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Hero MotoCorp formed JV with Nitol Nilloy of Bangladesh

Hero MotoCorp will enter the market of Bangladesh through a joint venture of 5:45 with Bangladesh’s Nitol Niloy.

Tags : Hero MotoCorp-Nitol Niloy JV , Hero MotoCorp , Nitol Niloy

Published on : 22-Apr-2014

Comic book icon Archie to die in July's final issue

Archie Comics has declared that the famous comic character Archie will die in the July 2014 issue after ruling the comics market for 73 year.

Tags : Archie Comics , comic character Archie ,

Published on : 17-Apr-2014

USFDA approved Lupin to sell Pioglitazone tablets in America

USFDA approved Lupin to sell generic diabetes management drug Pioglitazone tablets in the American market.

Tags : USFDA , Pioglitazone , Lupin Limited

Published on : 11-Apr-2014

SEBI issued new norms to ease KYC details for investors

SEBI has notified new set of norms to ease the process of KYC for investors by allowing market entities to get details from the centralized KYC agencies.

Tags : SEBI , Securities and Exchange Board of India , Making Know-Your-Client , KYC norms , KYC agencies ,

Published on : 20-Mar-2014

Worldfloat introduced Citydeals, a Social plus e-Commerce feature

Social networking site Worldfloat said that it has introduced an e-commerce feature named Citydeals that will deal in discount deals market.

Tags : Worldfloat , social networking site , e-commerce feature , Citydeals

Published on : 19-Feb-2014

Penguin decided to withdraw a book entitled, The Hindus: An Alternative History

Publisher of book, The Hindus: An Alternative History, Penguin India has decided to withdraw the book from the Indian market written by Wendy Doniger.

Tags : Penguin India , The Hindus: An Alternative History , Indian market

Published on : 12-Feb-2014

Manoj Vaish took charge as MD & CEO of MCX

Manoj Vaish took charge as MD & CEO of MCX. Forward Markets Commission approved his appointment which is for a period of 3 years.

Tags : Manoj Vaish , Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd , MCX Managing Director , MCX CEO , Dun & Bradsheet , NSEL scam

Published on : 04-Feb-2014

CCI ordered fresh probe into Coal India and subsidiary for violations

CCI has ordered a fresh probe into state-run miner Coal India and its subsidiary for alleged abuse of dominant market position in fuel supplies.

Tags : Competition Commission of India , probe into the state-run miner Coal India

Published on : 31-Jan-2014

RBI expert panel suggested adoption of new CPI for Anchoring Monetary Policy

RBI panel suggested that a new consumer price index should be adopted. It has set an inflation target at 4 percent, with a band of (+/-) 2 percent. 

Tags : Urjit Patel Panel , RBI Panel , consumer price index , Reserve Bank of India , monetary policy , Raghuram Rajan , the RBI Governor. Monetary Policy Committee , Open Market Operations

Published on : 22-Jan-2014

India and Pakistan reached agreement on Non Discriminatory Market Access (NDMA)

India and Pakistan released the joint statement providing for Non Discriminatory Market Access at 5th SAARC Business Leaders

Tags : Non-Discriminatory Market Access , NDMA , India , Pakistan , India show

Published on : 20-Jan-2014

गैरसूचीबद्ध कंपनियों के लिए प्रत्यक्ष विदेशी निवेश नीति में संशोधन

केंद्रीय वाणिज्य मंत्रालय के औद्योगिक नीति एवं संवर्धन विभाग ने गैरसूचीबद्ध कंपनियों को विदशी शेयर बाजारों में सूचीबद्ध होने की अनुमति प्रदान की.

Tags : Listed Company , Unlisted Company , Stock market , FDI , सूचीबद्ध कंपनी , गैरसूचीबद्ध कंपनी , शेयर बाज़ार , प्रत्यक्ष विदेशी निवेश

Published on : 07-Dec-2013

SC favoured harsher punishment including life term for milk adulterators

SC has asked the states to amend the laws to production and marketing of adulterated milk. SC called it an offence punishable with life imprisonment.

Tags : Supreme Court of India , Adulterated milk , Food Safety and Standards Authority of India , FSSAI , Ministry of Health & Family Welfare , Government of India

Published on : 06-Dec-2013

Biocon got DCGI Approval for Breast Cancer Drug-Biosimilar Trastuzumab

Biocon on 26 November 2013 announced that it had received market authorisation from the DCGI for its Breast cancer Drug-Biosimilar Trastuzumab.

Tags : Breast cancer Drug , Biosimilar Trastuzumab.

Published on : 28-Nov-2013

अमूल से शुरू किया देश का पहला रोबोटिक डेयरी प्लांट

अमूल ने एक रोबोटिक दुग्ध डेयरी प्लांट का आरंभ मुंबई से 50 किमी दूर विरार इलाके में किया.

Tags : Gujarat Cooprative Milk Marketing Federation Limited , GCMMF , Amul , robotic dairy plant , अमूल , रोबोटिक डेयरी प्लांट

Published on : 02-Nov-2013

इलेक्ट्रानिक उपकरणों की आपूर्ति पर लागू होने वाली पीएमए नीति को केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल की मंजूरी

सुरक्षा की दृष्टि से संवेदनशील इलेक्ट्रानिक व दूरसंचार उपकरणों की आपूर्ति पर लागू होने वाली तरजीही बाजार पहुंच नीति को केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल की मंजूरी.

Tags : Cabinet approved , Preferential Market Access policy , PMA , पीएमए , केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल , तरजीही बाजार पहुंच नीति

Published on : 21-Oct-2013

Indian Firms Performed Best In the BRICS Countries: Transparency International

Transparency International (TI) released a report on tilted Transparency in Corporate Reporting: Assessing Emerging Market Multinationals.

Tags : Transparency International , BRICS , TI

Published on : 19-Oct-2013

STT Should be Reduced to Give Boost to the Capital Market: SEBI Study

SEBI released the Development Research Group (DRG) Study entitled to Impact of Increased Derivatives-Trading in India on the Price-Discovery Process.

Tags : Securities Transaction Tax , SEBI

Published on : 18-Oct-2013

IFC Launched 1 Billion Dollar offshore Rupee Bond Programme to Strengthen India’s Capital Markets

IFC on 7 October 2013 launched a 1 billion Dollars offshore bond programme to strengthen India’s capital markets and attract greater foreign investment.

Tags : International Finance Corporation , offshore Bond Programme

Published on : 10-Oct-2013

SEBI Proposed New Measures for Stock Exchanges to Deal with Incorrect Trades

SEBI on 9 October 2013 proposed new range of measures for stock exchanges in order to deal with the fraudulent trading activities in the securities market.

Tags : Securities and Exchange Board of India , SEBI , fraud trades , stock exchange

Published on : 10-Oct-2013

Sun Pharmaceutical Entered Into Joint Venture with Intrexon Corporation

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries India's biggest drug maker by market capital and USA based Intrexon Corporation, a leading player in synthetic biology announced

Tags : Sun Pharmaceutical , Intrexon , treatment of eye diseases

Published on : 03-Oct-2013

SEBI Signed MoU with Argentina for Information Exchange on Securities Markets

 SEBI Signed MoU with Argentina for Information Exchange on Securities Markets on 16 September 2013

Tags : SEBI , Comisión Nacional de Valores , (CNV)

Published on : 18-Sep-2013

European Commission adopted a Plan for Telecom Market Reform

European Commission on 11 September 2013 adopted a plan for telecom market reform called Connected Continent

Tags : European Commission , telecom market reform , European Union

Published on : 12-Sep-2013

Forward Markets Commission’s Administrative Control shifted to Finance Ministry

The control of Forward Markets Commission was transferred to Ministry of Finance from Department of Consumer Affairs under the Ministry of Food.

Tags : Forward Markets Commission , Finance Ministry , Department of Consumer Affairs , National Spot Exchange Limited , NSEL scam

Published on : 10-Sep-2013

SEBI barred 34 entities of Capital Market for Fraudulent Dealings

SEBI barred 34 entities from the capital market for fraudulent dealings in the shares of 12 companies. Sunil Mehta was the main conspirator.

Tags : SEBI , fraudulent dealings in Securities Market , Sunil Mehta , securities market

Published on : 09-Sep-2013

RBI introduced Forex Swap Window for Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies

Forex Swap Window for Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies introduced by RBI.  This will help the oil companies in meeting daily $ requirements.

Tags : Forex Swap Window , Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies , RBI ,

Published on : 31-Aug-2013

वायदा कारोबार एनएसईएल दूसरे चरण के भुगतान में भी असफल रही

प्रमुख वायदा बाजारों में एक नेशनल स्पॉट एक्चेंज लिमिटेड वायदा बाजार आयोग के निर्देशानुसार निवेशकों को दिये जाने वाले दूसरे चरण का भुगतान करने में असफल रही.

Tags : National Spot Exchange Limited , Forward Market Commission , नेशनल स्पॉट एक्चेंज लिमिटेड , वायदा बाजार आयोग

Published on : 28-Aug-2013

वायदा बाजार आयोग ने एनएसईएल को निवेशकों के सेटलमेंट हेतु नोटिस जारी किया

एनएसईएल को वायदा बाजार नियामक एफएमसी ने 21 अगस्त 2013 को नोटिस जारी करके निवेशकों के पैसे लौटाने हेतु गोदामों में रखी कमोडिटी को नीलाम करने के आदेश दिये.

Tags : Commodity Exchanges , National Spot Exchange Limited , NSEL , Future Market Commission , FMC , एनएसईएल , वायदा बाजार आयोग , एफएमसी

Published on : 22-Aug-2013

एनएसईएल ने सीईओ तथा छह अन्य अधिकारियों को निवेशकों की धन-वापसी में विफलता के कारण हटाया गया

एनएसईएल ने निवेशकों की धन-वापसी के लक्ष्यों को पूरा न कर पाने के कारण 20 अगस्त 2013 को सीईओ व एमडीअंजनी सिंहा व छह अन्य शीर्ष अधिकारियों को बर्खास्त किया.

Tags : Commodity Exchanges , National Spot Exchange Limited , NSEL , Future Market Commission , FMC , एनएसईएल , वायदा बाजार आयोग , एफएमसी

Published on : 21-Aug-2013

Gold Prices hit Eight-Month High at 31760 Rupees

Gold price on 17 August 2013 jumped by 700 rupees in Kolkata after stocks and money markets melted

Tags : Gold prices , Kolkata , Delhi

Published on : 18-Aug-2013

Ban issued on some Samsung products by US ITC after it lost a Patent case against Apple

Ban has been imposed on some products of Samsung in the US market. The ban was issued after Samsung lost a patent battle from Apple.

Tags : Samsung , Apple , Patent case of Samsung and Apple

Published on : 11-Aug-2013

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