10 ways in which curiosity will help you crack IAS examination!

IAS examination is often termed as the unsurpassable mountain that requires years of preparations and studying. However, this very exam is cracked by a few talented IAS aspirants every year with the right motivation, preparation strategy and immense amount of hard work.

Created On: Jan 8, 2016 16:34 IST

IAS examination is often termed as the unsurpassable mountain that requires years of preparations and studying. However, this very exam is cracked by a few talented IAS aspirants every year with the right motivation, preparation strategy and immense amount of hard work. A common theme that runs across all their IAS exam success stories has been the impact of certain personality traits and qualities that helped them achieve the seemingly ‘impossible’ task of clearing the civil services exam. One such important quality that can help you build a path towards your IAS success is Curiosity. If you ask any IAS topper, they will tell you that a curious mind not only helped them pave the way towards cracking the civil services exam but also ensured that they were ready for different challenges that they were faced with during the preparatory phase. If you are also planning to appear for the IAS examination, curiosity may come in really handy for you.

Still not convinced about the importance of this quality? Read on, to find out 10 ways in which curiosity will help you crack IAS examination.

1. Mental Stimulation

One of the first and foremost requirements of an IAS aspirant is to have a great mind and healthy body. The first part can be this equation can be handled with the help of curiosity. Curiosity helps you to look out for new things to learn and innovative concepts to understand, this helps aspirants to complete the extensive syllabus of UPSC examination within short time frame. Curiosity not only keeps your brain mentally alert but also enhances its capacity to absorb and imbibe knowledge with ease.

2. Learn New Concepts

The prime trait of a curious person is the constant urge to learn new things. This quality comes is very useful for all IAS aspirants, as the syllabus of the UPSC exam spans across different fields and topics from a diverse range of subjects. Curiosity will help the aspirants learn these new concepts from subjects still alien to them with ease.

3. Enhance Intelligence

Intelligence; be it academic, professional or general is a great weapon in the arsenal of an IAS aspirant. Curiosity is known to stoke intelligence in a unique manner that helps in improving the overall IQ of the person. This especially comes in handy during the CSAT preliminary examination, where intelligence, quantitative aptitude, and logical reasoning play a very important role in cracking the test.

4. Encourages Variety

Curiosity is a quality that inspires people to learn about new things that are not necessary part of their core competencies or core subjective education. In other words, it encourages variety, not only in the terms of subjects but also for learning methods as well as study materials. This plays a very important role in the IAS preparation, as it helps IAS aspirants evolve new learning techniques and methods to grasp knowledge without suffering from a mind block or a burnout.

5. Improves Efficiency

This point is directly related to the one that we discussed above. Efficiency becomes vital for IAS preparation, because of the extensive nature of the IAS exam syllabus that spans across different domains. Especially, when it comes to current affairs for general studies section, there is no fixed or defined syllabus. To counter this, the curious mind of an IAS aspirant comes up with new ways of handling stress and increased syllabus by evolving efficient ways to complete their studies for cracking the civil services examination.

6. Offers Motivation

Motivation is probably the biggest factor that will help you stay inspired and move towards success in your quest to crack the IAS examination. Curiosity, by helping you learn new things in an innovative manner, helps you to build confidence in your preparation process as well as your personal potential to crack the test. This confidence not only keeps you going through the tough daily routine of IAS preparation but also keeps your motivated to give your best to this effort. 

7. Suggests Changes

As any IAS aspirant would suggest, there is no one / single defined strategy that guarantees success in IAS examination. Therefore, it is always a good practice to check and self-evaluate the IAS prep strategy that you have been following. Curiosity helps in keeping tabs upon the progress that an aspirant has made and suggests correctional changes in it to achieve the desired results. Apart from this, the ability to adapt and include new learning methods in your preparation strategy goes a long way in building a holistic IAS preparation strategy.

8. Overcoming Anxiety

One of the biggest challenges that IAS aspirants face during the preparation phase is of anxiety, in fact many aspirants suffer from breakdown, burnouts, and even depressions in some extreme cases. All these factors can be countered if aim at developing a curious mind that not only helps you learn new things but also suggests methods by which you should do it, in order to achieve the end goal of cracking the IAS examination.  This helps in keeping aspirants motivated and avoiding negative emotions like anxiety and depression.

9. Offers Fresh Take on Old Concepts

When it comes to IAS study materials, almost everyone preparing for the civil services examination studies the same books. However, the difference lies in the way and method they employ to study these same concepts. A curious mind will help you offer a fresh take on old concepts that are not only theoretically interesting but are also practical when it comes to applicability. This becomes very important during the IAS mains exam and the interview, where your personal opinions matter the most.

10. Keeps the child in you alive

Preparing for the IAS examination is a very hard and cumbersome process and the only way to get through it is by developing a child like curious mind that is ready to learn anything and everything new that is offered to it. Keeping the child alive in you also goes a long way in offering a simple, practical and applicable solution to seemingly complex problems, it be, at preparation level, examination level or even after that.


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