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India ageing gradually; every 5th person to be 60+ by 2050

The report suggested that almost 90 per cent of the population was below the age of 60 years and the working age population proportion stood at 44 per cent in 2015.

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Publish Date : May 17, 2017

RBI appoints M Rajeshwar Rao as Executive Director

As Executive Director, Rajeshwar Rao will look after Department of Statistics and Information Management, Financial Markets Operation Department and International Department.

Recommended for : M Rajeshwar Rao , Reserve Bank of India , RBI’s Executive Director , G Mahalingam

Publish Date : Nov 8, 2016

Venezuela president extended economic emergency to protect citizens from economic warfare

The declaration will bestow more time on the government of President Nicolas Maduro to intervene in the market, boost productivity and redress a flagging financial sector.

Recommended for : Venezuela , President , Economic Emergency , Economic Warfare

Publish Date : Mar 15, 2016

Arun Jaitley chosen 'Finance Minister of the Year, Asia' by Emerging Markets

The magazine in an article said that Jaitley too deserves some recognition for India’s relative economic success over the last 18 month as without his decisions and stewardship of India’s financial direction.

Recommended for : Union Finance Minister , Arun Jaitley , Finance Minister of the Year , Asia , Emerging Markets , Atiur Rahman , Governor of Bangladesh Bank

Publish Date : Oct 14, 2015

IMF released Global Financial Stability Report October 2015

The report assessed key risks facing the global financial system and came up with suggestions to the policy makers to counter them.

Recommended for : IMF , financial stability , stock market , corporate debt , emerging markets

Publish Date : Oct 8, 2015

RBI released Financial Stability Report June 2015

It is the eleventh issue of its half yearly publication.

Recommended for : RBI Financial Stability Report June 2015 , financial markets in India and world , risks to the economy , banking sector , insurance reforms , financial sector regulation

Publish Date : Jun 26, 2015

Union Government allowed EPFO to invest 5 percent of its corpus in stock market

The investment will begin by one percent and go up to five percent by the end of the financial year.

Recommended for : Union Government , Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation , EPFO , Exchange Traded Funds , ETFs , Union Labour Ministry

Publish Date : Apr 25, 2015

SEBI Board approved SEBI (Issue and Listing of Debt Securities by Municipality) Regulations, 2015

The regulations will enable the resources starved municipalities across the country to mobilise financial resources from capital market.

Recommended for : Municipal Bonds , Security and Exchange Board of India , SEBI (Issue and Listing of Debt Securities by Municipality) Regulations , 2015

Publish Date : Mar 23, 2015

SEBI Board approved SEBI (International Financial Services Centres) Guidelines, 2015

The guidelines for IFSCs aim to provide an enabling environment for setting up of capital market infrastructure like stock exchanges, clearing houses, depository services, etc., in such centres

Recommended for : Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) , capital market , International Financial Services Centres

Publish Date : Mar 23, 2015

Union Budget 2104-15: Financial Sector

Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley presented Union Budget 2014-15.

Recommended for : Union Finance Minister , Arun Jaitley , Union Budget 2014-15 , financial sector , capital market , KYC norms

Publish Date : Jul 11, 2014

Should Planning Commission be abolished?

No it should not be abolished. Abolishing the Planning Commission would be detrimental to the progress of the country.

Recommended for : Planning Commission , market economy , socialist economy , financial decentralisation , developing country , 73rd and 74th amendment Act

Publish Date : Jul 5, 2014

Union Government set 325-billion Dollars Export Target for 2013-14

Union Government announced an export target of 325 billion dollars for the current financial year 2013-14 to support the slowdown in the global markets.

Recommended for : Union Government , Export Target

Publish Date : May 9, 2013

Polaris Signed a Pact for Strengthening Market Solutions with Pyxis

Corporate/Bussiness Current Affairs October 2012. Polaris Financial Technology declared on 17 October 2012 that it had entered into a business purchase agreement with Pyxis for strengthening its capabilities of consulting.

Recommended for : Polaris Financial Technology , Market Solutions , Pyxis

Publish Date : Oct 18, 2012

U.S. Treasury Secretary Discussed Economy and Trade Barriers with India

Economy Current Affairs 2012. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and Indian Finance Minister P.Chidambaram for the third annual meeting of the India-U.S. Economic and Financial Partnership on 9 October 2012 discussed lowering trade barriers and extending ways to expand capital markets

Recommended for : Timothy F. Geithner , P.Chidambaram , the Foreign Account tax Compliance Act (FATCA) , U.S.

Publish Date : Oct 11, 2012

RBI signed MoU with Financial Regulators of 9 Countries to promote Sharing of Information

Economy Current Affairs Agust 2012. RBI in July 2012 signed MoU with financial regulators of 9 countries to promote greater co-operation and sharing of supervisory information between the regulators

Recommended for : financial services , financial products , Financial Supervision Act of Norway , financial regulators , Reserve Bank of India , India’s financial markets

Publish Date : Aug 2, 2012

India received its First Investment through Qualified Framework Investor Route worth $ 5m

Economy Current Affairs July 2012. Following the deal struck by Kotak Mahindra Bank worth $5 million India received its first investment through the qualified framework investor (QFI) route

Recommended for : current affairs July 2012 , qualified framework investor (QFI) , QFI route , capital market , Financial Action Task Force (FATF) , finance ministry

Publish Date : Jul 24, 2012

Union Government to liberalise External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) Norms for the Power Sector

Economy Current Affairs 2012. Power sector companies following the liberalisation of ECB norm,s for the power sector will be able to use up to 40% of ECB loans to refinance their rupee debt

Recommended for : current affairs April 2012 , external commercial borrowing (ECB) , Union budget 2012-13 , global financial market , domestic borrowings by government

Publish Date : Apr 19, 2012

PE Investors in February 2012 encashed Investments worth $826 million in almost 16 Deals

Economy Current Affairs 2012. PE investors in February 2012 offloaded stakes worth $751.45 million across eight open market transactions

Recommended for : current affairs March 2012 , PE investors , volatile investment , private equity , open market transactions , banking and financial services sector , private sector banks in India

Publish Date : Mar 9, 2012

Private Life Insurance Company HDFC Life from India launched its First International Operations

Corporate/Business Current Affairs 2012. HDFC Life, private life insurance company from India launched its first international operations with the opening of its representative office in Dubai

Recommended for : current affairs January 2012 , Housing Development Finance Corporation , private life insurance companies , financial services , financial service providers , Gulf market , financial consultants

Publish Date : Jan 27, 2012

SEBI unveiled Rules governing Direct Investment in Stocks by Foreign Investors

Economy Current Affairs 2012. Market regulator SEBI unveiled rules for direct investment in stocks by foreign investors, including individuals

Recommended for : current affairs January 2012 , Financial Action Task Force , market regulator , International Organization of Securities Commission , demat account , Indian equity shares

Publish Date : Jan 17, 2012

SEBI directed Intermediaries not to Outsource their Core Business Activities

Economy Current Affairs 2011. Market regulator SEBI directed intermediaries not to outsource their core business activities & compliance functions

Recommended for : current affairs December 2011 , market regulator , core business activities , Financial Intelligence Unit , mutual funds , capital market

Publish Date : Dec 17, 2011

Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) launched operations on the National Stock Exchange

Economy Current Affairs 2011. Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) launched operations on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) platform on 28 November 2011

Recommended for : current affairs November 2011 , Calcutta Stock Exchange , Bombay Stock Exchange , financial markets , Investors Service Fund , the Calcutta University , National Stock Exchange

Publish Date : Nov 29, 2011

Indian e-commerce Market Estimated to Grow to $24 billion by 2015 from the Current $6.3 billion

Economy Current Affairs 2011. The number of Indian people transacting online is expected to touch 39 million by 2015

Recommended for : current affairs November 2011 , Indian e-commerce market , travel sites , internet users in India , online travel revenues , financial services

Publish Date : Nov 28, 2011

RBI talked about its Working & Operations and Financial Accounts in Annual Report for 2010-11

Economy Current Affairs August 2011. Reserve Bank of India mentioned its working and operations and its financial accounts in the Annual Report for 2010-11

Recommended for : current affairs August 2011 , Reserve Bank of India , Annual Report for 2010-11 , Central Government , financial inclusion , monetary policy operations of RBI , foreign and domestic assets , banking in India , electronic modes of payment , financial markets , Indian banking system , macroeconomic performance of India

Publish Date : Aug 27, 2011

Cognizant selected by the U.K. FSA to be Key Supplier of Solutions as part of SOFA

Corporate/Business Current Affairs August 2011.Cognizant was selected by the U.K. FSA to be a key supplier of solutions as part of its Strategic Outsourcing Framework Agreement

Recommended for : current affairs August 2011 , IT service provider , Financial Services Authority of UK , Markets in Financial Instruments Directive , Strategic Outsourcing Framework Agreement , Cognizant , web design

Publish Date : Aug 25, 2011

ICICI Securities tied-up with Collins Stewart Hawkpoint of UK

Corporate/Business Current Affairs August 2011. ICICI Securities and Collins Stewart Hawkpoint plc in pact to their business franchises

Recommended for : Collins Stewart Hawkpoint , London securities markets , corporate advisory services , ICICI Securities in pact with Collins Stewart Hawkpoint , financial advisory groups

Publish Date : Aug 5, 2011

Piramal Healthcare to foray into Financial Services Business through Piramal Finance

Corporate/Business Current Affairs 2011. Piramal Healthcare Ltd to foray into the financial services business

Recommended for : current affairs May 2011 , Piramal Healthcare made foray into financial service business , US-based Abbott Laboratories , Indian pharmaceutical market , financial services business

Publish Date : May 7, 2011

Mahindra Launched its Small Commercial Vehicle

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (M&M) launched its small commercial vehicle, Gio in the South Indian market on 18 Jan 2010. Gio is designed to carry loads of up to 500 kg within city limits, offers a mileage of about 27 km per litre and is customised for transporting specific products.

Recommended for : small commercial vehicles , South India , M&M , GIO , financial services

Publish Date : Oct 25, 2010

Goldman Sachs to Pay Millions to SEC

Investment bank Goldman Sachs would pay a record fine of $550 million to U.S. market regulator Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They would have to pay the fine for settling charges related to misrepresentation of facts about a financial product tied to sub-prime mortgages.

Recommended for : Goldman Sachs , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) , sub-prime mortgages , global financial crisis

Publish Date : Oct 13, 2010

RBI asked for Empowered Committee under FSDC

RBI on date asked the Indian government to empower a committee under the proposed Financial Stability and Development Council, or FSDC to deal with inter-regulatory issues and financial stability. The committee would replace High-Level Coordination Committee on Capital and Financial Markets (HLCCFM).

Recommended for : RBI , FSDC , HLCCFM , IRDA , SEBI , ULIP , securities scam

Publish Date : Oct 12, 2010
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