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Tips and Preparation Strategies for Direct & Indirect Speech and Cloze Test in English Section

As English language and comprehension is the part of the Banking and SSC Exams. So, it is necessary to understand the various sub topics to gain good marks. This article is before you, to assist you while you’re preparing.

Recommended for : How to score well in Cloze test and Direct/Indirect Speech , Key points to remember while solving English paper , reasons of not getting good marks in cloze test/ Direct & indirect speech

Publish Date : Apr 28, 2016

Public Speaking - How to Get Rid of Nerves

Public speaking is an art where the speaker informs and influences and motivates an audience on certain issues. A good speech can work wonders

Recommended for : Public speaking , audience , orator , good speech , public-centered , confidence , relax , positive

Publish Date : Nov 23, 2010
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