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3 types of bosses you will meet in every office

If the mere word ‘boss’ scares you, then here are some interesting tips that will help you deal with your boss in an easiest way.

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Publish Date : Nov 13, 2017

10 websites to buy quirky gifts for your office colleagues

Buy awesome and quirky gifts for your office colleagues from any of these 10 websites. Be it birthday, work anniversary or farewell; you gift will always be unique.

Recommended for : office gifts , office mates , office colleagues , gifts for colleagues , career , office life , corporate gyan

Publish Date : Oct 16, 2017

8 interesting people you meet in every office

Do you feel bored at office? Look out for these interesting people who will make your day at the workplace. We are sure your office is not devoid of them.

Recommended for : Monday blues , corporate gyan

Publish Date : Sep 8, 2017

What’s your Bossiac (Zodiac) Sign?

Are you fed up with a bossy boss? Here’s how you can befriend your boss at work! All you need to do is ask for their birth date.

Recommended for : sunsign , corporate gyan , Monday blues

Publish Date : Sep 8, 2017
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