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IAS Mains GS III Paper

  • Economic Survey Analysis: Fiscal Framework of India

    According to the economic survey 2017, India’s economy is converging toward the large, open, prosperous economies of the west, but its trajectory is different in a fundamental way. Here, we provide Economic Survey 2017 analysis of the fiscal framework of India for the IAS Exam 2017.

    Mar 20, 2017
  • Economic Survey Analysis : Towards competitive sub-federalism

    According to the economic survey 2017, cities can act as dynamos of urban development and help India add competitive sub-federalism to competitive federalism. Hence, we provide Economic Survey 2017 analysis on Competitive Sub-Federalism for the IAS exam 2017.

    Mar 16, 2017
  • Economic Survey 2016-17 Analysis for IAS Exam: India's Foreign Trade

    For the IAS aspirants, it is very important to know the trade balance of Indian economy. Through trade balance, a person can analyse the strength of an economy on a global platform. Here, we have put an analysis of India’s merchandise trade provided in the recent Economic Survey 2016-17, quite important for IAS Exam.

    Mar 14, 2017
  • Economic Survey 2016-2017 Crux for IAS Exam: Apparel and Footwear Industry in India

    The Economic survey is the most authentic detailed summary of the Indian economy as it consists of all the important socio- economic policies of the government and also suggests some future way ahead’s. Therefore it’s mandatory for all IAS aspirants to read the Economic Survey of the respective year of the country.

    Mar 6, 2017
  • Economic Survey 2016-2017 Crux for IAS Exam: Fiscal Rules

    Here, we are proving the chapter wise summary of the recent Economic Survey 2016-17. The Economic Survey is quite important for UPSC IAS Prelims and IAS Mains Exam. The IAS aspirant should not ignore to study the summary of the Economic Survey 2016-17.  

    Mar 6, 2017
  • Economic Survey 2016-17 for IAS Prelims: Demonetisation To Deify or Demonize Part 4

    According to the economic survey 2017 86 percent of the cash in circulation was thereby rendered invalid due to demonetisation. Hence, we provide Economic Survey 2017 questions on demonetisation for IAS Prelims 2017.

    Mar 6, 2017
  • Current Affairs for IAS - Land Acquisition objective and analysis

    Comprehensive knowledge of socio-political Current Affair is very crucial and necessary for UPSC IAS Exam. Here we provide the analysis on latest land acquisition judgments and recommendations.

    Feb 16, 2017
  • Best Recommended Books for IAS Mains GS Paper 3

    For IAS Mains Exam, each topic has to be prepared separately from diverse study material and in doing so aspirants should be well aware of all the available and viable sources. Hence, in order to avoid confusion, here we have recommended best books for IAS Mains general studies paper 3.

    Feb 2, 2017
  • How to study Geography for IAS Exam

    Indian Geography is a vital part of the IAS Syllabus. Conceptual understanding of geography is necessay to score well in both UPSC IAS Prelims as well as in UPSC IAS Mains. Here we are providing the detailed strategy for preparing geography for UPSC Mains.

    Jan 23, 2017
  • UPSC IAS Main Exam 2016 Question Papers

    Civil Services mains questions papers are the most important source to guide the path for IAS preparation and hence should be deeply analyzed. IAS Main Exam 2016 was very strongly linked with the Current Affairs. Here, we are providing the IAS Mains 2016 General Studies Question papers to make your understanding more lucid about the IAS Exam.

    Dec 12, 2016
  • UPSC IAS Main Exam 2016 GS Paper III

    Civil Services Main Exam 2016 General Studies Paper 3 is the most interesting and challenging paper and it is very strongly related to Current Affairs. This paper’s syllabus includes Indian economy, biodiversity conservation, disaster management, science and technology, security issues and other important topics. Here, we are providing the IAS Mains 2016 General Studies Paper 3.

    Dec 12, 2016
  • How to prepare Indian Economy for IAS Main Exam

    India Economy is one of the toughest subjects in comparison to other mainstream subjects of UPSC IAS Syllabus. Particularly, Indian Economy is technical than other subjects. IAS Main Indian Economy Syllabus is explained here with the suggestions for its preparation

    Nov 29, 2016
  • Answer Writing Tips for IAS Exam

    Ever since the surprising UPSC IAS Prelims Paper of 2016 ended, aspirants are anticipating of an equivalent unpredicted mains exam too. Here we provide an effective strategy for improving Answer Writing Skills for UPSC MAINS Exam.

    Nov 16, 2016
  • IAS Exam: Environmental Concern is changing the course of International Politics

    Ecological Footprint and the Carrying Capacity became the buzzwords in the International Politics since 1992. The International Politics is moving towards the consensus to achieve the Environmental goals spelt out in the UNFCC in 1992. Let us analyse, how the Environmental Concerns is shaping the world Politics.

    Nov 16, 2016
  • UPSC IAS Main Exam 2015 Question Papers

    Civil Services Main Exam Questions Papers are the most important source to guide the path of the preparation for the candidates.

    Nov 15, 2016

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