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Diplomatic Immunity prevents the detention of the foreign diplomats but how far it is justified in case of crime done in the personal capacity.

Sep 28, 2015 17:23 IST

Diplomatic Immunity is a very important issue which can be asked in the IAS Main Exam 2015 General Studies II. The candidates must see that Diplomatic immunity as enshrined in the Vienna Convention and how it is not affected by the local laws. The immunity under the Vienna Convention was provided so that the foreign diplomats can work freely without any fear of the local laws of the host Countries.

The host country guarantees the security of the premises of the foreign embassy and the vehicles of the foreign country in case of any exigency. There are lots of other things which need to be discussed. As there are times when the foreign diplomats use this diplomatic immunity as a shield for their personal deeds, we need to discuss the curbs which are required to reduce such instances.

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