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China to carry out first human gene editing trial for lung cancer

A team led by Dr Lu You at Sichuan University’s West China Hospital in Chengdu received approval to carry out the trial from the hospital’s review board on 6 July 2016. The world’s first genetic editing trial on humans will be based on CRISPR–Cas9 technique.

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Publish Date : Aug 3, 2016

Delhi became first state to launch HPV vaccine as public health programme in schools

The HPV vaccine protects people against the group of 150-odd HPVs, some of which can cause cervical cancer.

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Publish Date : Mar 3, 2016

WHO’s IARC classified lindane, DDT, and 2,4-D as carcinogenic to humans

The decision was taken by a working group of 26 experts from 13 countries after evaluating carcinogenicity of the three agents.

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Publish Date : Jun 24, 2015

A Pilot Project launched in Assam to Vaccinate Girls against HPV

India Current Affairs 2011. The Assam government launched a pilot project to vaccinate girls against human papiloma virus(HPV) causing cervical cancer

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Publish Date : Nov 17, 2011

Scientists Claimed to Get Breakthrough against Cancer

In a possible breakthrough in the fight against cancer, scientists in the second week of March 2011 claimed to have discovered evidence that the body's immune cells often share information about foreign substances with each other to ward off the invaders

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Publish Date : Mar 14, 2011

Committee to Examine Gadrasil Vaccine

Indian Union Health Ministry on 10 April 2010 constituted a three-member committee to probe whether ethical guidelines were violated during the clinical trials of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine, Gardasil, meant to prevent cervical cancer. The inquiry committee including Dr S P Aggarwal, former Director General of Health Services (DGHS), Dr Suneeta Mittal, Head of the Department, Obstetrics and Gynaecology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Ranjit Roy Chaudhury, leading clinical pharmacologist is expected to submit its report within two months.

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Publish Date : Oct 22, 2010
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