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genitoplasty is used to correct genital abnormality in fullygrown patients

HDFC Bank launched HDFC Bank Apollo Medical Benefits Card

This is the first-of-its kind product in the country. The corporates can load the specified allowance onto the card every month which can be used by employees for medical expenditure at pan-India VISA/MasterCard outlets.

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EU approved plan to use Naval Force to combat Smugglers and tackle Migration crisis

The policy for an unprecedented naval operation against the smuggling of refugees from North Africa to Europe was approved by EU foreign ministers during a meet held in Brussels.

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Bengaluru airport signed a contract with SITA to allow self check-in from June 2015

The contract will enable the airport to implement the new Common Use Self Service kiosk (CUSS) platform that allows passengers to print their own boarding passes as well as baggage tags from June 2015.

Recommended for : Common Use Self Service kiosk , Bangalore International Airport

RBI allowed Tap And Pay without PIN for transactions up to 2000 rupees

RBI decided to relax current guidelines on the needs for additional factor authentication (AFA) for small value card present transactions only using contact-less cards.

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Oscar Holderer, the US moon rocket expert, died

Holderer was one of about 120 engineers who moved to the US after World War II and brought technology used in the German V2 rocket.

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World’s largest solar photovoltaic plant of 750 MW to be built in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh

The plant will use photovoltaic (PV) technology to generate electricity from the sun and is estimated to be completed by March 2017 at an estimated cost of 4500 crore rupees.

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India, Afghanistan released Joint Statement

The two nations agreed to patiently and systematically work towards strengthening of the India Afghanistan Strategic Partnership, with a clear focus on the long term relationship between the two countries.

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Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs launched Form-INC-29 for easier establishment of companies

The Form-INC-29 is an integrated electronic application form and can be used alternatively in the place of filling five separate e-Forms to set up a new company.

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Flipkart acquired mobile marketing firm Appiterate

Appiterate helps ecommerce companies target consumers better and increase sales by using push notifications and in-app messages.

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Union Cabinet approved Smart Cities Mission with an outlay of 48000 crore rupees

The mission is intended to develop 100 smart  cities across the country by promoting smart solutions for efficient use of available assets, resources and infrastructure with the objective of enhancing the quality of urban life.

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Margarita, with a Straw won Best Feature Film Award at Washington Film festival

Kalki Koechlin-starrer Margarita, with a straw is a disability drama. In the film, Kalki has played role of a cerebral palsy patient named Laila. The film also stars Revathi and Sayani Gupta in prominent roles.

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ICICI Bank launched payment service Tap-n-Pay

This payment service is based on the near-field communications (NFC) technology which will enable its customers to make over-the-counter payments without using cash.

Recommended for : Tap-n-Pay , ICICI Bank

Japanese Maglev train set the world speed record of 603 kmph

Maglev, the name derived from magnetic levitation, is a transport method that uses magnetic levitation to move vehicles without touching the ground.

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State legislature of Oklahoma passed a bill that allow use of nitrogen gas for executions

The bill that was passed by the legislature without a single dissenting vote allows use of nitrogen-induced hypoxia as a method of execution.

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India and USA signed Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) on transportation

The MoC will enable India to make use of world’s latest technology available with the USA for projects like developments of waterways and multi-modal hub.

Recommended for : MoC on transportation , Ministry of Road Transport and Highways , US Secretary of Transportation

FM Global released Global Resilience Index 2015 Report

Norway topped the Index which used three factors namely Economic Productivity, Risk Quality, and Supply Chain to assess business resilience of the 130 countries or regions surveyed.

Recommended for : Global Resilience Index 2015 , FM Global

Sunita Tomar, the face of India's anti-tobacco campaign, died

In 2014, she shot a 30-second video title Sunita highlighting the devastating effect of smokeless tobacco which was used by the government for its anti-tobacco drive.

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WJP released Open Government Index 2015 Report

The Index used four dimensions to assess openness in government functioning. India is placed at the 37th position among 102 countries surveyed.

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Fourteenth Multi-Parametric Geophysical Observatory (MPGO) inaugurated in Port Blair

The observatories are set up by the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG) to study seismic activities by using multi techniques.

Recommended for : Multi-Parametric Geophysical Observatory , Indian Institute of Geomagnetism

NASA's Curiosity rover discovered biologically useful Nitrogen on Mars

The discovery adds to the evidence that suggests ancient Mars was habitable for life. The findings were made by a team of NASA scientists using the SAM instrument suited on the rover.

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UST Global launched Women’s Safety App iSafe for Thiruvananthapuram City Police

Through the app, women will be able to send instant alerts to the police control room by using the panic button or just by the long press of volume rocker (down) key of their mobile phones.

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Union Ministry of Shipping signed agreement with Toyota for Export of Automobile Units

The agreement mainly includes the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) commitment to use KPL as their primary port and KPL will give volume based discount on the tariff on certain facilities for smooth functioning of the operations.

Recommended for : Union Ministry of Shipping , signed agreement with Toyota , Export of Automobile Units

Union Railways Ministry launched Customer Complaint Web Portal and Mobile Application

This Customer Complaint-cum-Suggestion portal and mobile App can be freely downloaded and will be useful to track the status of the complaints registered on this portal.

Recommended for : Customer Complaint Web Portal , Mobile Application , Indian Railways

Union Government blocked private email network for official work

In this regard, Union Government notified E-mail Policy of Government of India and Policy on use of Information Technology resources of Government of India on 18 February 2015.

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International Rare Disease Day observed on 28 February

On this day, hundreds of patient organisations from more than 80 countries and regions worldwide carried-on awareness-raising activities around the slogan Day-by-day, hand-in-hand.

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जमैका की संसद ने मारिजुआना के निजी प्रयोग को कानूनी मान्यता देने के लिए कानून पारित किया

25 फरवरी 2015 को जमैका की संसद ने 57 ग्राम तक मारिजुआना के व्यक्तिगत प्रयोग को कानूनी मान्यता देने के लिए एक कानून पारित किया.

Recommended for : Parliament of Jamaica passed a law to decriminalise marijuana for personal use , जमैका की संसद ने मारिजुआना के निजी प्रयोग को कानूनी मान्यता देने के लिए कानून पारित किया

Parliament of Jamaica passed a law to decriminalise marijuana for personal use

Marijuana is widely grown in Jamaica and has cultural roots there. The country is also the biggest exporter of marijuana to the United States among Caribbean countries.

Recommended for : Jamaica , marijuana , law to decriminalise marijuana

Russia and Cyprus signed an agreement to allow Russian navy ships to use Cypriot ports

The deal allows access to Russian navy ships to the Cypriot ports in the Mediterranean Sea. It seems that the deal have ended Russia’s hunt an access to Mediterranean ports after it lost access to the ports of sea on Syria coast.

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House of Lords of UK passed a legislation allowing creation of babies using DNA of three people

The House of Lords voted in favour of the Bill that amends the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act (HFEA), 1990.

Recommended for : House of Lords , DNA of three people , Mitochondria Donation , Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act

WHO approved ReEBOV Antigen rapid test kit to identify Ebola-infected patients

The key feature of the rapid test kit is that it can correctly distinguish Ebola infected patients from non-Ebola infected patients within 15 minutes

Recommended for : World Health Organisation , ReEBOV Antigen rapid test kit , Ebola virus disease

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