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genitoplasty is used to correct genital abnormality in fullygrown patients

Union Cabinet approved MoU between ISRO and Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency

It aims to pursue future cooperative activities in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in each country.

Recommended for : Union Cabinet , MoU , ISRO and JAXA , Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency

Publish Date : Jan 19, 2017

Zhou Youguang, father of Pinyin writing system, dies

Pinyin, the writing system that turns Chinese characters into words using letters from the Roman alphabet, changed the way the language was taught. It was officially adopted by the Chinese Government in 1958, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1982, and the United Nations in 1986.

Recommended for : Zhou Youguang , Chinese Language , Pinyin , Romanized Chinese

Publish Date : Jan 16, 2017

Expert Group on SECC submitted report

The expert group observed that the use of SECC data would lead to better budgetary planning and allocation of resources for various programmes.

Recommended for : SECC data , expert group , socio economic census , poverty , development

Publish Date : Jan 13, 2017

Roman Herzog, former President of Germany, passes away

Herzog used the presidency to serve as a moral guardian for liberal and democratic values. He often talked about Germany’s moral responsibility for the crimes of its past.

Recommended for : Germany , Roman Herzog , Former President of Germany , Christian Democratic Union

Publish Date : Jan 11, 2017

Bunkar Mitra helpline for handloom weavers starts functioning

The helpline is part of the Digital India initiative of the Government that seeks to use technology for mitigating problems of common man.

Recommended for : Bunkar Mitra , toll free helpline , Textiles ministry , Smriti Irani , exports , rural economy

Publish Date : Jan 4, 2017

World’s most heat resistant materials identified by scientists

The researchers of the study developed a new extreme heating technique using lasers to test the heat tolerance of the two materials.

Recommended for : Tantalum Carbide , Hafnium Carbide , Heat Resistant Materials , Science and Technology

Publish Date : Dec 27, 2016

First biological pacemaker developed from human stem cells

The scientists used a developmental-biology approach to ascertain a specific protocol for generating the pacemaker cells.

Recommended for : Human Pacemaker , Human Stem Cells , Biological Pacemaker

Publish Date : Dec 27, 2016

ICICI Bank launches EazyPay app for merchants

Customers can use this app to make payment through any bank account using UPI or by entering credit or debit card details on a link forwarded by the merchant.

Recommended for : ICICI Bank , launches , EazyPay app , for merchants , consumers

Publish Date : Dec 26, 2016

NITI Aayog launches the National Index of Performance on Health Outcomes

The data collected by the Health Outcomes’ index will be used to propel actions of states to improve health outcomes and improve data collection systems.

Recommended for : Performance on Health Outcomes’ index , NITI Aayog , Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Publish Date : Dec 26, 2016

Zika-linked birth defects more severe than previously thought: Researchers

Zika infection during pregnancy is associated with fetal death, fetal growth restriction and a spectrum of central nervous system abnormalities.

Recommended for : Zika-linked , birth defects , more severe , zika virus , microcephaly

Publish Date : Dec 20, 2016

Resolution seeking demonetisation of Rs 5000 notes adopted in Pakistan

Senator Usman Saifullah who tabled the resolution argued that the Rs 5000 note was being used in illegal transactions and should be withdrawn.

Recommended for : Pakistani senate , Resolution to demonetise Rs 5000 notes , demonetisation

Publish Date : Dec 20, 2016

Lanura becomes first village to go cashless in J&K

Cashless economy is an economy in which almost all transactions are done digitally or by using cards.

Recommended for : Lanura village of Jammu and Kashmir , Budgam district , Jammu and Kashmir , Cashless village , Electronic Payment System

Publish Date : Dec 19, 2016

Henry Heimlich, inventor of Heimlich manoeuvre, dies

Heimlich also invented the Micro Trach portable oxygen system for ambulatory patients. He was also the inventor of the Heimlich Chest Drain Valve, which drains blood and air out of the chest cavity.

Recommended for : Henry Heimlich , Heimlich Manoeuvre , Abdominal Thrusts , Flutter Valve

Publish Date : Dec 19, 2016

Pakistan's Intelligence agencies spying on Indian security using 4 apps

Minister of State for Home Affairs, Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary stated in the Lok Sabha that Pakistan intelligence agencies are sending malwares through gaming, music and entertainment apps to steal confidential information.

Recommended for : Ministry of Home Affairs , Cyber Crime , Pakistan Intelligence Agencies , Entertainment Apps , ISI

Publish Date : Dec 15, 2016

Union Cabinet approves MoU between ISRO and United States Geological Survey

ISRO first received the Landsat data during 1984 to 2001 through its ground station at Shadnagar. Data from Landsat series of satellites that are operated by USGS was used by Indian scientists.

Recommended for : Union Cabinet , MoU , ISRO , United States Geological Survey , Landsat

Publish Date : Dec 15, 2016

Green Panel imposes interim ban on Manja

A bench chaired by NGT Chairperson Swatanter Kumar temporarily banned the use of glass-coated string for kite flying due to the danger it poses to humans and animals.

Recommended for : The National Green Tribunal , PETA , Manja Association of India , Makar Sankranti , Kite Flying Day

Publish Date : Dec 15, 2016

एनजीटी ने देश भर में चीनी मांझे को प्रतिबंधित किया

एनजीटी ने इस मामले में मांझा एसोसिएशन से भी एक रिपोर्ट सेंट्रल पॉल्यूशन कंट्रोल बोर्ड (सीपीसीबी) को देने को कहा है. इसमें पतंग की इस डोर के नुकसान को रेखांकित करने को कहा गया है.

Recommended for : NGT , NGT bans sale and use of glass coated thread , Chinese manjha , एनजीटी , देश भर में चीनी मांझे प्रतिबंधित

Publish Date : Dec 14, 2016

Ravishankar Prasad launched Digishala TV Channel to promote cashless India

Digishala TV Channel and Digi Dhan Abhiyan were launched to make people aware of the benefits of digital payment and how to use digital mode for payment.

Recommended for : Digishala TV Channel , Digi Dhan Abhiyan , Cashless India , Digital India , Digital Payment

Publish Date : Dec 11, 2016

A roadmap to cashless economy

Cashless economy is an economy where cash is not used or least used. In cashless economy, digital money is used instead of cash, and transactions are made by digital devices such as mobile phones, ATMs etc. The government has also announced incentives like reduction on service charge and other levies on debit/credit card transactions.

Recommended for : Cashless Economy , Cashless , Cashless-ness

Publish Date : Dec 6, 2016

Vegans voice outrage against Britain’s new five pound note

The new £5 note contains traces of Tallow, a substance derived from animal fat. It is mostly used in the manufacture of soaps and candles.

Recommended for : Bank of England , £5 note , Pound , Tallow

Publish Date : Dec 2, 2016

Drones help assess land problems in North East

Drones were used to assess the extent of damage caused to Meghalaya’s NH-40, which was cut off completely last year due to heavy landslides.

Recommended for : ISRO , North-Eastern Space Applications Centre , Drones , Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Publish Date : Dec 1, 2016

Garbage from Ghazipur Dump to be used for Highway Construction

In the last decade, the dump at the site has turned into a mini mountain, reaching the height of almost 50 metres, much above the permissible limit of 15-20 metres. The ground exhausted its capacity to take in waste material way back in 2002.

Recommended for : NHAI , Ghazipur , Waste Segregation , East Delhi Municipal Corporation , Union Ministry of Urban Development

Publish Date : Dec 1, 2016

Goa to become India’s first cashless state

The cashless move includes providing all vendors with a unique mobile money identifier code that will be used in the final payment. The cashless transfer will not have any minimum limit.

Recommended for : Goa , Indian State , Demonetization , Manohar Parrikar

Publish Date : Nov 29, 2016

Akodara in Gujarat becomes India’s first Digital Village

The village, which sustains a total population of 1191 people, uses a various cashless system for payments of goods and services. All transactions in the village are carried out through digital modes like net-banking, SMS or debit cards.

Recommended for : Akodara , India’s First Digital Village , Gujarat , Demonetization

Publish Date : Nov 29, 2016

World Robot Olympiad to be held for the first time in India

The theme for the 13th World Robot Olympiad is Rap the Scrap. The theme is in line with 'Swachh Bharat Mission' of the Indian government. The students are expected to come up with innovative ideas using robotics technology to ‘Rap the Scrap’ i.e. to reduce, manage and recycle waste.

Recommended for : World Robot Olympiad , Rap the Scrap , LEGO Education , Robotics

Publish Date : Nov 23, 2016

उत्तर प्रदेश की राज्य सरकार ने जमीन पंजीकरण के लिए पुराने नोट के इस्तेमाल की अनुमति दी

जमीन पंजीकरण शुल्क का निर्धारण जमीन के आकार या खरीदे जाने वाले घर के आकार के आधार पर किया जाता है. फिलहाल, सबसे उच्च देय राशि 20,000 रुपए है.

Recommended for : UP State , allows , use , old currency , Land Registry , उत्तर प्रदेश , राज्य सरकार , जमीन पंजीकरण , पुराने नोट , इस्तेमाल , की अनुमति दी

Publish Date : Nov 19, 2016

Ten Commandments tablet sold at an auction

It was initially used by an Arab as a part of flooring in his private courtyard and then later it was acquired by Y Kaplan in 1943, who got in experts to study it. Antiquities dealer Robert Deutsch bought it in 1990s after which it was obtained by Rabbi Saul Deutsch for his Living Torah Museum in 2005.

Recommended for : Ten Commandments , Biblical Artifacts , Living Torah Museum , Israeli Antiquities Authorities

Publish Date : Nov 18, 2016

Google launches PhotoScan App to scan physical photographs

It uses augmented reality to create four points near the frame and uses the four photos to create composite image without glare.

Recommended for : Google , launches , PhotoScan App , scan physical photographs

Publish Date : Nov 17, 2016

"Post-truth" named Word of the Year for 2016 by Oxford Dictionaries

Post-truth saw its usage for the first time in an essay written for the Nation Magazine by the late Serbian-American playwright Steve Tesich. It was used to reflect the Iran-Contra scandal and the Persian Gulf War.

Recommended for : Post-truth , Oxford Dictionaries , Word of the Year ,

Publish Date : Nov 17, 2016

UP allows use of old currency for Land Registry

The use of old currency notes have been permitted by various other state governments for specific purposes. Vinod Tawde, Minister of Cultural Affairs in Maharashtra announced his government’s decision of allowing the use of old notes in Marathi theatres.

Recommended for : UP Government , Union Government , Demonetization of currency , Devendra Fadnavis , Trinamool Congress

Publish Date : Nov 17, 2016
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