5 things that the recruiters always look for in your Resume

Structuring, framing, and writing an eye-catching Resume is one of most important task that impresses recruiters and decides the fate of candidates. Here’s what recruiters look for.

5 things that the recruiters always look for in your Resume
5 things that the recruiters always look for in your Resume

One of the biggest confusion of the job seekers is to structure, frame, and write such a Resume that it could catch the attention of the recruiters. For it, the candidates avail the services of professional Resume writers.

To know what the recruiters look for in your Resume and How to structure, frame and write such a Resume that it could catch the attention of the recruiters, keep the reading continue as here we have provided what all you need to know.


It’s of no use if you cite the set of skills that aren’t relevant to the job you have applied for. And if you make mention of your skills randomly then you’re likely to be overlooked by the recruiters who have to oversee the good number of Resumes. So, try to be clear and organised while framing, structuring and writing your Resume. Imagine you have cited your skills right below the summary of profile and send it to the recruiter, and then what is most likely to happen is that you would get no response. In other words, the ultimate fate of a poorly structured Resume is always dustbin. On another hand, if you make mention of the skills that aren’t relevant to the job you have applied for, then you will not get any fruitful response from recruiters or interviewer.

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Apart from skills, what almost every recruiter preferably look for in the Resume of a candidate is the required experience for the job you have applied for. Start writing the experience you have gained in the field with the mention of time since when you started working in your current organisation. Try to put the experience section right below the summary section of the Resume. Before making mention of the experience, think whether the citation of experience is relevant to the job or not, because if it isn't, then you would get no benefit from it. Suppose, you send your Resume for a job in IT sector, citing roles and responsibilities of a Sales professional as experience, then there would be chances that the recruiters disqualify you at very first level of the selection process. So, cite only the experience relevant to the job you're applying for and give right place to experience section in your Resume.


Qualification is the only basis on which even a fresher becomes able to get first job. The candidates who are from commerce background can easily get a job banking sector or sales sector. Similarly, a science graduates easily gets job in the field where knowledge of science is required. The qualification section tells the recruiters about your academic qualification. Before formulating this section, try to mention what degree or diploma that you have completed is most relevant to the job at top of the section. Most of the times, the recruiters do shortlist the candidates’ Resumes on basis of educational qualification. Thus, education qualification is one of important thing the recruiters look for in the Resume of a candidate.  


This section of your Resume tells recruiters about the projects, assignments, and tasks you accomplished in your current or past organisations. If you want to get your Resume shortlisted, then you should look at achievements, especially in your Resume. It has been noted that most of the recruiters see the past achievements of the candidates before hiring them. So, to get your Resume shortlisted by the Recruiters, try to make good mention of your past achievements.

Personal details

Most of the candidates often give their personal details too much in their Resume. Actually, the candidates feel that it would make a good impression on the interviewer or recruiter if they give detailed personal information in their Resumes. But, it has been noted that the recruiters do not pay too much attention of the personal details. So, to formulate this section of your Resume in good manner, try to keep the details short, crisp, and concise. This will make good impression on Recruiters.   


Summary, Experience, Skills, Educational Qualification, Achievements and Personal Details are the most important sections of a Resume which plays an important role for the job seekers to get a job. Most of the times, the candidates fail to find what the recruiters look for in their Resumes. The lack of knowledge about this keeps them unemployed. To help those who are unaware about what a recruiter look for in the Resumes, we have given all what a recruiters look closely before hiring professionals.

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