5 things that might be holding you back from a career shift

Finding difficult to switch? These 5 factors might be holding you back from making a career shift.

Created On: Aug 2, 2017 15:01 IST
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5 things that might be holding you back from a career shift
5 things that might be holding you back from a career shift

It is all about your passion and yes if rightly put then it goes like "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow."

Making a career shift become should become the need of the hour when you feel that you passion to work is not motivating you anymore. Even if after realising the fact that you are not happy in your current job, the thought of making a career shift scares you or makes you uneasy then HOLD ON… You might be experiencing a few fears that can be fatal for your otherwise bright career.

Our experts have analysed the life of people working in the corporate sector and have come up with the list of these fears which hinders them in making an effective career shift. Find out if any of these fears is acting as a hindrance and compelling you to stick to the impassionate job. 

Fear of Failure

One of the biggest fears that hinder people from making a career shift is the fear of failure. There are a very handful of people who are whole-hearted risk takers and wish to experiment with their career in the field which is otherwise their passion. We fail to envision ourselves in those areas which are our passion because we do not wish to take the risk, in short, we live in constant fear of failure subconsciously.

We create a self-doubt and do not trust our capability to give fuel to our passions. The decision of career shift can be made once we understand that there is no age of learning and that it is not the failure which can make life worse but not trying for it can leave us in regrets forever.  

Say for an example, if a person employed in bank for 25 years of his productive life, decides to open a pet shop because it is where his heart lies, doesn’t mean that he fails if he is unable to sell the pets to others. He can also open up day care center for those who are working and want their pets to be taken care of by someone in their absence. It is about the business idea and your will to pursue it.

Fear of Survival

Often people envision themselves as going bankrupt when they make a career shift. They live in the fear that if I leave my job or make a change, I won’t be able to pay my bills or run the normal course of my family.

But remember that if you have the will to make the ends meet then survival will take care of itself for you and the family as well. There are success stories of various Indian entrepreneurs whose better half have supported them both emotionally and financially when they ventured out to make a major career shift. One such example is the well renowned writer Chetan Bhagat. It was with the support of his wife that he could muster up the courage to leave his money minting job of investment banker and purse a career in writing.

Overcoming the fear of survival is manageable when you speak your heart out in front of your family and those who matter to you. Banking upon people who will come to your rescue in the hour of the need will take care of the financial issues during the rainy days.

Fear of Transition

Transitioning is one fear which you have to encounter on your own because it is related to your personality type. The environment, culture, location, people all will differ once you make a career shift or even a job change.

People who are anti-social, or are rigid in their thoughts and ways usually witness this fear. But life is all about change, and it is better that you accept this fact before you are forced to accept it. People who make a career move willingly are the happier ones because they are aware of their conscious move and are ready to accept the challenges which life throws at them vis-à-vis people who make career move due to unforeseen circumstances in life. Some of those changes could be loss of job due to recession, change in company’s policies, skill no longer required in the industry and many more.     

If you have a career plan then use the productive time to plan out the ways in which you can execute it. Build a potential team of workers who will be ready to join you and share similar aspirations. Transitioning will become easy with support from too many people around you.

Fear of Office Politics

Several studies conducted by the researchers dealing in people management have revealed that regardless of your career path, the art of understanding the internal politics is an overall predictor of job performance. In fact, for some employees political skill have surpassed intelligence and personality as a better predictor of their career success. In other words, when it comes to the fact of advancing for a career shift, then understanding office politics is very crucial.

Even the fear of not being able to understand the office politics can hold you back from making a career shift and altogether a job change as well. On the other hand, getting too much involved in the politics can also breeds negative energy and make you dull. So, it will be a good option to heed for the much awaited career change because it has been rightly said that “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. With you moving ahead for a positive ambition in life, you will gather less or no pessimism in your thoughts and personality. Instead of focusing on enhancing your political intelligence, you must make all possible efforts to enhance your emptional intelligence.

Fear of Becoming Obsolete (FOBO)

The implementation of mechanization and technology with increasing frequency has become a cause of worry for many employees especially hailing from engineering background. Even Gartner has predicted that one-third of jobs will be replaced by software, robots, and smart machines by 2025.

There are two easy ways in which you can keep yourself away from FOBO. The first one is to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and methodologies which are practiced in the industry. But this will only happen if you are still passionate about the work you do, otherwise you will not feel an urge to learn further. Second, heed for an industry or make a move where there is a huge score for your skills to remain human-centric for a considerable period of time.

Summing Up…

Advancing for a career shift can be a risky decision but not a baseless one for sure. It holds the potential to brighten your career and latest talent which awaits the right direction. So do not wait for the right time but take steps to overcome these 5 fears which might be holding you back from making a career shift.

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