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Union Government takes 10 new Swachh Iconic Places under Swachh Bharat Mission

The announcement was made during second quarterly review meeting on the Swachh Iconic Places that was held at Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine in Katra, Jammu and Kashmir.

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Publish Date : Apr 26, 2017

जम्मू-कश्मीर में सातवें वेतन आयोग की सिफारिशों हेतु पैनल गठित

राज्य सरकार में वित्त मंत्री ने बजट में घोषणा की थी कि रियासत में 7वें वेतन आयोग की सिफारिशें अप्रैल से लागू की जाएंगी. समिति वेतन से संबंधित सभी मामलों की समीक्षा करेगी. कर्मचारियों को मिलने वाले विभिन्न भत्तों की समीक्षा होगी.

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Publish Date : Apr 25, 2017

J&K bans polyethene manufactured below 50 microns

State’s forest, environment and ecology minister Choudhary Lal Singh said that the government is taking all possible measures to prevent state’s environment and ecology from being polluted.

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Publish Date : Apr 4, 2017

SC asks Centre, J&K government to decide Muslim minority status in state

Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta appearing in the court on behalf of Centre said it is a national issue as in some states the community, which is part of minorities nationally, is in majority.

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Publish Date : Mar 28, 2017

Srinagar to get a football stadium as per FIFA norms

Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar is going to be completely revamped to match the international norms set by FIFA.

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Publish Date : Mar 24, 2017

First smart tribal village Habbi inaugurated in Jammu and Kashmir

The village is developed under the Rural Development Department of the State Government.  The village has been introduced with smart classes in the schools, better roads, electricity and water facility.

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Publish Date : Mar 8, 2017

Work on Shahpur Kandi Dam to resume soon; Punjab and J&K sign agreement to this effect

The Shahpur Kandi dam, located in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, will help in providing irrigation facility to 5000 hectares of land in Punjab and 32173 hectares in J&K besides generation of 206 MW power.

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Publish Date : Mar 6, 2017

Current Affairs Quiz: 28 February 2017

28 February 2017: Daily Current Affairs Quizzes brought by wants to help the aspirants’ of different competitive exams in to revising the day at an ease. These quizzes will help you in answering questions which can/may be asked in the next exam that will be faced by you. The day’s updated quizzes cover the topics like 10th annual ESPN cricinfo awards, TripAdvisor's World's Travellers' Choice Award-Winning Beaches 2017 list and CIC of Jammu and Kashmir among others.

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Publish Date : Feb 28, 2017

J&K government imposes restrictions on number of guests at weddings

The restrictions on the number of guests to be invited were put with an aim to limit wastage of food and essential commodities in such ceremonies.

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Publish Date : Feb 22, 2017

Tourism Ministry, J&K Government and NPCC sign MoU for implementation of tourism projects

Ministry of Tourism, under the initiative 'Development of Tourism in the J&K State– New Projects', sanctioned projects to PSUs NPCC and NBCC for implementation by September 2017.

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Publish Date : Feb 7, 2017

J&K Legislative Assembly passes resolution on return of Kashmiri Pandits back to Kashmir

With the improvement in situation the return and rehabilitation of Kashmir migrants who have to shun their places due to militancy will be felicitated by the state government.

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Publish Date : Jan 19, 2017

SP Vaid appointed as Director General of J&K police

At the time of this appointment, Vaid was working as Special DGP (Law and Order) in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Publish Date : Dec 29, 2016

Radio Kashmir Jammu starts Morning Gojri News Bulletin

The J&K Government recognized Gujari language, first used as literature language in 12th century, by including it into sixth scheduled of the constitution.

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Publish Date : Nov 11, 2016

Indo-Pak border to be completely sealed in next 2 yrs: Home Minister

The government’s decision comes as tensions between the two nations have increased in recent past. It was fueled more after an army strike on militant bases in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

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Publish Date : Oct 7, 2016

Union Government approves 500 crore rupee projects for development of tourism in J&K

Highlights of the project involve developing a Convention Centre in Gulmarg and Patnitop, development of Ethnic Villages, Development of Water Sports Centre at Baghliyar Dam - Pool Doda.

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Publish Date : Sep 18, 2016

केंद्र सरकार ने मिर्च पाउडर आधारित पावा शैल्स को पैलेट गन के विकल्प के रूप में मंजूरी दी

पेलार्गोनिक एसिड वेनिलाइल एमाइड (पावा) को नॉनिवेमाइड भी कहा जाता है. यह पावा शैल्स ग्वालियर के टेकनपुर स्थित बीएसएफ की टियर स्मोक यूनिट (टीएसयू) में तैयार किये गये हैं. आंसू गैस के इन गोलों के जरिए उपद्रवियों पर काबू पाया जाता है.

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Publish Date : Sep 5, 2016

केंद्र सरकार ने जम्मू एवं कश्मीर में हिमायत कार्यक्रम हेतु 1600 करोड़ रुपये मंजूर किये

जम्मू कश्मीर के ग्रामीण विकास मंत्री अब्दुल हक़ खान के अनुसार हिमायत कार्यक्रम के अंतर्गत ग्रामीण एवं शहरी दोनों क्षेत्रों के युवाओं को प्रशिक्षण दिया जायेगा तथा उन्हें विभिन्न व्यावसायिक प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रमों की जानकारी दी जाएगी.

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Publish Date : Jul 27, 2016

Union Government approves 1601 crore rupees for Himayat programme in J&K

Himayat is a training-cum-placement programme for unemployed youth in Jammu and Kashmir under they are provided short-term training, in a range of skills for which there is good market demand.

Recommended for : Himayat , Training-cum-placement programme , Jammu and Kashmir , Union Government

Publish Date : Jul 27, 2016

Haryana Government appointed two-member inquiry panel to probe into Jat quota stir

The commission will be headed by Justice (Retd.) SN Jha, former Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir High Court will submit its report within six months from the date of its first sitting.

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Publish Date : Apr 10, 2016

Union Government and Jammu & Kashmir Government signed MoU on UDAY Scheme

With this, J&K became the ninth state to sign MoU under UDAY.

Recommended for : Union Government , Jammu & Kashmir Government , UDAY Scheme

Publish Date : Mar 16, 2016

जम्मू एवं कश्मीर केंद्र सरकार की उदय योजना में शामिल हुआ

उदय योजना का उद्देश्य टिकाऊ विकास के लिए वित्तीय स्थायित्व और परिचालन क्षमताओं में सुधार के द्वारा कर्ज में डूबी वितरण कंपनियों के लिए एक स्थायी समाधान सुनिश्चित करना है.

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Publish Date : Mar 16, 2016

Union Environment Ministry held ninth meeting of National Steering Committee on Climate Change

The Committee approved the Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) on adaptation submitted by governments of Telangana, Mizoram, Jammu & Kashmir, Meghalaya and Chhattisgarh for funding.

Recommended for : Union Environment Ministry , National Steering Committee on Climate Change

Publish Date : Feb 23, 2016

Wattan Ko Jano initiative: A programme that aims to expose youth from J&K to rest of India

The initiative aims at exposing youth from the state to the vibrant development and vitality of culture of people residing in other states of the country.

Recommended for : Wattan Ko Jano , Youth Exchange Programme , Ministry of Home Affairs , Jammu and Kashmir , J&K Government , Narendra Modi

Publish Date : Jan 7, 2016

Jammu and Kashmir government banned sale of Ambuja cement in state

The initial enquiry found that Ambuja Cements sold cement bags at two different MRP rates in the Jammu and Kashmir region.

Recommended for : The initial enquiry found that Ambuja Cements sold cement bags at two different MRP rates in the Jammu and Kashmir region.

Publish Date : Sep 21, 2015

Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years authored by AS Dulat & Aditya Sinha released

The focus of the book is on initiatives launched by the Vajpayee government between 1998 and 2004 to restore normalcy in India's most beautiful but troubled state.

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Publish Date : Jul 8, 2015

Mufti Mohammed Sayeed sworn-in as Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir

This is the first time that BJP has become a part of the government in Jammu and Kashmir. The PDP-BJP alliance government was termed as North Pole and South Pole by Chief Minister Sayeed.

Recommended for : Mufti Mohammad Sayeed , PDP-BJP government , Jammu and Kashmir

Publish Date : Mar 2, 2015

पीडीपी नेता मुफ्ती मोहम्मद सईद ने जम्मू-कश्मीर के 12वें मुख्यमंत्री के रुप में शपथ ली

पीपुल्स डेमोक्रेटिक पार्टी (पीडीपी) के नेता मुफ्ती मोहम्मद सईद ने 1 मार्च 2015 को जम्मू-कश्मीर के 12वें मुख्यमंत्री के रुप में शपथ ली.

Recommended for : Mufti Mohammad Sayeed , PDP BJP government , Jammu and Kashmir , मुफ्ती मोहम्मद सईद , पीडीपी-भाजपा सरकार , जम्मू-कश्मीर

Publish Date : Mar 2, 2015

Union Government approved a rehabilitation package of 1102-crore rupees for J&K

Rehabilitation package of 1102 crore rupees approved for flood-ravaged Jammu and Kashmir. The fund was sanctioned from the National Disaster Response Fund.

Recommended for : J&K rehabilitation package , J&K floods , National Disaster Response Fund

Publish Date : Jan 31, 2015

J & K selected for the National Award of e-Governance for Best District Level initiative

e-Panchayat project of J&K was selected for the National Award for e-Governance for the best district-level initiative in Citizen-Centric Service Delivery through ICT.

Recommended for : e-Panchayat project , Jammu and Kashmir , National Award for e-Governance , best district-level initiative

Publish Date : Jan 16, 2015

Presidential rule imposed in Jammu and Kashmir

President Pranab Mukherjee approved the recommendation of Governor of Jammu and Kashmir N N Vohra as deadlock over the formation of the new government continued in J & K.

Recommended for : President Pranab Mukherjee , Presidential rule , Jammu and Kashmir , Governor N N Vohra

Publish Date : Jan 9, 2015
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