other rewards and facilities that make them be seated in a better position than their private counterpart.

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What are the functions of Public Sector Bank?

Public Sector Banks are such financial entities in our country in which the majority stake is with the central government, which should be more than 50%. With the advancement of technology, core banking has been introduced in the country which has spread to every nook and corner presently.

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Does Banking Sector Development promote economic growth in the country?

Banking Sector has been one of the most promising and profit driven financial sector for over a decade in India. During the financial and economic crisis that was felt globally by the superpowers of banking and finance, Indian banking and economy scenario was stable and working just fine.

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Suresh N Patel appointed as MD & CEO of Andhra Bank

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Does Public Sector Banks conduct campus recruitment?

Recruitment of officers in public sector banks against permanent direct recruitment vacancies by resorting to campus recruitment/interview method may not be in accordance with the law. This means that public sector banks can hire officers only through examinations such as those conducted by the IBPS.

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General Awareness for Bank Exams: Foreign Direct Investments in India

The Indian government’s policy regime and a robust business environment have ensured that foreign capital keep flowing into the country. India received the maximum FDI from Mauritius at US$ 7.66 billion, followed by Singapore, the Netherlands, Japan and the US during April-January 2014-15 period.

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Is the job of Bank PO better than IT sector job?

The decentralization of banking sector in India has resulted in huge number of opportunities and requirement of adequate manpower in these organizations. The perks and pay structure has been revamped which made banking sector more suitable for banking aspirants throughout the country.

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African Development Bank to triple Annual Climate Financing to nearly $5 billion by 2020

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Important Banking term for IBPS PO Main Exam: Priority Sector Lending

The online Main examination for IBPS PO/MT 2015 posts is tentatively scheduled in last week of October. Here, the banking team of jagranjosh is providing the description of important banking term asked in previous year in General Awareness section.

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What are the job options in Banking after completing BE/B.Tech from CSE branch?

Candidates who are fresh graduates of various engineering colleges around the country and are wondering where to move next as they want to get themselves land into government job should focus on banking preparation.

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India signed 123.51 Million US dollar Loan Agreement with Asian Development Bank

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What are the Courses to make a Career in Banking and Finance Sector?

Banking has become a great career option amongst the aspiring candidates who want to join this field and rise further up in ranks. The flourishing financial sector has thus turned many eyeballs into its side and lakhs of aspiring candidates are thus taking this up as career opportunity for their future.

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What to do to get a Job in Banking Sector with High Salary?

Banking has always been a sector with adequate job security and prospective area for career growth. Candidates need to undergo these job opportunities and prepare themselves accordingly by getting the required necessary qualification with them.

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How to Join Banking Sector after Passing Class 12th Examination?

Students after completing their 12th class and Graduation are focusing to get into the banking sector due to its promise of a good career. With increased number of jobs in the nationalized banks around the country the aspiring candidates trying their best to get through to the banking sector by taking guidance and preparatory classes from agencies.

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Union Government Issued Norms for Selection of CEOs and MDs of Smaller PSU Banks

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