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IAS Main Exam is more oriented towards the inside out analysis of important Issues. Labour Reforms is one such Issue which has its implications on Indian Economy.

Sep 22, 2015 15:51 IST

Analysis of Labour reforms is very much required in order to anticipate the successfulness of the Make in India campaign. Labour Reforms are required to provide a social security net to the millions of labour who are willing to work for the upcoming corporates. Labour reforms is the integral part of the industrialization process and hence prerequisite for the balancer industrialization of the nation. Recently Union Government launched.

To protect the rights of all the labours, gradual increase in the formation of trade union can be observed. Such cartelisation of labour gradually erodes the low cost advantages vis-à-vis labours in a country. By this time low cost advantage starts waning and governments struggle to maintain balance between workers’ rights and industrial growth by legislation. It is in this context that various reforms, regulation and amendment specific to labour laws appear to be inevitable. Such change in the processes and legislations are called labour reforms.

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