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Rajnish Kumar appointed new SBI chairman

Rajnish Kumar was appointed the next chairman of the State Bank of India. He is at present the Managing Director of State Bank of India (SBI). He will be succeeding Arundhati Bhattacharya, who is at present serving her one-year extension.

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Publish Date : Oct 5, 2017

RBI releases 2017 list of Domestic Systemically Important Banks

The RBI has identified private sector lender HDFC Bank Ltd as a Domestic-Systemically Important Bank (D-SIB).

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Publish Date : Sep 6, 2017

Lok Sabha passes State Banks (Repeal and Amendment) Bill, 2017

The Bill was passed to repeal the SBI (Subsidiary Banks) Act 1959, State Bank of Hyderabad Act 1956 and to further amend the State Bank of India Act, 1955, following the merger of five associates with the parent SBI.

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Publish Date : Aug 11, 2017

एसबीआई ने 1,000 रुपये तक के आईएमपीएस लेनदेन पर शुल्क हटाया

इससे पहले 1,000 रुपये तक के आईएमपीएस लेनदेन पर देय सेवाकर के साथ स्टेट बैंक प्रति लेनदेन 5 रुपये का शुल्क वसूल रहा था.

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Publish Date : Jul 12, 2017

EPFO inks agreement with 5 banks to collect PF dues

Before, only State Bank of India was authorised to collect contributions from employers and make payment to employees.

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Publish Date : Jul 6, 2017

Tata Group is India’s most valuable brand: Brand Finance

IT firm Infosys ranked fourth in the list with an estimated value of $6.2 billion, up one rank from 2016, while State Bank of India slipped to the fifth rank in 2017, from third in 2016.

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Publish Date : May 18, 2017

SBI becomes India's most-valued Public Sector Company

On the other hand, in Private Sector, IT major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) became the most-valued Indian company with a market cap of Rs 454902.85 crore.

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Publish Date : Apr 19, 2017

भारतीय स्टेट बैंक देश की सबसे मूल्यवान सरकारी कंपनी बनीं

शेयर बाजार में आज कारोबार बंद होने के समय एसबीआई का बाजार पूंजीकरण 2,35,307.51 करोड़ रुपए रहा.

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Publish Date : Apr 19, 2017

Five associate banks, Bharatiya Mahila Bank merged with SBI

With this merger, SBI will join the league of top 50 banks globally in terms of assets.

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Publish Date : Apr 3, 2017

Bharatiya Mahila Bank to be merged with State Bank of India

After associate banks, the Union Government has decided to merge Bharatiya Mahila Bank with State Bank of India.

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Publish Date : Mar 21, 2017

Branches of SBBJ, SBH, SBM, SBP and SBT to operate as branches of SBI from April 1, 2017

The branches of all five associate banks of SBI will begin functioning as branches of SBI from 1 April 2017. They are merging with parent SBI.

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Publish Date : Mar 21, 2017

SBI announces Rs 6000-cr tractor loan settlement scheme

Farmers can avail the benefits of the One Time Settlement by contacting to their SBI branch. The settlement scheme will last until 31 March 2017.

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Publish Date : Mar 15, 2017

Union Cabinet approves merger of 5 associate banks with SBI

In May 2016, the proposal for the merger was cleared by the State Bank of India. The Union Cabinet approved the merger in principle in June 2016. The proposal then went to the respective bank boards before returning to the Union Cabinet for a final nod.

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Publish Date : Feb 16, 2017

India signs Financing Agreement with World Bank for Nagaland Health Project

The ambitious project will also invest in improving health services in 177 facilities, including water and sanitation and off-grid electricity backup. It will give a boost state-wide health system, including information, procurement and supply chain management and human resource management systems.

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Publish Date : Jan 17, 2017

State Bank of India launched State Bank MobiCash

The State Bank MobiCash developed in partnership of SBI and BSNL is compatible for both feature as well as smart phones.

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Publish Date : Dec 19, 2016

Competition Commission of India approves merger of Bharatiya Mahila Bank with SBI

On 17 May 2016, the SBI had informed the Bombay Stock Exchange that it is seeking in-principle sanction of the Union Government to enter into negotiation with its 5 subsidiaries and Bharatiya Mahila Bank for acquisition.

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Publish Date : Dec 1, 2016

SBI writes off debts owed by 63 willful defaulters

The move is a part of a cleanup process of the SBI’s balance sheets.  Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines tops the list with dues amounting to almost 1201 Crore Rupees. KS Oil, edible oil maker is the second in the list with dues amounting to 596 Crore Rupees.

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Publish Date : Nov 17, 2016

Debit card Fraud: India’s biggest data security breach

The RBI has requested that banks to change debit cards whose security is suspected to have been bargained in the wake of being utilized as a part of some Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

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Publish Date : Oct 27, 2016

SBI declares Silchar as its 5th zone in North East India

The 5th zone will cater to the banking needs of the people of Mizoram, Tripura and Manipur along with the Barak Valley. The other four zones are located in after Guwahati, Shillong, Dibrugarh and Jorhat.

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Publish Date : Oct 21, 2016

SBI chief Arundhati Bhattacharya gets one year extension

This move of the government came at the time when the country’s largest bank is set to merge its associate banks and Bharatiya Mahila Bank with itself.

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Publish Date : Oct 3, 2016

एसबीआई ने पांच सहायक बैंकों के साथ विलय को मंजूरी प्रदान की

केंद्रीय निदेशक मंडल ने स्टेट बैंक ऑफ बीकानेर एंड जयपुर (एसबीबीजे), स्टेट बैंक ऑफ मैसूर (एसबीएम), स्टेट बैंक ऑफ त्रावणकोर (एसबीटी), स्टेट बैंक ऑफ पटियाला (एसबीपी), स्टेट बैंक ऑफ हैदराबाद (एसबीएच) तथा भारतीय महिला बैंक लिमिटेड (बीएमबीएल) के भारतीय स्टेट बैंक में विलय को मंजूरी प्रदान की.

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Publish Date : Aug 19, 2016

Dinesh Kumar Khara appointed Managing Director of State Bank of India

On the other hand, Ashok Kumar Garg and Raj Kamal Verma have been appointed as Executive Director (ED) of Bank of Baroda and Union Bank of India respectively. Gopal Murli Bhagat and Himanshu Joshi have been appointed as ED of Corporation Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce respectively.

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Publish Date : Aug 10, 2016

एसबीआई ने फिनटेक उद्यमों के लिए आईआईटी बॉम्बे से समझौता किया

एसबीआई द्वारा आईआईटी बॉम्बे के विशेषज्ञों से संपर्क किया जायेगा तथा ई-सेल, देसाई सेंटर तथा एसआईएनई से भी सम्पर्क किया जायेगा. इसका उद्देश्य नवीन शोध एवं नवाचार द्वारा एसबीआई को लाभ प्रदान करना है.

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Publish Date : Jul 13, 2016

SBI named in Hall Of Shame list of Banks funding Cluster Bomb Makers

State Bank of India (SBI) is the only Indian entity on the list that includes global giants like JP Morgan, Barclays, Bank of America and Credit Suisse.

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Publish Date : Jun 21, 2016

State Bank of India floats IT Innovation Start-up Fund to assist start-ups in fintech space

The traditional banks around the world are opening up to work with fintech firms which are disrupting business models by using technology to deliver services at lower cost.

Recommended for : State Bank of India , SBI , IT Innovation Start-up Fund , Start-ups , Fintech space

Publish Date : Jun 18, 2016

केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल ने पांच सहायक कंपनियों के साथ भारतीय स्टेट बैंक के विलय को मंजूरी दी

स्टेट बैंक ऑफ़ इंडिया के इस विलय से 37 लाख करोड़ रुपये का आधारभूत पूँजी लाभ एवं 22500 शाखाओं तथा 60000 एटीएम मशीनों का एकीकृत विशाल बेड़ा तैयार होगा.

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Publish Date : Jun 16, 2016

N K Chari takes over as MD of State Bank of Mysore

Prior to his new position, N.K. Chari served as the Deputy Managing Director of State Bank of India.

Recommended for : State Bank of Mysore , SBI , N K Chari , State Bank of India

Publish Date : Jun 6, 2016

Consolidation in Indian Banking sector: Pros & Cons

India is the fastest growing major economy in the world. To sustain this growth, there is a need for mega banks that only will ensure investments into the large scale infrastructure projects.

Recommended for : Consolidation , Indian Banking sector , state bank of India , SBI

Publish Date : May 19, 2016

SBI to merge 5 subsidiaries, Bharatiya Mahila Bank with itself

The proposed consolidation will create a banking behemoth with a balance sheet size of 37 trillion rupees.

Recommended for : SBI , merge , 5 subsidiaries , Mahila bank , state bank of India , banking sector

Publish Date : May 18, 2016

Forbes released Asia’s 50 Power Businesswomen 2016 list

Reliance Industries Director Nita Ambani and State Bank of India Chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya have been ranked top two in Forbes’ Asia 50 Power Businesswomen 2016 list.

Recommended for : Forbes , Nita Ambani , Arundhati Bhattacharya , Asia’s Power Businesswomen

Publish Date : Apr 8, 2016
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