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Planet Nine exists in solar system: NASA

If discovered, Planet Nine could turn out to be the missing super Earth- a planet with a mass higher than the Earth’s, but substantially lower than the masses of ice giants Uranus and Neptune.

Recommended for : Planet Nine , solar system , NASA , planet 9

Publish Date : Oct 20, 2017

प्लैनेट नाइन का सौर मंडल में अस्तित्व है: नासा

अमेरिका के कैलिफॉर्निया इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ टेक्नॉलजी (कैलेटेक) में प्लैनेटरी ऐस्ट्रोफिजिसिस्ट कंस्तनचीन बैटीगिन ने कहा की प्लैनेट नाइन के अस्तित्व का संकेत देने वाले अब 5 अलग-अलग व्याख्यात्मक प्रमाण हैं.

Recommended for : Nasa , mysterious Planet , Nine Planet , solar system , sun , नासा , रहस्यमय ग्रह , नौ ग्रह , सौर मंडल , सूरज

Publish Date : Oct 18, 2017

NASA finds ‘Shape-shifting’ bacteria on the International Space Station

Bacterial cells treated with a common antibiotic have been spotted changing shape to survive while aboard the International Space Station (ISS).The "clever shape-shifting" was detected in bacteria being experimented on in the near-weightlessness of space, and is believed to help the bacteria survive. The result came after a group of researchers led  by Luis Zea from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in the United States sent E-Coli to ISS for experiment.  

Recommended for : Shape-shifting bacteria , NASA , ISS , International Space Station

Publish Date : Sep 16, 2017

Morning Current Affairs: 15 September 2017

NASA Spacecraft Cassini on mission to explore the giant ring-world of Saturn and its menagerie of moons will end its 20 year voyage on 15 September 2017 by diving into the atmosphere of Saturn. For 13 years, the orbiter has been sending back images of its extraordinary discoveries at Saturn to Earth.  

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Publish Date : Sep 15, 2017

NASA captures images of strongest Solar Flare in 12 years

Sun emitted two strong solar flares. The first flare is classified as an X2.2 flare and the second is an X9.3 flare.

Recommended for : NASA , strongest Solar Flare , Solar flares , Solar Dynamics Observatory

Publish Date : Sep 9, 2017

NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson to return home after 288 days in space

NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson is set to return to Earth from the International Space Station on 2 September 2017, after completing a 288-day mission.

Recommended for : NASA , Peggy Whitson , Jack Fischer , Expedition 52 , International Space Station , Space Mission

Publish Date : Sep 3, 2017

NASA's WINDY Mission to create white artificial clouds that glow in night

This mission aims to study disturbances in the upper atmosphere that interfere with communication and technology systems.

Recommended for : NASA , WINDY Mission , white artificial clouds , Ionosphere

Publish Date : Aug 27, 2017

नासा द्वारा कृत्रिम बादल बनाने की तैयारी

अमेरिकी स्पेस एजेंसी ने कहा कि ये कृत्रिम बादल रिपब्लिक ऑफ मार्शल आइलैंड के निवासियों को दो रॉकेट फ्लाइट के दौरान 29 अगस्त 2017 और 9 सितंबर 2017 को दिखेंगे.

Recommended for : NASA , WINDY Mission , white artificial clouds , Ionosphere , नासा , विन्डी मिशन , सफेद कृत्रिम बादल , आईनोस्फीयर

Publish Date : Aug 25, 2017

A total Solar eclipse to sweep across North America after 241 years

On 21 August 2017, the people of the United States would be witness to a complete eclipse of the sun, a spectacle that would be visible exclusively in the US.

Recommended for : Solar Eclipse , Total Solar Eclipse , NASA , United States of America , Partial Eclipse

Publish Date : Aug 21, 2017

NASA launches TDRS-M Satellite to help astronauts communicate with Earth

The TDRS network receives signals from vehicles like the space station flying at a mere 250 miles above Earth and routes the telemetry, voice, video and science information to a dedicated ground terminal.

Recommended for : NASA , TDRS-M Satellite , Tracking and Data Relay Satellite , Atlas V rocket

Publish Date : Aug 21, 2017

Top 5 Current Affairs: 21 August 2017

The Indianapolis sank in 12 minutes, making it impossible for it to send a distress signal or deploy life-saving equipment.

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Publish Date : Aug 21, 2017

Asteroid Florence to pass safely by Earth on 1 September: NASA

Asteroid Florence, which is one of the largest near-Earth asteroids, will pass safely by Earth on 1 September 2017 in its closest ever encounter with the planet.

Recommended for : Asteroid Florence , NASA , Spitzer Space Telescope , NEOWISE Mission , Florence Nightingale

Publish Date : Aug 18, 2017

Top 5 Current Affairs: 18 August 2017

Asteroid Florence is named in honour of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Reports suggest that it is about 4.4 kilometres in size.

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Publish Date : Aug 18, 2017

NASA's Cassini spacecraft set to embark on its final mission

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is set to start off on its final mission-five ultra-close orbits around Saturn, before it takes a deep plunge into the planet, bringing an end to its 20-year-long journey.

Recommended for : Cassini Spacecraft , Saturn , NASA , Saturn’s Moon , Titan , Space Science , Final Mission

Publish Date : Aug 12, 2017

NASA's Curiosity Rover captures images of clouds on Mars

Captured on the Curiosity Rover's 1758th Martian day, the 8 images taken in the early morning by navigation cameras, form a GIF.

Recommended for : NASA , Curiosity Rover , clouds on Mars , Martian clouds

Publish Date : Aug 11, 2017

NASA’s Hubble detects Exoplanet with glowing water atmosphere

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has discovered the strongest evidence to date for a stratosphere on a planet outside our solar system, WASP-121b.

Recommended for : NASA , The Hubble Space Telescope , Exoplanet , New Discovery , Glowing Water Atmosphere , WASP-121b , University of Exeter

Publish Date : Aug 7, 2017

ISRO, NASA working towards completion of NISAR mission by 2021

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is working along with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to launch the NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission by 2021.

Recommended for : ISRO , NASA , NISAR Mission , Remote Sensing Satellite , Space Science , Joint Mission , First Radar Imaging Satellite

Publish Date : Aug 4, 2017

Top 5 Current Affairs: 4 August 2017

The L & S band microwave data obtained from the satellite will be used for a variety of application, which includes estimating agricultural biomass over the full duration of crop cycle; assessing soil moisture; monitoring of floods & oil slicks.

Recommended for : ISRO-NASA , Book Now - Pay Later facility , NABARD (Amendment) Bill , Mohammad Mustafa , Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill

Publish Date : Aug 4, 2017

Historic discovery, Sun's Core rotates four times faster than its surface

The researchers made the calculations using 16 years of observations from an instrument called GOLF (Global Oscillations at Low Frequency) on a spacecraft called Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

Recommended for : Sun's Core rotates four times faster , NASA , European Space Agency , sound waves , sun inner core

Publish Date : Aug 3, 2017

NASA to let public become Citizen Scientist during Total Solar Eclipse

NASA has extended invitation to eclipse viewers from around America to participate in a nationwide science experiment during US total solar eclipse.

Recommended for : NASA , Eclipse Viewers , Citizen Scientist , US Total Solar Eclipse , Science Experiment

Publish Date : Jul 24, 2017

NASA Langley Research Centre turns 100 years old

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Langley, NASA released a 45-minute documentary that looks back across the 100 years.

Recommended for : NASA , Langley Research Centre , 100 years , NASA Langley

Publish Date : Jul 18, 2017

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft unveils new maps of Pluto, Charon

The purpose of New Horizons mission is to study Pluto, its moons and the Kuiper Belt; to perform flybys of the Pluto system and one or more Kuiper Belt Objects.

Recommended for : NASA , New Horizons spacecraft , new maps of Pluto , Charon

Publish Date : Jul 17, 2017

Fact Box: NASA’s Juno Spacecraft

Early science results from NASA's Juno mission portray Jupiter as a turbulent world with complex interior structure, energetic polar aurora and huge polar cyclones.

Recommended for : NASA , Juno spacecraft , Jupiter , great red spot

Publish Date : Jul 17, 2017

नासा का जूनो यान बृहस्पति के लाल धब्बों तक पहुंचा

जूनो ने महत्वपूर्ण आंकड़े जुटाए हैं जिसे पृथ्वी पर भेजा गया है हालांकि यह आंकड़े पृथ्वी तक पहुंचने में थोड़ा समय लेंगे.

Recommended for : NASA , Juno , Jupiter , Red spot , नासा , जूनो यान , बृहस्पति ग्रह , बृहस्पति पर लाल धब्बे

Publish Date : Jul 13, 2017

NASA developing first planetary defence mechanism

NASA is developing the first-ever mission that will work as a planetary defence mechanism against potential cosmic body impacts in the future.

Recommended for : NASA , Asteroid Deflection Mission , Planetary Defence Mechanism , Kinetic Impactor Technique , DART

Publish Date : Jul 4, 2017

Current Affairs Quiz: 1 July 2017

1 July 2017: The Current Affairs Quizzes section of Jagranjosh.com wants to help every aspirant of competitive exams to revise the day at an ease. The day’s quizzes cover the topics like Textiles India 2017, NASA launched its sounding rocket to form colourful clouds and India’s ambassador to Greece among others.

Recommended for : Current Affairs Quiz , Quizzes , Latest Quizzes , quizzes for competitive exams

Publish Date : Jul 1, 2017

Scientists solve centuries-old mystery of unusual glow in the sky after dark

Scientists have solved the centuries-old unexplained mystery of "bright nights", the unusual glow that appears in the sky after dark and lets observers see distant mountains.

Recommended for : NASA , Scientists , Bright Nights , Historical Observations , Century-Old Mystery , NASA Satellite , Airglow

Publish Date : Jun 26, 2017

NASA tests ROSA on Space Station for first time

NASA engineers remotely attached the ROSA to the International Space Station’s robotic Canadarm2. ROSA will remain be attached to the Canadarm2 over seven days.

Recommended for : NASA , ROSA , Roll-Out Solar Array , Space Station , solar array

Publish Date : Jun 22, 2017

NASA's Kepler space telescope spots 219 new potential planets

NASA's Kepler space telescope has spotted 219 potentially new planets, among which at least 10 are in the habitable zone, nearly about the same size as the Earth with conditions suitable to host life.

Recommended for : NASA , Kepler Space Telescope , Planet Candidates , Mario Perez , NASA’s Space Mission , Earth-Like Planets , Earth

Publish Date : Jun 20, 2017

India’s Mars Orbiter, Mangalyaan completes 1000 days in orbit

Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), ISRO’s maiden interplanetary mission has completed 1000 Earth days in its orbit, well beyond its designed mission life of six months.  

Recommended for : Mangalyaan , Mars Orbiter Mission , ISRO , NASA , Interplanetary Mission , Communication Blackout , Satellite Launch

Publish Date : Jun 19, 2017
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