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Union Government launched Rubber Soil Information System for rubber growers

As per an estimate, India is the world’s largest producer and third largest consumer of natural rubber.

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Publish Date : Jan 24, 2017

EC gives nod to present Union Budget on February 1

The commission said that no schemes related to these poll-bound states can be announced budget speech should not refer to the government's achievements in these states.

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Publish Date : Jan 24, 2017

Union Government constitutes committee to set rules for implementation of Disabilities Act, 2016

The Committee will suggest model draft rules for the states in order to have a uniform rules across India and also to avoid delay in finalization of rules by any state.

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Publish Date : Jan 24, 2017

Nepal launches 10-year-plan to cut reliance on vegetable imports from India

In a bid to decrease reliance on imports, the Nepal government has launched a 10-year scheme to boost domestic production.

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Publish Date : Jan 24, 2017

Union Government released Draft National Steel Policy 2017

The vision of the Draft National Steel Policy 2017 is to create a globally competitive steel industry that promotes inter-sectoral growth.

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Publish Date : Jan 24, 2017

Union Cabinet approves Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana 2017

The Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana 2017 is a part of Union Government’s commitment for financial inclusion and social security.

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Publish Date : Jan 24, 2017

Modi@2016:All Development Schemes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched several developmental schemes in 2016 which are important for the welfare of people of India.

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Publish Date : Jan 23, 2017

Jharkhand annual state Budget 2017-18 presented

The state government will establish five universities during the financial year 2017-18 in the state.

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Publish Date : Jan 23, 2017

केंद्र सरकार ने आईओआरए सदस्य देशों के साथ समझौता ज्ञापन को अंतिम रूप प्रदान किया

इसका उद्देश्य विभिन्न एमएसएमई संगठनों, संस्थाओं एवं संघों के मध्य तालमेल स्थापित करना है ताकि अपने-अपने देशों में एमएसएमई विकास में लगे लोगों के बीच बेहतर संबंध स्थापित हो सकें.

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Publish Date : Jan 23, 2017

Union Government finalises MoU on MSME Cooperation with IORA Member Countries

Earlier in April 2016, a workshop on MSME Cooperation amongst IORA member countries was organized for implementation of the commitment made by India in the Economic Business Conference - II (EBC- II).

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Publish Date : Jan 21, 2017

Bihar government launched Nasha Mukt campaign to make state addiction-free

Besides Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, all teachers and students of schools and colleges were the participants of this human chain.  

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Publish Date : Jan 21, 2017

Union Government cleared Tamil Nadu’s proposal to amend Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

Jallikattu is a bull-taming festival in Tamilnadu. It was banned by the Supreme Court in May 2014. Since then there have been numerous controversies around it.

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Publish Date : Jan 21, 2017

Divorce granted by church court can't override law: SC

In August 2015, the government opposed the plea saying Canon law could not be allowed to override Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872 and Divorce Act, 1869.

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Publish Date : Jan 20, 2017

केंद्र सरकार ने बेघर बच्चों को आधार कार्ड प्रदान करने की घोषणा की

केन्द्रीय महिला और बाल विकास मंत्रालय ने बेघर बच्चों की देखभाल और सुरक्षा हेतु मानक संचालन प्रक्रिया को मंजूरी प्रदान की है.

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Publish Date : Jan 20, 2017

J&K Legislative Assembly passes resolution on return of Kashmiri Pandits back to Kashmir

With the improvement in situation the return and rehabilitation of Kashmir migrants who have to shun their places due to militancy will be felicitated by the state government.

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Publish Date : Jan 19, 2017

ShaGun, a web-portal for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, launched

ShaGun is a step forward to understand the program implementation and evaluate the gap between policy and action. It will act as a supplement for the government in decision making.

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Publish Date : Jan 19, 2017

Union Government empowers EPCA to implement plan to tackle air pollution

The Graded Response Action Plan will come into force when the intensity of pollution stays above the emergency level for 48-hours.

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Publish Date : Jan 18, 2017

RBI enhances cash withdrawal limit from ATMs to Rs 10000 per day

Limit on currency withdrawal was imposed after the Union Government on 8 November 2016 announced the scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 banknotes.

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Publish Date : Jan 17, 2017

India, Mauritius signed MoU for cooperation in cooperative sector

The MoU is a breakthrough for the Narendra Modi government. It will help India in extending its soft power in the Indian Ocean region.

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Publish Date : Jan 17, 2017

Telangana Government announced series of welfare measures for army personnel

As per the announcement, the army personnel living in the State will get 2 per cent reservation in the 2 bedroom housing scheme.

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Publish Date : Jan 17, 2017

CBDT signed BAPA with Indian subsidiary of Japanese trading company

Signing of Bilateral Advance Pricing Agreement (BAPA) is a part of the government’s strategy to improve ease of doing business environment in India.

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Publish Date : Jan 16, 2017

App named 'SEZ India' launched by Commerce Ministry

Commerce Secretary who launched the app said that the App would help the SEZ Units and Developers to find information easily and track their transactions on SEZ Online System.

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Publish Date : Jan 16, 2017

Zhou Youguang, father of Pinyin writing system, dies

Pinyin, the writing system that turns Chinese characters into words using letters from the Roman alphabet, changed the way the language was taught. It was officially adopted by the Chinese Government in 1958, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1982, and the United Nations in 1986.

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Publish Date : Jan 16, 2017

वाणिज्य मंत्रालय द्वारा एसईजेड इंडिया नामक एप लॉन्च किया गया

वाणिज्य विभाग के एसईजेड प्रभाग ने अपनी व्यापक ई-गवर्नेंस पहल अर्थात एसईजेड ऑनलाइन सिस्टम द्वारा विशेष आर्थिक क्षेत्रों (एसईजेड) हेतु मोबाइल एप का विकास किया है.

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Publish Date : Jan 16, 2017

Ecuador takes chair of UN group of 134 developing countries

Thailand said in 2016 it focused on how to implement the 17 UN goals for 2030 to promote development and good governance, and preserve the environment.

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Publish Date : Jan 15, 2017

India's first solar power boat launched in Kerala

The government will soon launch ten more solar power boats with an aim to replace the existing fleet of diesel boats with solar-powered ones.

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Publish Date : Jan 14, 2017

Portugal conferred National Order of Kingthood on Eduardo Faleiro

Eduardo Faleiro is the Union Minister of State for External Affairs during the UPA Government.

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Publish Date : Jan 13, 2017

Budget 2017: Expectations and Wishlist post Demonetization

Post demonetization, the Union budget 2017 is going to be a litmus test for this government. Budget expectations are running high and have created a buzz in entire country.  Budget 2017 is going to be even more important for common people because the financial year 2016 has ended on a heavy note with the demonetization of high value currency notes on November 8.

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Publish Date : Jan 12, 2017

Gujarat Government announces India’s first Student Startup and Innovation Policy

In addition, a State Innovation Fund with a corpus of Rs. 200 crore will be provided to the students during the next five years.  

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Publish Date : Jan 12, 2017

Norway becomes 1st country to ban FM radio broadcasting

The decision of the Norweign government to switch over to digital broadcasting has become controversial.

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Publish Date : Jan 12, 2017
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