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Decoding India-China Standoff in Doklam & the Way Forward

The earlier tension points have mostly been in the Western Sector of the boundary, primarily around Ladakh. The attempt by the Chinese Army to escalate tension in the Dolkam area, which falls in the Middle Sector, is a completely new and unexpected development.

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Publish Date : Jul 20, 2017

Fact Box: Panchsheel Pact between India and China

Both the nations are engaged in a diplomatic standoff in the Doklam or Donglang area near the Sikkim-Tibet-Bhutan tri-junction for the past 20 days.

Recommended for : Panchsheel Pact , India and China , Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence

Publish Date : Jul 7, 2017

भारत और चीन के मध्य मौजूदा विवाद और कारण

भारत ने डोका ला इलाके में चीन द्वारा सड़क निर्माण कार्य को रोक दिया जिससे बौखलाये चीनी सैनिकों ने भूटान की सीमा में स्थित भारत के दो अस्थाई बंकर गिरा दिए.

Recommended for : Indo-china , Bhutan border , china , भारत-चीन , भूटान बॉर्डर , चीन

Publish Date : Jul 6, 2017

भारत-बांग्लादेश के मध्य रेल सेवा शुरू

भारत-बांग्लादेश के मध्य इस ट्रेन सेवा को काफी समय पूर्व वर्ष 1965 में बंद भारत पाकिस्तान युद्ध के दौरान बंद कर दिया गया.

Recommended for : New bangla indo train , nepal bhutan , भारत-बांग्लादेश , शेख हसीना , नरेंद्र मोदी

Publish Date : Apr 9, 2017

India, Bhutan signed MoU for technical cooperation in infrastructure engineering

The Memorandum of Understanding is aimed at extending India’s development assistance to Bhutan as part of the Neighbourhood First Policy.

Recommended for : CPWD , India Bhutan relations , Afghan parliament , sustainable habitats

Publish Date : Dec 28, 2016

भारत और भूटान के मध्य व्यापार, वाणिज्य एवं पारगमन के लिए नए समझौते को मंजूरी

भारत और भूटान के बीच परंपरागत रूप से मजबूत दि्वपक्षीय संबंध कई वर्षों के विश्वास और आपसी समझ से परिपक्व हुए हैं. व्यापार, वाणिज्य एवं पारगमन के प्रस्तावित समझौते के क्रियान्वयन से संबंधों को आगे भी मजबूती मिलेगी. 

Recommended for : Trade transit pact , Bhutan , भूटान के साथ व्यापार , व्यापार , वाणिज्य एवं पारगमन

Publish Date : Nov 8, 2016

Union Cabinet approves agreement on Trade, Commerce and Transit between India and Bhutan

The agreement was renewed on 29 July 2006 for a period of ten years. The validity of this agreement was later extended with effect from 29 July 2016.

Recommended for : Union Cabinet , approves , agreement , Trade , Commerce , Transit , India and Bhutan

Publish Date : Oct 29, 2016

Four SAARC member countries including India decided to boycott the Summit in Islamabad

India was the first nation to boycott the summit conveyed to current SAARC Chair Nepal that increased cross-border terrorist attacks in the region is not conducive to successful holding of Summit.

Recommended for : SAARC Summit , Boycott of a summit , SAARC member countries , India , Afghanistan , Bangladesh , Bhutan , Pakistan

Publish Date : Sep 29, 2016

बीबीआईएन मोटर वाहन अनुबंध (एमवीए) के तहत निर्बाध यातायात का शुभारम्भ

भारत और बांग्लादेश के बीच मालवाहक वाहनों की परीक्षण यात्रा के रूप में बांग्लादेश से मालवाहक ट्रक सीमा शुल्क मुक्त सीमाओं को निर्बाध गति से पार करते हुए पूर्वी दिल्ली के पटपड़गंज स्थित अंतरर्देशीय सीमा शुल्क डिपो  में पहुंचा.

Recommended for : Uninterrupted traffic launched , BBIN , MVA , Bangladesh , Bhutan , बीबीआईएन , एमवीए , इंडिया , नेपाल , निर्बाध यातायात

Publish Date : Sep 8, 2016

Madhya Pradesh becomes first state to approve setting up of Happiness Department

The department will work as knowledge resource centre on the subject of happiness. At present, Bhutan is the only country to have Happiness Index to measure happiness of its people.

Recommended for : Happiness Department , Madhya Pradesh , State Cabinet , Knowledge resource centre , Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Publish Date : Jul 16, 2016

केंद्रीय केबिनेट ने संघ लोक सेवा आयोग और भूटान के शाही सिविल सेवा आयोग के बीच समझौता ज्ञापन का अनुमोदन किया

समझौता ज्ञापन का प्रयोजन आरसीएससी और संघ लोक सेवा आयोग (यूपीएससी) के बीच मौजूदा संबंधों को और सुदृढ़ बनाना है.

Recommended for : Union Cabinet , MoU between UPSC and Royal Civil Service Commission of Bhutan , केंद्रीय कैबिनेट , संघ लोक सेवा आयोग , रॉयल सिविल सेवा आयोग

Publish Date : Jul 1, 2016

Union Cabinet approved MoU between UPSC and Royal Civil Service Commission of Bhutan

The MoU will strengthen the existing relationship between Union Public Service Commission and Royal Civil Service Commission of Bhutan. It will also facilitate sharing of experience and expertise of both the parties in the area of recruitment.

Recommended for : Union Cabinet , MoU , UPSC , Royal Civil Service Commission , Bhutan

Publish Date : Jun 29, 2016

World Economic Forum released the Human Capital Report 2016

India occupied the 105th position among the 130 countries surveyed in the Index, and is placed behind Sri Lanka (50), China (71), Indonesia (72), Iran (85), Bhutan (91) and Bangladesh (104).

Recommended for : Human Capital Index , WEF , World Economic Forum , Human Capital Report 2016

Publish Date : Jun 29, 2016

Union Cabinet approved MoU on Technical Cooperation between India and Bhutan

The MoU is in furtherance of Article 2, 7 and 8 of the India-Bhutan friendship treaty that was inked in New Delhi in February 2007.

Recommended for : India-Bhutan Friendship Treaty , India , Bhutan , International

Publish Date : Apr 21, 2016

Union Cabinet approved India to become a formal member of SAWEN

SAWEN is a Regional network comprising of eight countries in South Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Recommended for : Union Cabinet , India , formal member , SAWEN , South Asia Wildlife Enforcement Network

Publish Date : Apr 13, 2016

Global Tiger population grew by 22% in a Century: WWF and GTF

This rise in the number of tigers can be attributed to increase in tiger population in tiger survey countries, namely India, Russia, Nepal, and Bhutan and enhanced protection of the specie through use of latest technology.

Recommended for : Tiger , WWF , GTF , Global Tiger Forum , Tiger population ,

Publish Date : Apr 12, 2016

పాకిస్తాన్ భారత హై కమిషనర్ గా గౌతమ్ హెచ్ బంబవాలే నియామకం

గౌతమ్ హెచ్ బంబవాలే 23 డిసెంబర్ 2015 న పాకిస్తాన్ ఇస్లామిక్ రిపబ్లిక్ కు భారతదేశం యొక్క హై కమిషనర్ గా నియమితులయ్యారు.

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Publish Date : Dec 24, 2015

J&K to host South Asian Rugby 7’S Championship in 2016

The Championship will be participated by eight teams consisting of 180 participants from various countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and India.

Recommended for : South Asian Rugby 7’S Championship , Kashmir Valley , Bakhshi Stadium , J-K State Sports Council , J&K , Minister for Youth Services and Sports , Molvi Imran Raza Ansari

Publish Date : Oct 28, 2015

भूटान की 11वीं पंचवर्षीय योजना के लिए चौथी वाक भारत-र्षिभूटान विकास सहयोग वार्ता संपन्न

भूटान की 11वीं पंचवर्षीय योजना के लिए चौथी वार्षिक भारत-भूटान विकास सहयोग वार्ता नई दिल्ली में 2 सितम्बर 2015 को आयोजित की गई.

Recommended for : 4th India-Bhutan Development Cooperation Talks , चौथी वार्षिक भारत-भूटान विकास सहयोग वार्ता

Publish Date : Sep 4, 2015

4th India-Bhutan Development Cooperation Talks for the 11th Five Year Plan held in New Delhi

Annual Development Cooperation Talks are the umbrella mechanism for discussing Government of India’s bilateral developmental assistance to Bhutan.

Recommended for : India-Bhutan relations , India assistance to Bhutan , Development Cooperation Talks , Bhutan 11th plan

Publish Date : Sep 3, 2015

Bangladesh part of Sundarbans witnessed rapid decline in tiger population between 2004 and 2015

Royal Bengal tigers live mainly in India with smaller populations in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Myanmar. Out of 2226 Bengal tigers found in India, 74 live in Indian side of Sunderbans.

Recommended for : Royal Bengal Tigers , Sunderbans , Bangladesh part of Sunderbans , World’s largest mangrove forest , Tiger population

Publish Date : Jul 28, 2015

भारत, भूटान, बांग्लादेश और नेपाल मोटर वाहन समझौते पर हस्ताक्षर

भारत, भूटान, बांग्लादेश और नेपाल ने बीबीआईएन मोटर वाहन समझौते पर भूटान की राजधानी थिंपू में 15 जून 2015 को हस्ताक्षर किए.

Recommended for : Bangladesh Bhutan India and Nepal , BBIN MVA , Regional transporation , Nitin Gadkari , बीबीआईएन एमवीए , सड़क परिवहन एवं राजमार्ग मंत्रालय , बांग्लादेश , भूटान , इंडिया , नेपाल , समझौता

Publish Date : Jun 17, 2015

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) Motor Vehicle Agreement signed in Thimpu

It is aimed at regulation of Passenger, Personal and Cargo Vehicular Traffic amongst four SAARC member countries.

Recommended for : Bangladesh Bhutan India and Nepal , BBIN MVA , Regional transporation , Nitin Gadkari

Publish Date : Jun 15, 2015

बांग्लादेश, भूटान, भारत और नेपाल के बीच मोटर-वाहन समझौता

यात्री, निजी और कार्गो वाहनों के यातायात को नियंत्रित करने के लिए बांग्लादेश, भूटान, भारत और नेपाल के बीच 10 जून 2015 को मोटर-वाहन समझौता हुआ.

Recommended for : Automotive Agreement , Bangladesh , Bhutan , India , Nepal , बांगलादेश , भूटान , भारत , नेपाल , मोटर-वाहन समझौता

Publish Date : Jun 11, 2015

भूटान ने वृक्ष रोपण कर बनाया नया रिकॉर्ड

भूटान में 100 स्वयंसेवकों के समूह ने 2 जून 2015 को एक घंटे में 49672 पौधे लगा कर एक नया विश्व रिकॉर्ड स्थापित किया है.

Recommended for : Bhutan , भूटान , record , रिकॉर्ड , planting , वृक्ष रोपण

Publish Date : Jun 3, 2015

The first-ever photograph of vulnerable Chestnut-breasted Partridge clicked

As per estimates of the IUCN, about 2500 Chestnut-breasted Partridges live in Arunachal Pradesh, Bhutan and Lower Tibet along the Himalayas.

Recommended for : Chestnut-breasted Partridge , Arborophila mandellii , Gururaj Moorching , International Union for Conservation of Nature

Publish Date : Apr 7, 2015

Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar completed his SAARC Yatra

During the SAARC Yatra, he visited four countries namely Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan. He held talks with his counterparts of respective nations and their leaders to.

Recommended for : Foreign Secretary , S Jaishankar , SAARC Yatra , Afghanistan , Pakistan , Bangladesn , Bhutan

Publish Date : Mar 5, 2015

భారతదేశ పర్యటనను ముగించిన భూటాన్ ప్రధాని లయోన్చెన్ షెరింగ్ టొబ్గే

భారత పర్యటనలో ఉన్న భూటాన్ ప్రధాని లయోన్చెన్ షెరింగ్ టొబ్గే, 10 జనవరి నుండి 18 జనవరి 2015 వరకు సాగిన తన పర్యటనను ముగించారు.

Recommended for : భూటాన్ ప్రధాని , లయోన్చెన్ షెరింగ్ టొబ్గే , భారత పర్యటన , ముగింపు , Prime Minister , Bhutan , Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay , Visited , India

Publish Date : Jan 20, 2015

Prime Minister of Bhutan Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay visited India

Prime Minister of Bhutan Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay visited India.

Recommended for : Prime Minister of Bhutan , Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay , Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015

Publish Date : Jan 19, 2015

भूटान विश्व बैंक की एजेंसी माइगा का 181वां सदस्य बना

भूटान विश्व बैंक की एजेंसी माइगा (बहुपक्षीय निवेश गारंटी एजेंसी) का 8 दिसंबर 2014 को 181वां सदस्य बन गया.

Recommended for : Bhutan , 181st member of MIGA , agency of World Bank , भूटान , माइगा का 181वां सदस्य बना , विश्व बैंक की एजेंसी

Publish Date : Dec 11, 2014
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