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News Corp acquired Indian start-up firm BigDecisions.Com

Recommended for : News Corp , acquired Indian start-up firm , BigDecisions.Com

Rupert Murdoch led News Corp acquired 25 percent stake in

Recommended for : Rupert Murdoch , News Corp ,

News Corp Decided to Split Into Two, Indian to be the CFO of the Proposed Publishing Company

Recommended for : News Corp , Dow Jones , The Wall Street Journal

News Corp sold its stake in Hathway Cable & Datacom for 358 crore Rupees

Recommended for : Hathway Cable , News Corp , Current Affairs March 2012

British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC, James Murdoch re-elected as Chairman of the Group

Recommended for : current affairs November 2011 , British Sky Broadcasting Group , News Corp , phone hacking , unethical reporting , media giants , News of the World , Rupert Murdoch

फोन हैकिंग प्रकरण में न्यूज ऑफ द व‌र्ल्ड की पूर्व संपादक रिबेका ब्रुक्स गिरफ्तार

Recommended for : News of the World , Rebekah Brooks arrested , News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch , Current Affairs July 2011 , साप्ताहिक अखबार न्यूज ऑफ द व‌र्ल्ड , रिबेका ब्रुक्स गिरफ्तार , मीडिया मुगल रूपर्ट मर्डोक , इंग्लैंड फोन हैकिंग प्रकरण

Church of England Opposed News Corp.'s Buyout Bid

Recommended for : Church of England , News Corp , The Times , The Sunday Times , British Sky Broadcasting

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