5 ways a masters degree can help you advance in your career

How an masters level course can help you advance and push you way forward in your professional career?

Mar 26, 2020, 19:39 IST
5 ways a masters degree can help you advance in your career
5 ways a masters degree can help you advance in your career

That fact that you need to have a good educational background to advance in your career is no secret. Sure, there are some exceptions but looking at the majority of cases one needs to have access to good education should he wish to advance in his career. Also, as per the Monster Salary Index released last year it was found that people with higher education especially a master's degree had a significant advantage over those with no master's degree when it came to wages earned by both the groups. The report specified that an average employee holding a bachelor's degree earned Rs. 173.7 less per hour (i.e. 45.4 percent) than the employee with a master's degree. A difference which has only grown over the years.

Also, given the rapid changes that we are witnessing in the job markets today, it is important that we remain a continuous learner. Hone our skills and expand our knowledge base no matter what stage of the career we are in. Thus, in this article, we have discussed some reasons as to how an advanced degree can prove to be beneficial for your professional career.

Adds a significant edge to your resume

It's no secret that the job markets are becoming more and more competitive with each passing day. You ought to have such skills or a background that sets out apart from your peers and defines your profile as the best match for the job. If one's to put forward the question, 'is it imperative to have an advanced degree to get a job?' Then, no it's not a necessary requirement. But it sure is an essential requirement to get a good job or to advance in your career. As employers today are looking for candidates with technical and diversified skills that one develops while pursuing advanced courses. Hence, if your resume mentions an advanced degree than you surely have a competitive edge over a lot of fellow applicants.

Helps You Grow Your Professional Network

Masters degree courses are a lot more specialization oriented than the undergraduate level college programmes. Where undergraduate level courses focus mainly on familiarizing and imparting academic knowledge about the subject of your choice as master's course is more oriented towards practical application of the theories learned and helping you expand your professional network in the field of your career. It open's you up to interaction with leading professionals in the industry. Not to mention, the internships and other application based projects that are the part and parcel of the student's learning process in these advanced level courses.

Adds versatility to your profile   

Advanced courses also help you expand and specialize your knowledge base. You have the choice of pursuing a masters course in the same subject as the one you picked for your undergraduate studies or you could choose to do masters in a subject closely related to it. One could also opt for a specialization course as a part of their higher studies. Like for example someone who studies mass communication in his undergrad decides to go for film making course in his master's studies. A masters degree adds versatility to your profile and makes your skills more marketable, adding a great deal of value to your resume and profile. It sometimes also opens up avenues for a career change or shift.

There are times when you one feels like you are stuck in a job with little hopes of advancing to higher profiles in the same category. You have a decent CV-you are one of the best employees at your level but you simply are unable to move forward in your career. In such a scenario, pursuing an advanced course might be the way out for you. There are many people who pursue MBA or a similar management programme to add to their skills and their profile. Others might pursue a masters course in a subject completely unrelated to their current field which is mainly the case when they are looking to switch careers. A masters course can then be termed as a valuable stepping stone to advancing in one's career.

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Better Earning Potential

Many would argue that money isn't everything and that professionals should give the first priority to job satisfaction. But surely, money has a great role to play both in your career and your personal life decisions. And if getting an advanced degree would help open up opportunities for better and higher paid jobs then why not go for it. As a professional with a masters degree,  you are more likely to start off with a higher paid job and a better title than with just an undergraduate degree. Also, employees are more inclined to hire professionals with a masters degree as they are more versatile and have much broader knowledge pool and specialists in their fields.

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To Conclude,

Clearly pursuing an advanced course is a great idea and holds a plethora of benefits for you. Not to mention the immense value it will add to your profile. And even if you feel that you don't have the time or appropriate resources to pursue a full-time advance level course then you can also switch to online courses. All you'd need would a little commitment and hard work on your side. Quoting the word of Benjamin Franklin, 'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.' So, what's the wait for? If you feel like you need to do an advance level course then hesitate no more and find the course best suited to your needs and enroll in it. 

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