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MBA after Engineering?

Jun 25, 2013
When you are asked in an MBA Personal Interview, Why MBA after Engineering? What should be the right answer, watch the video and get the answer.

Should an Engineer take up MBA?

Jun 21, 2013
Enginnering is a professional degree in itself, 70% of Engineers take up MBA Courses but they remain in a dillema whether they should do it ot not. Atul Magoon who is an engineer from IIT Delhi and later did MBA from Cornell Univesity shares his opinion. Watch the video and find out.

Writing Skills and MBA

Jun 21, 2013
When one wants to enter in a prestigious MBA College, how important is having good writing skills. Watch the video and understand.

How to prepare for MBA Entrance Exams

Jun 19, 2013
Watch the video and find out the right way to prepare for MBA Entrance Examinations. Atul Magoon an alumni of IIT Delhi and currently a student of MBA at Cornell University shares his mantra.

Indian and Foreign MBA Colleges

Jun 19, 2013
MBA Aspirants always have this question whether Indian MBA Colleges are as good as Foreign MBA Colleges. It is imperative to have this question answered before applying or choosing a college. Watch the video to get a clarity on this.

What career to choose after class 12th science?

May 15, 2013
This article will provide you information about top career option after class 12th Science and this will help student to understand which area to go and what career to choose.

MBA Degree and Entrepreneurship

Apr 25, 2013
Is MBA degree helpful when one gets into an Entrepreneurial venture. Get the answer to the question here in this video with expert speaker Atul Magoon who is also a writer.

Next book by Atul Magoon

Apr 25, 2013
Atul Magoon has written a very successful book called "Extraordinary: 5 steps to achieve sucess". It is a self help book. Watch the video and find out about his next book.

How Should a student go About in Choosing Colleges to Become a Pilot ? : Video

Apr 25, 2013
How to become a Pilot? what are the colleges that will give you the right edge? Find all your answers in this video.

Part Time Vs. Full time MBA

Apr 22, 2013
Many MBA Aspirants ask if full time MBA preferred over part time MBA. Atul Magoon answers this very important question out of his own experience. He has done his MBA from Corrnell University after finishing his B.Tech. from IIT Delhi.

How to choose right MBA College?

Apr 22, 2013
Get a very important question "How to choose the right management college" answered here in this video. Eminent writer Atul Magoon helps in answering it in a meticulous way.

How important is Work Experience during MBA?

Apr 20, 2013
An Expert take on a very prominently asked question which is, Is it better to gain some work experience first and then pursue MBA? Watch the video and find out what Atul Magoon, an eminent writer has to say on this.

What are the Different Opportunities Available with the Industry of Aviation : Video

Apr 18, 2013
In order to pursue a career in aviation , one must know the different kind of jobs that entail within this industry, aviation is more than just being a pilot or an air hostess .To know more, watch the video which tells us all about the different scopes available within this career possibility.

Qualities Necessary to Become a Pilot and Choose Aviation as a Career : Video

Apr 18, 2013
In order to pursue a career in aviation , specifically as a pilot, apart from studies , the aspirant must have an undying passion for flying. To know more, watch the video which tells us all about what should an aspirant posses to make it big in this industry.

Tips for being a Successful Manager

Apr 17, 2013
What is required to become a successful manager. Watch the video here where an expert answers your very important career questions. What are the tips to become a successful manager.

What is the Selection Process at Cornell University?

Mar 14, 2013
Let us understand what is the Selection Process followed at Cornell University. Atul Magoon , is pursuing his MBA from USA (New York) based Cornell University. Prior to this he did his B.Tech. from IIT Delhi. Since he has cracked the process, he can guide you well for the same. Watch the full video to have a better understanding.

How to get admission in Cornell University?

Mar 13, 2013
Watch what Atul Magoon has to say on the "How to get into Cornell University, New York?". Dream of entering into the top league MBA College can be achieved by constantly developing yourself on the right lines. This video provides you the expert guidance on that.

What are the courses offered at Cornell University, New York?

Mar 13, 2013
New York based Cornell University was etablished in the year 1865. Before taking admission in any college or university, students should know what all courses and programmes can be pursued there. Atul Magoon has written a very successful book "Extraordinary: 5 Steps to success". He is pursung his MBA from Cornell University after completing his B.Tech. from IIT Delhi. In this video he talks about the various options students have in terms of courses at Cornell University. Watch the video to find out.

Being at Cornell University

Mar 12, 2013
Cornell University is a USA Based University and was founded in the year 1865. Many students aspire to be part of the prestigious University. Watch the video where Atul Magoon, an Alumnus of IIT Delhi and Cornell University talks about his experience at the University.

Atoms (part-2)

Feb 5, 2013
The negative change of the electron is equal to the positive change if the nucleus. So the whole atom is neutral

Semiconductor electronics: materials, devices and simple circuits (part-2)

Feb 5, 2013
The various features of the Earth's magnetic field vary in a predictable way across the surface of the globe.

Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple circuits (part-1)

Feb 5, 2013
classification of material like insulators, metal and semiconductor are done on the basis of valance band and conduction band.

Electromagnetic waves (part-2)

Feb 5, 2013
The spectrum of electromagnetic waves stretches, in principle, over an infinite range of wavelengths. Different regions are known by different names; γ-rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, visible rays, infrared rays, microwaves and radio waves in order of increasing wavelength from 10–2 Å or 10–12 m to 106 m..

Electromagnetic waves (part-1)

Feb 5, 2013
Maxwell found an inconsistency in the Ampere’s law and suggested the existence of an additional current, called displacement current, to remove this inconsistency. This displacement current is due to time-varying electric field acts as a source of magnetic field in exactly the same way as conduction current.

Communication systems (part-2)

Feb 5, 2013
Every message signal occupies a range of frequencies. The bandwidth of a message signal refers to the band of frequencies, which are necessary for satisfactory transmission of the information contained in the signal.

Atoms (part-1)

Feb 5, 2013
The size of the nucleus very small and also the density of the nucleus is very high. The estimated size of the nucleus is one Fermi. The centre space of atom is empty

Communication systems (part-1)

Feb 5, 2013
Communication pervades all stages of life of all living creatures. Irrespective of its nature, every communication system has three essential elements- transmitter, medium/channel and receiver.

Nuclei (part-2)

Feb 5, 2013
Nuclear force is defined as the force between any two nucleons is called nuclear force. It can be force between proton, neutron proton, and neutron. Nuclear force is always attractive and is independent of charge. It is the strongest force in nature

Nuclei (part-1)

Feb 5, 2013
An atomic mass unit (u) is a unit of mass used to express atomic and molecular weights. One atomic mass unit (1u) is defined as one twelfth (1/12) of the mass of an atom of carbon-12.

Wave optics (part-2)

Feb 5, 2013
The various features of the Earth's magnetic field vary in a predictable way across the surface of the globe.

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