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Should marks in exams be affected by handwriting of students?

Feb 9, 2018
It is believed that students with good handwriting ideally get more marks as comapred to students whose handwriting is so good. But, many argue that giving extra marks on this basis will be unjust as real skill is much different from handwriting.

Exam only measure the memory of students not their learning

Dec 15, 2017
Are exams the only way to assess a student's learning? Do exams measure students intelligence or are they only able to test their memory for a while?. Read here to know more on this debated topic of exams.

Should fast foods be allowed in schools

Dec 5, 2017
There are different views on allowing serving of fast food items in schools and we present both the notions that support and oppose the idea of serving fast foods in schools.

Tips to win Debate Competitions at School

Oct 25, 2017
Debate competition makes students anxious because even if they are confident about their performance, there can be some things which may lower down their confidence and can affect their performance at debate session. So, here we discuss 10 effective tips for students to help them win any debate competition.

Is competition a necessary part of the education process?

Oct 20, 2017
Past few years have witnessed a huge rise in the number of students who score very high marks, with some of them even scoring 100 percent in different subjects. This trend has sparked off a debate whether the method of education should be made more competitive or should students be given more relaxed and easy-going curriculum.

Are Online Courses good or bad?

Oct 16, 2017
As online education is catching up fast, more and more institutions are offering different online courses in different subjects. But there are many who believe that regular classrooms are much better as compared to online sessions. Here we discuss both.

Is global warming a real issue or not

Sep 29, 2017
Global warming is one topic that has been hogging the limelight for a long time. It is considered to be a very serious ecological issue since many parts of the world have been witnessing major fluctuations in seasons and there have been instances of both extreme winters and very hot summers.

Are today’s children fashion victims?

Sep 27, 2017
Fashion has been an inseparable part of our daily lives ever since human beings have attained conscious about it. Fashion is basically related with trending clothes, accessory and footwear. Children these days are more aware of fashion trends as compared to children a decade ago. Read here pros and cons of fashion for children.

Is year-round education better for students?

Sep 25, 2017
Students who are studying in a year-round school attend the same number of classes as students in a usual, regular school attend. But the schedule of a year-round school is spread out more evenly over the entire duration of the year where the incidence of vacations is more frequent with shorter duration. They don’t get the usual two-month summer vacations.

Is the boarding school system beneficial to students?

Sep 25, 2017
We have heard about and seen many students who study at boarding schools, away from their parents and homes. Then there are those who attend day schools where they go in the morning and spend few hours of the day to study and get back home. Both methods have their own attributes which we are discussing here.

Are celebrities good role models for Students?

Sep 21, 2017
In today’s time we all have access to internet and we get news about everything trending on social media. Kids too learn from trending news about celebrities from all over the world. The celebrities leave an impression on young minds too by how they portray themselves. We discuss here whether celebrities are good role models for children or not.

Is education the key to a successful future?

Sep 20, 2017
Education is the foundation of a successful career. However, we see many stories of entrepreneurs who have achieved success without formal education. Here we are discussing the need of education for a successful career or whether students can make it without formal education.

Should animal dissections be banned in schools?

Sep 20, 2017
We have been using animals for medical experiments in order to discover new and better cure for various illnesses among humans. Schools too have been following animal dissection to teach students practically in school labs. Many people want the practise of dissection to be banned in schools. Read here whether the animal dissection at schools should be banned or not?

Should attendance at schools be made optional?

Aug 22, 2017
School attendance has been an issue of debate over the past years. Students are in favour of optional school attendance and school authorities in favour of compulsory school attendance. In this article, we discuss about school attendance issue whether it should be made optional or mandatory.

TERI to Organize Green Olympiad Examination 2017

Jul 6, 2017
TERI is going to organise Green Olympiad Examination 2017. It is India's first annual examination on environmental issues for school students of class 4 to 10. The Olympiad will be conducted in English and Hindi in three levels on the theme of ‘Environment and Sustainable Development.’

Is education the key to a successful future

Jun 29, 2017
Education is the foundation over which careers and futures are built. When we talk about education in a formal, official way, it starts very early, when the child is about four or five years of age and then there is no stopping.

Prayer of any form should be prohibited in schools

Jun 29, 2017
Many schools start their day by holding prayers of different kinds, from different religions and different faiths, since it is believed that by invoking the divine the day will pass off peacefully. Here we debate whether it is okay for schools to carry on with these practices or should it be discontinued.

Students should not be graded on their handwriting

Jun 28, 2017
It is widely believed that students with good attractive handwriting are an ideal for those with bad clumsy handwriting and that extra marks should be given for good handwriting. But there are many who argue that giving extra marks on this basis will be unjust as real skill is much different from handwriting.

Should sex education be taught in schools

Jun 27, 2017
Since the surge in the cases of HIV-AIDS and sex-related crimes, there has been an increasing demand to impart sex education in schools. While there are some who are in support of the move, there are some who are against it.

Debate Topic: Peer pressure; useful or harmful?

Jun 21, 2017
At school, we get numerous opportunities to delve, explore the world with a very different perspective. We are not alone in the quest. Our parents, teachers, friends, and most importantly peers are with us. Peers, classmates are in the nearest proximity, both physically and metaphorically, and this nearness brings with itself certain kinds of emphasis or peer pressure.

Should there be separate schools for boys and girls

Jun 20, 2017
Co-education has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It is in the interest of the students that they get the kind of environment at school that is most suitable for them as it will help them to develop to the fullest whether it is co-education or independent.

Cell phones be allowed in schools?

Jun 20, 2017
Cell phones have become more of a necessity than a fancy item. Even young kids can be seen carrying cell phones and smartphones, either chatting or playing some game. There is no denying that they have become a part of everyday life. In fact, life cannot be imagined without a cell phone.But lately, it has become a hot topic whether or not to allow cell phones in schools.

Should school students wear uniforms

Jun 19, 2017
School uniforms are viewed as an essential part of early education as they fill them with a sense of belonging and pride and also educate them for the future. But there are some who believe that school students should be given a choice to wear the clothes of their choice. This article views both the aspects of the debate.

Should schools stop assigning homework

Jun 14, 2017
The idea and purpose by schools to give homework to students is debated and also the rationale behind is being discussed for a long time. The two sides that oppose and support the notion are yet to come to a solid wrapping up.

Television; a boon or bane for students?

Jun 13, 2017
Students love to watch television almost on daily basis and they view different kinds of programmes which have different kinds of impact on them. Hence, it is a matter of serious discussion as to whether television viewing is really good or bad for school students.

Should siblings attend the same school?

Jun 9, 2017
When siblings are attending same school at same time there is every possibility of them being compared or evaluated using each other as the yardstick. Here we try to assess situations where sibling rivalry and sibling revelry are synchronized.

Social Media is beneficial or harmful for students?

Jun 8, 2017
Every now and then we come across the news related to social media, whether it is about how it has created some problem or has helped in some manner. What we discuss here is the effect of social media on the students.

Success or happiness - what is more important?

Jun 2, 2017
In this article we will be discussing on the debate topic Success is more important than happiness. This is very important to teach the school students from starting that what is actual happiness. Here we have discussed the topic from both aspects that is success is more important than happiness and vice versa.

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