4 things you can do start the semester off right

Learn what things you can do to start off the semester at the right  note.

Created On: Jun 24, 2020 13:29 IST
4 things you can do start the semester off right
4 things you can do start the semester off right

As the winter break and the new year celebrations come to an end, it is the beginning of a new semester in college. While going back to college may not seem like an inviting thought after the holiday season and spending so much time among family and friends, it is an inevitable thing. Time for parties is over, for it's time for studies once again. But before you go off sulking to yet another semester in college it is important that you make for yourself a to do list for the new semester. And in case you are wondering what all tasks to include in this list here are some to help you get started -

Arrange the necessary textbooks early on

There are some textbooks that are a must have for the semester. But chances are you might not require them ever again after this semester. This usually happens when you have to take on some extra subjects to complete your required credit score. So, what to do in such a scenario. Surely, buying new books would simply be waste of money. But to get these books issued from college library also, you have to get it done before the start of the college. Because by then most of the students have already issued the available copies. Another option is to ask your seniors to lend your their books. If you are more digital savvy you can also download kindle versions of your mandatory textbooks.

Join a new club or sport 

If you have been in college for over a year you might have already settled in some sort of routine. For example the habit of a waking up for classes early morning even if you have slept as late as 4 in the morning. The daily routine in the life of most college students looks like wake up, go to classes, come back home, go for work, come back home, study, eat dinner and finally go to bed. It's the same boring thing day after day. As the study load increases in college and the need for finances increase at your end you have less and less time for leisure and fun activities with friends. However, it is very important to have some sort of social life, where you can have fun, hang out with friends and enjoy the college life for what it is meant to be. So join some new club like a reading club, theatre or music band in your college or if nothing else join a sports team to be able to spend some quality time with friends.

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Working on building your personal brand 

Now this could include many things. For those students who are into artistic fields such as that of fine arts, creative writing, photography or other such fields it is very important to start building your portfolio early on. But being a student in any such field gives you an added advantage you can start working even as a student. You can easily take up freelance projects killing two birds with one stone. That is building your portfolio while also earning some extra pocket money on the side. On the other hand for students in other branches also building portfolio is very important but finding freelance work any other work in your core field might not be that easy.  Hence, you need to find ways to make your profile strong so, that when you appear for interviews you stand apart from your fellow applicants.

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Give your living quarters a new look

Just like you get bored of doing the same task over and over, being in the same environment for a long time also can lead to disinterest in the place. How about giving your room a new look? Chances are a change in environment could also help boost up your mood. So, it's time clean up your room and give it a makeover. To get started first of all make sure the room is clean, there are no clothes lying on the floor, or your textbooks all scattered on the bed or your study table. Everything should be in its proper place and stacked nicely. Next, you could change the decorations in your room, like take down the old posters and replace them with the new ones. Install a small plank for the books, add a wall decor sticker or put up some new lightings. 

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To Conclude

So, now that you have a head start for your to do list for the new semester, what is it that you are waiting for? Go ahead, start with your own to-do list for the upcoming semester. Liked this article? Please the article share with your friends and peers also to help them get started with their own to-do list. For more such articles please visit, www.jagranjosh.com/college. Alternatively, you can also get them directly in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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