5 fun ways to manage your office stress

Office work can be stressful and can adversely affect your personal life as well. Follow these 5 effective ways to manage your work stress and have fun doing it.

Gaurav Macwan
Feb 13, 2020, 17:03 IST
5 fun ways to manage your office stress
5 fun ways to manage your office stress

Are you suffering from work stress? Is office work and pressure affecting your personal life? If yes, it’s time that you look at some highly effective stress managemnet solutions that can help you to overcome this phenomenon. But, in the highly stressful times that we live in, a stress-buster ball or going for therapy is not really going to be enough to manage the high stress situations that we experience in office.

Pending targets, surprise reviews and office politics; all can throw up highly stressful situations for working professionals. Not managing your work stress has not really remained an option for most of us today. In such times, when tried and tested methods of stress management have failed, its high time that you try something unsual and out-of-the-box. There are few ways in which you can manage your office stress and also have fun doing it. Want to know how? Read on further to find out 5 cool ways to manage your office stress and enjoy the process as well.

Think Beyond Office

Working in private sector means being available for your office and professional commitments at all times i.e. 24 x 7 for 365 days. With the growing competition in the business world, the job responsibilities and roles that professionals have to cater to go far beyond the 8 to 9 hours when they are in office. This is one of the prime reasons of stress among working professionals.

Just like our body, our brain also gets tired and needs to recuperate and therefore working 24 x7 or thinking about work and office is not a healthy practice. Therefore, the first thing you can do in order to manage your office stress is to start thinking beyond office. Office life despite being one of the mainstays of your life is still only one part of a very large picture.

Therefore, once you are out of office, stop thinking about it. Instead, you can start spending more time with your family, pay attention to your kids and their studies, pick-up a hobby or start exercising. There are million other things that can help you take your mind away from the problems that await you at work. Focus on them, and you will start realizing that office stress and problems are not that big a deal in your life.

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Plan a Vacation

Indians are known to be excellent employees and workers. Due to high competition and fear of losing the job in case you make a minor mistake or a goof-up; we end up taking too much stress and forget that there are other aspects to one’s life as well. One such aspect that we miss out on is Vacation and Holidays.

Going on a holiday or taking a vacation on work is touted as the perfect stressbuster for working professionals. If you want to get rid of stress and enjoy a few days completely free of stress, take a vacation either with your family or friends. Taking a break from work and even your daily routine of weekly tasks would act as the perfect stressbuster. If you are into adventure sports or pilgrimage; if you prefer a  beach or mountains; make it a habit to take an annual sojourn to break the cycle of work pressure and stress.

Change of scenery, weather and routine will work its charm and help you cope with work stress in a healthy manner. It would also help you to unwind, relax and reenergize your body to meet the grueling work schedule you’ll face when you’re back from the holiday. So, go ahead and start planning!

Set aside some ‘me’ time

If you don’t have the liberty of taking a break from office due to professional or personal commitment, it doesn’t mean you can’t beat office stress. For such folks, the perfect therapy would be some ‘me’ time alone, away from all the pressure and tension of office. Apart from this, family commitments also can have it’s own share of tool on your already stressed mind.

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Leave behind all your office worries and personal challengesto take out time to do something that you love and enjoy is also a great way to get rid of office and work related stress. Be it watching movies or reading books; taking out some ‘me’time can help you overcome the monster of stress.

If being with your family helps you feel better and relieves your office stress, give it a try. If doing something alone like visiting a library or joining a bike riding group for breakfast rides is your thing, give it a shot. Devoteing sometime only for the activities that you love and like can change the way you look at your office problems. It will help your normalize your condition and build your confidence to take upon the challenges more rigirously.

Use Games

In recent times, the term ‘Gamification’ is often thrown around when it comes to stress management psychology. The psychology of gamification refers to turning your problems, be it work or personal, into a game and rewarding yourself to when you overcome them. It basically means turning your life into a game, with digital rewards for real life achievements, you'll be more motivated to do something.

The psychology of gamification can also help you in dealing with work related stress in your office life. It is a very popular way to make your professionals tasks that often give you stress into challenges and you can reward yourself for overcoming them. This way, the pressure and stress that you feel due to the work problems is turned into game and you feel motivated to achieve your targets and get the work done easily. For instance, if an upcoming deadline for a report is giving your mental stress, assign yourself a reward for completing the report and you will find it easier to complete the task.

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On the other hand, using this philosophy, many mobile apps and games have also been developed that help you to manage your stress. Games like ‘Smash Your Office’ help you to vent out your frustration and stress in a game format. Once you vent out, you are more in control of your emotions and stress. So, give it a try, many be you can turn your life into a game and become a victorious winner against stress.

Visit ‘BreakRoom’

The menece of office stress has been so severe among the working professional, many start-ups have comeup today that offer seveal different fun ways to help you get rid of stress. One such innovative start-up that has taken up the challenge of beating stress among working professionals is the ‘BreakRoom’.

‘BreakRoom’ is business based in Gurgaon and it gives the option to people to actually go in and smash stuff to vent out their frurstation and stress. Had a fight with boss or just plain angry? Just visit breakroom and start smashing stuff. Obviously, it comes with a hefty price tag but in the busy and stressful times that we live in, paying to smash stuff and going completely beserk. Whether you want to cry out or just scream in anger; you can do it all at the Breakroom.

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Although there are no proven results that say that breaking stuff will help you relieve stress. But folks who have actually gone ahead and used this facility has been great proponents of this facility and say that it helps them empty out their hearts and start their life a-new without any baggage.

Pending targets and office deadlines are always going to be stressful for working professionls like you and me. But just because stress has become an integral part of our work life doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever and start impacting other aspects of your life as well. If you are also facing the menece of office stress, do try out any of the unique and unsual ways to handle your work stress. You never know, it might just become a much more convenient way to manage your office stress and help you improve your perofmrance at work.

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