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genitoplasty is used to correct genital abnormality in fullygrown patients

Three-drug lethal injection protocol use did not violate Constitution: US Supreme Court

The court in its ruling said that the use of Midazolam does not violate the Constitution in terms of being cruel and unusual punishment as per Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution

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PM launched AMRUT, Smart Cities Mission and Housing for All (Urban)

During the occasion, the Prime Minister released logos and taglines for AMRUT and Smart Cities Mission; and guidelines for AMRUT, Smart Cities Mission and Housing for All (Urban).

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Scientists discovered a way to guide electric discharges using lasers

The finding has many potential applications including the ability to control the path of lightning.

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Union Ministry of Home Affairs designated Agatti and Minicoy Islands as Immigration Check Posts

Both the islands will be used as transit points for all classes of passengers with valid travel documents from 30 June 2015.

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IAMAI released Social Media in India 2014 report

The report analysed the trends in using social media across the country between March 2014 and April 2015.

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France announced ban on earphones for Drivers and Cyclists

Those found using earphones while driving a vehicle or riding a cycle will be fined 135 Euro (214 dollar) and lose three license points.

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Union Government launched weather alert service NOWCAST

NOWCAST will be used to send SMS alerts on extreme weather data originated by IMD to over one crore farmers whose mobile numbers are registered on government’s mKisan portal.

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Previously unknown extreme star formation Eye of Medusa observed 100 million light years away

The observations were conducted by Institut de Radioastronomie Millimétrique (IRAM) using the NOEMA (Northern Extended Millimeter Array).

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Bengaluru based Ganit labs developed 5000 rupees test for tongue cancer patients

The low cost gene mapping based test assumes significance against the backdrop of growing instances of tongue cancer cases across India.

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CSIR set up India’s first Micro Air Vehicle Aerodynamics Research Tunnel in Bengaluru

The tunnel first of its kind in India will be used to test the fixed-wing, flapping-wing and rotary-wing MAVs in the 500 mm wingspan category.

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Union Government scrapped import duties on AIDS drugs

At present, more than a third of India’s 2.1 million HIV/AIDS patients depend on getting their daily anti-retroviral for free from state-run distribution centers, which have been facing shortages.

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HDFC Bank launched PayZapp

The mobile app PayZapp will allow customers to manage credit or debit card details, recharge and pay bills, use virtual card, send money through a wallet and shop.

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एएमसी ने सार्वजनिक शौचालय का उपयोग करने पर एक रुपए का भुगतान करने की घोषणा की

अहमदाबाद नगर निगम (एएमसी) ने 9 जून 2015 को यूज एंड गेट पेड योजना की घोषणा की, जिसके तहत लोगों को सार्वजनिक शौचालय का उपयोग करने पर एक रुपए का भुगतान किया जाएगा.

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Indian-origin scientist Manu Prakash developed World's first water-based computer

They have built a synchronous computer that operates using the unique physics of moving water droplets.

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Bombay High Court banned horse driven carriages in Mumbai

The court termed that the use of horse carriages for joyrides is illegal and granted one year to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to implement the complete ban.

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AMC launched USE and GET PAID scheme; Public Toilet Users to be paid 1 rupee

The civic body will pay the money after identifying people who defecate in open and sensitise them to use public toilets and reward them.

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IMA’s first Jan Aushadhi medical store launched in Delhi

The Jan Aushadhi store will offer over 118 commonly used drugs at a 10 to 20 percent lesser price than market value.

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Scientists at CIMAP succeeded in whole genome sequencing of Holy basil or Tulsi

This is the first report of complete genome sequence of Tulsi, which is both used as an essential medicinal plant and revered as Vishnupriya and worshipped for over 3000 years in India.

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Northern Railway rolled out India’s first rail coach lit by solar panels

This is the first time in the history of Indian Railways, that a solar photovoltaic system has been used for power requirements of light and fan in a broad gauge coach.

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दक्षिण कोरिया में एमईआरएस विषाणु से दो रोगियों की मृत्यु

मिडिल ईस्ट रेस्पिरेटरी सिंड्रोम नमक विषाणु उस समय चर्चा में आया जब इससे  संक्रमित दो रोगियों की दक्षिण कोरिया में मृत्यु हो गयी.

Recommended for : Two patients died from MERS virus in South Korea , दक्षिण कोरिया में एमईआरएस विषाणु से दो रोगियों की मृत्यु

Two patients died from MERS virus in South Korea

So far, there have been 25 confirmed cases of MERS since a man tested positive following a trip to Saudi Arabia and became the country’s first MERS patient in May 2015.

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RBI proposed to introduce PPI for Mass Transit Systems

These PPI-MTS will be semi-closed instruments that will be used facilitate the migration to electronic payments in line with the country’s vision of moving to a less-cash society.

Recommended for : Prepaid Payment Instrument , Mass Transit System , RBI

NASA’s Spacecraft provided first direct measurement for Type Ia Supernovae caused by white dwarfs

Type Ia supernovae are destructive explosions of carbon-oxygen white dwarfs and are used empirically to measure cosmological distances.

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Mirage 2000 fighter jet landed on Yamuna Expressway as part of developing road runways

IAF conducted the successful trial run of landing on Yamuna Expressway near Mathura under the plan of use of national highways in emergency situations.

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HDFC Bank launched HDFC Bank Apollo Medical Benefits Card

This is the first-of-its kind product in the country. The corporates can load the specified allowance onto the card every month which can be used by employees for medical expenditure at pan-India VISA/MasterCard outlets.

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EU approved plan to use Naval Force to combat Smugglers and tackle Migration crisis

The policy for an unprecedented naval operation against the smuggling of refugees from North Africa to Europe was approved by EU foreign ministers during a meet held in Brussels.

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Bengaluru airport signed a contract with SITA to allow self check-in from June 2015

The contract will enable the airport to implement the new Common Use Self Service kiosk (CUSS) platform that allows passengers to print their own boarding passes as well as baggage tags from June 2015.

Recommended for : Common Use Self Service kiosk , Bangalore International Airport

RBI allowed Tap And Pay without PIN for transactions up to 2000 rupees

RBI decided to relax current guidelines on the needs for additional factor authentication (AFA) for small value card present transactions only using contact-less cards.

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Oscar Holderer, the US moon rocket expert, died

Holderer was one of about 120 engineers who moved to the US after World War II and brought technology used in the German V2 rocket.

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World’s largest solar photovoltaic plant of 750 MW to be built in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh

The plant will use photovoltaic (PV) technology to generate electricity from the sun and is estimated to be completed by March 2017 at an estimated cost of 4500 crore rupees.

Recommended for : Solar photovoltaic plant , Rewa district , Madhya Pradesh , Topaz Solar Farm

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