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India signed 123.51 Million US dollar Loan Agreement with Asian Development Bank

It will also be used to improve basic tourism facilities and to build the capacity of sector agencies and local communities in the States of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Punjab.

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Heritage Flying Expedition held to commemorate 1965 Indo-Pak war

The expedition commenced on 14 September 2015 from Bathinda and flew all along the Western border from Amritsar (Punjab) to Naliya in Kutch (Gujarat).

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Indian-American Jagdeep Grewal Sworn-in as First Female Postmaster of Sacramento

Jagdeep Grewal, a graduate from Punjab University, became the first female postmaster of Sacramento in 166 years.

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आम आदमी पार्टी ने अपने दो सांसदों को निलंबित किया

आम आदमी पार्टी ने 29 अगस्त 2015 को अपने दो लोकसभा सांसदों धर्मवीर गांधी और हरिंदर सिंह खालसा को पार्टी की प्राथमिक सदस्यता से निलंबित कर दिया

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Om Prakash Munjal, founder of Hero Cycle Limited, passed away

Om Prakash had also recieved various awards including Udyog Rattan Award from Punjab Government, Punjab Ratna award.

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पंजाब सरकार ने घड़ियालों के लिए हरिके पत्तन के पास ब्यास बेल्ट के निर्माण की घोषणा की

पंजाब सरकार ने घड़ियालों (Gavialis gangeticus) के निवास स्थान के रूप में हरिके पत्तन के पास 28 जुलाई 2015 को ब्यास बेल्ट के निर्माण की घोषणा की.

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Punjab Government to create Beas Belt near Harike Patan as habitat for Gharials

The gharial (Gavialis gangeticus), also known as the gavial, and the fish-eating crocodile, is a crocodilian of the family Gavialidae, native to the Indian Subcontinent.

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पंजाब के गुरदासपुर में आतंकी हमला, पांच जवान शहीद

27 जुलाई 2015 को पंजाब स्थित गुरदासपुर जिले के दीनानगर में तीन आतंकवादियों ने हमला किया

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Terrorist attacked Dinanagar town of Gurdaspur in Punjab killing seven people

The terrorist attack was the first such attack in Punjab in two decades or since the end of Khalistani terrorism in 1980s.

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Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal launched Punjab ePMS portal

The portal will fast track infrastructure investment stalled projects, both in the public and private sectors, involving investment between 100 crore rupees and 1000 crore rupees.

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ఎలక్ట్రానిక్ ప్రాజెక్ట్స్ మేనేజ్మెంట్ సిస్టమ్ ను ప్రారంభించిన పంజాబ్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి ప్రకాష్ సింగ్ బాదల్

2 జూలై 2015 న పంజాబ్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి ప్రకాష్ సింగ్ బాదల్ మౌలిక అభివృద్ధి వేగవంతం చేయాలని రాష్ట్ర పోర్టల్ ePMS (ఎలక్ట్రానిక్ ప్రాజెక్ట్స్ మేనేజ్మెంట్ సిస్టమ్)ను ప్రారంభించారు. ఈ పోర్టల్ డిజిటల్ ఇండియా వీక్ లో ప్రారంభించబడింది.

Recommended for : Punjab Chief Minister , Parkash Singh Badal , Punjab ePMS portal TL ఎలక్ట్రానిక్ ప్రాజెక్ట్స్ మేనేజ్మెంట్ సిస్టమ్ , పంజాబ్ ముఖ్యమంత్రి , ప్రకాష్ సింగ్ బాదల్

National Level Sikh museum to be constructed in Lakhnaur Sahib Village of Punjab

Lakhnaur Sahib is a historical village as the mother of tenth Sikh guru Guru Gobind Singh, Mata Gujari belonged to the place.

Recommended for : Indian Railways , Indian Army , world's biggest employers , World Economic Forum

Union Cabinet approved setting up of six Indian Institutes of Management (IIM)

These new IIMs will be located at Amritsar (Punjab), Bodh Gaya (Bihar), Nagpur (Maharashtra), Sambalpur (Odisha), Sirmaur (Himachal Pradesh) and Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh).

Recommended for : Indian Institute of Management , Union Cabinet , Vishakhapatnam

Former Indian women's hockey captain Shashi Bala died

Bala who made her international debut in 1987 was captain of the national team during the 1997 FIH Women World Cup Qualifier held in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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Parkash Singh Badal conferred with 2015 Sant Namdev National Award

Badal was honoured with a citation, a prize amount of 101000 rupees and a memento by the foundation.

Recommended for : Punjab Chief Minister , Parkash Singh Badal , Sant Namdev National Award , Devendra Fadnavis , Sarhad Foundation

Indian-American Harkeert Singh Saini won Prestigious Police Award in Texas, US

Saini who hails from Hoshiarpur district of Punjab was awarded for his efficient services to the Houston Police department in the state of Texas of United States.

Recommended for : Harkeert Singh Saini , Indian-American policeman , Top Civilian Supervisor of the Year , Houston Mayor ,

Punjab government launched pan-state programme to monitor the soil health of every farm

With this, Punjab became the first state in India to issue Soil Health Cards to farmers.

Recommended for : Punjab , Soil Health Card , SHC

किसानों को मृदा स्वास्थ्य कार्ड जारी करने वाला पहला राज्य बना पंजाब

केंद्र सरकार की मृदा स्वास्थ्य कार्ड योजना के तहत पंजाब 12 मई 2015 को मृदा स्वास्थ्य कार्ड जारी करने वाला भारत का पहला राज्य बन गया है.

Recommended for : Soil Health Cards , Punjab , first state , मृदा स्वास्थ्य कार्ड , पंजाब , पहला राज्य

गुजरात ने सैयद मुश्ताक अली टी-20 ट्रॉफी जीती

7 अप्रैल 2015 को गुजरात क्रिकेट टीम ने केआईआईटी क्रिकेट स्टेडियम, भुवनेश्वर में खेले गए 2014-15 सैयद मुश्ताक अली ट्वेंटी -20 ट्रॉफी हासिल की.

Recommended for : KIIT Cricket Stadium , Bhubaneshwar , Gujarat , Punjab , Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy , केआईआईटी क्रिकेट स्टेडियम , भुवनेश्वर

Gujarat won Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy

Wicketkeeper and opening batsman Smit Patel's unbeaten 50 helped Gujarat to win their second Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy title. The final match was played at the KIIT Cricket Stadium, Bhubaneshwar.

Recommended for : KIIT Cricket Stadium , Bhubaneshwar , Gujarat , Punjab , Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

SC asked Union Government to re-visit Juvenile Justice Act, 2000

The two-judge bench of Supreme Court gave the direction to re-look, re-scrutinised, and re-visit the laws that deals with Juveniles, while hearing an appeal against the decision of Punjab and Haryana High Court that awarded life sentence to a murder accused.

Recommended for : Supreme Court , Justice Dipak Misra , Justice PC Pant , Juvenile Justice Act 2000

प्रधानमंत्री ने बागवानी शिक्षा एवं अनुसंधान के लिए शहीद भगत सिंह संस्थान स्थापित करने की घोषणा की

प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने 23 मार्च 2015 बागवानी शिक्षा एवं अनुसंधान के लिए शहीद भगत सिंह पीजी इंस्टीट्यूट की स्थापना अमृतसर  पंजाब में करने की घोषणा की.

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PM announced to set up Shaheed Bhagat Singh PG Institute for Horticulture Research & Education

Hussainiwala is a village in Firozpur district in Punjab, India, where Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were cremated on 23 March 1931 and it is at this place National Martyrs Memorial stands.

Recommended for : Hussainiwala , National Martyrs Memorial , Bhagat Singh , Sukhdev , Rajguru

सेना ने पंजाब को पराजित कर संतोष ट्रॉफी फुटबॉल प्रतियोगिता जीती

सर्विसेज ने मेजबान पंजाब को 5-4 से पराजित कर संतोष ट्रॉफी फुटबॉल प्रतियोगिता 2015 जीती. फाइनल मैच लुधियाना के गुरु नानक स्टेडियम में 15 मार्च 2015 को खेला गया.

Recommended for : Services , 69th edition of Santosh Trophy , Punjab , Senior National football championship , सर्विसेज , सेना , पंजाब संतोष ट्रॉफी फुटबॉल प्रतियोगिता 2015 , 69वीं राष्ट्रीय फुटबॉल प्रतियोगिता

Services won the 69th edition of Santosh Trophy of Football

In the final played at Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhiana, Punjab, it defeated hosts Punjab 5-4 via tie-breaker. With this, Services won the Santosh trophy for the fourth time. Earlier it had won the trophy in 2013, 2012 and 1961.

Recommended for : Services , 69th edition of Santosh Trophy , Punjab

Maharashtra Government approved the proposal to issue Aadhar-linked ration cards

Under this two-phased programme, Aadhar-linked ration cards will be distributed to all ration card holders in the state and all PDS outlets across the state will be connected with a mobile terminal technology–enabled biometric network.

Recommended for : State Cabinet of Maharashtra , Maharashtra , Aadhar-linked ration cards , Public Distribution System , Punjab , Gujarat ,

पंजाब के तरन-तारण जिले में भगवान विष्णु की प्राचीन मूर्ति मिली

पाकिस्तान सीमा से सटे पंजाब के अलगोकोठी गावं/ भिखीविंड (तरन-तारण जिला) में भगवान विष्णु की प्राचीन मूर्ति (7वीं सदी) 14 फरवरी 2015 को खुदाई में मिली.

Recommended for : Ancient Vishnu idol , Punjab , Tarn Taran , पंजाब , तरन-तारण , विष्णु की प्राचीन मूर्ति

Ancient Vishnu idol found in Punjab's Tran Taran

It seems that the statue belongs to the era of King Harshvardhana (590-647AD) and is surrounded by 21 other deities on a lotus flower base.

Recommended for : Idol of Lord Vishnu , Algon Kothi village , Tarn Taran , Punjab , King Harshvardhana , Ganga , Yamuna ,

Union Government decided to infuse 6990 crore rupees in nine Public Sector Banks

Among the beneficiaries, SBI leads the pack with a capitalization of 2970 crore rupees and is followed by BoB with 1260 rupees, Punjab National Bank with 870 crore rupees and Canara Bank with 570 crore rupees.

Recommended for : Union Government , Budget 2014-15 , Public Sector Banks

केंद्र सरकार ने पंजाब हेतु 18 हजार करोड़ रुपये की नई मार्ग परियोजनाओं की घोषणा की

केंद्रीय भूतल परिवहन, राजमार्ग और जहाजरानी मंत्री नितिन गडकरी ने पंजाब हेतु 18 हजार करोड़ रुपये की नई मार्ग परियोजनाओं की 23 जनवरी 2015 को घोषणा की.

Recommended for : Central government , route projects , Punjab , केंद्र सरकार , पंजाब

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