7 Best books of Management for UGC NET Exam

Cracking of UGC/NET Exam in the subject of management is considered as the big task because the paper of UGC/NET in management is made after compiling the questions from 10 different books. So students need to have clear strategy to crack the UGC/NET exam from Management subject.

Sep 20, 2019 15:48 IST
Best books of Management for UGC

The University Grant Commission has changed the syllabus of all the subjects included in the UGC/NET Exam since June 2019. Now the syllabus of UGC/NET from management subject is divided into 10 different units.

These 10 units includes books like Marketing Mgt, Human Resources Management, Statistics, Managerial economics, Business ethics, Financial Management, Organisation behaviour and Operation management etc.

The UGC take the exam after compiling questions from all the above listed books. So students need to be more prepared to clear this exam. 

Now let’s have a look on the best books for UGC/NET exam. 

1. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

Marketing Management book is written by the father of Modern Marketing Philip Kotler. This is just like Holy Gita of Marketing book.

This book has very nice concepts to know many new practices of the modern marketing. The biggest strength of this book is accuracy and precision of the content. If any marketing concept is written in this book then be sure that it must be true.


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Key Features of this book are;

a. Authenticity of the content and concepts

b. Examples related to current corporate world

c. Relevant Case studies related to the topics

d. Excellent print and diagrams

2. Organizational Behavior by Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge

Organizational Behavior's this edition has been updated to reflect the most recent research within the field of organizational behavior. The content of this book is as per the new changes of the corporate world  


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Although this book is not written in very simple language but its examples and case studies are very co-related to the each chapter. This book tried to explain tough chapter with the help of appropriate diagrams which made it more complete book.

Some features of this are;

i. Photos and captions throughout the text have been updated to help engage students in the concepts being covered.

ii. case studies

iii. Up to date content

3. Financial Management by I.M. Pandey

The author of this book belongs to a premier IIM institute in India. Although this book is a bit  lengthy but it covers almost every important topic given in the syllabus of UGC/NET. This book also assures readers about the clarity and authenticity of the tough topics.


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The author used nice examples to clarify the tough topics. Even if you are a beginner of the commerce subject this book won’t distract you from reading.

This book covers topic like, Internal Rate of Return, Financial Management: Concept & Functions , accounting glossary etc.

4. Indian Economy by Mishra and Puri


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Mishra & Puri is an excellent book for the mains exams like IAS, state PSC. This book has covered all the topic of current issue like Direct Benefit Transfer, Farmers suicide, New Economic Policy of India etc. Aspirants of UGC/NET should also read this book to understand the various aspects of our economy.

5. Modern Micro Economics by A. Koutsoyiannis

The book of Modern Micro Economics by the Anna Koutsoyiannis is the best book of Micro Economics written ever. Its English language is this much easy that even a hindi medium student can understand it.


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The way diagrams are made and explained made it the best book of micro economics. 
This book has explained the economic theory by mathematical derivation to make students understand any particular topic. The writer has clear understanding of diagrams and theoretical concepts. 

6. Human Resource Management by Trueman Authored by Reetu Dogra 

This book is totally based on the new syllabus of the UGC-NET. The publisher has divided the whole book into 10 units and electives are also given.


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The book published on the topic of Human Resource Management is an excellent book on this topic. This book covers very relevant topics for the syllabus of UGC/NET and other competitive exams held in India. 

The salient features of this book are;

i. Previous years papers
ii. Model papers for practice
iii.Syllabus for paper ii of the Management

Here are some important topics covered in this book;

a. Workers, Jobs, and Job Analysis

b. Selecting Human Resources

c. Risk Management and Worker Protection

d. Talent Management

e. Employee Rights and Responsibilities

f. Union/Management Relations

7. Previous year papers of UGC-NET on Management by R. Gupta's

As we know that the UGC merit is based on the marks obtained in the paper third only. Marks of paper one is not counted and paper 2 is abandoned.

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This book has been divided into 10 Chapters namely; Marketing management, Managerial Economics,Production Management, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Advance Statistics & MIS, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy, Business Ethics and Electives 4 electives.

This book is very good to evaluate your preparation before the exam. Students need to solve questions paper of previous years to crack the UGC/NET exam. This book compiles around 4000 MCQs of previous years. Some specific facts have been covered in a box and through pictures for better understanding. 

Book name


1. Marketing Management

Philip Kotler

2. Organizational Behavior

Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge

3. Financial Management

I.M. Pandey

4. Indian Economy

 Mishra and Puri  

5.Modern Micro Economics

A. Koutsoyiannis

6. Human Resource Management

Trueman Authored by Reetu Dogra 

7. Previous year papers of UGC-NET on Management

Dr. Sima Kumari

So this was the list of best books of Management for UGC NET Exam, i hope these books will ensure your success in the next exam.

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