6 fitness apps to be more productive at work

Being fit and healthy is pivotal for working professionals. These 6 apps will help you keep a track of your fitness and make sure that you do not miss even a single day at work.

Jan 19, 2018 18:54 IST
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6 fitness apps to be more productive at work
6 fitness apps to be more productive at work

Managing both, health and office is surely a daunting task. The ending work-hours and tight deadlines leaves very little time for office goers to maintain a fitness regime that can help them to stay healthy. But, while meeting office commitments is very crucial, it is also equally crucial to keep a check on your health and fitness. An unhealthy office life and unfit physique may often hamper your productivity at work allowing you to concentrate less on work and more on medicines and illnesses. Not to forget you’re the medical bills that come along with these.

In case you don’t feel like hitting the gym or going for yoga classes, don’t sit back and sulk about it. Your smartphone can help you to stay fit and healthy, especially during office hours. Check out these 5 apps that will keep you in good shape while also meeting all the impending office deadlines.

1. Hotseat

Just like the name suggests, this app is a fun way to work in the office as a group. The app pushes employees to get up from their seats and engage in different activities. Employees are bifurcated in various teams. A healthy competition starts among teams wherein the employees are asked on stand on workstations. The last standing person is the winner of the challenge. Not only this, the app reminds the user to take a 2 minute break from work. This app is a good tool that ensures that employees don’t suffer from back pain and avoids any health ailments.

2. MyFitnessPal

This is another interesting office health app that you must install on your phone right away! MyFitnessPal is actually your pal that tracks the meals and beverages that you consumed during the office hours. Like fitness coach, it will monitor your calorie intake and will suggest you better ways to enrich you diet with healthy foods. After installing this app, you will find it easier to keep obesity at bay.

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3. Elevate

Elevate your mood with this interesting mobile health app that is loaded with personalised brain training tasks. It is a “cognitive training app” that will help your brain to get a grip on comprehension, precision, focus and pronunciation. All these aspects will be of practical use at work. This app promises to boost both, your confidence and productivity. As you take up tasks, it will furnish report on your performance in each task such as speaking, listening, reading, writing and so on.

4. Power Nap App

Demanding work-hours coupled with household responsibilities lead to lack of sleep and strained eyes. If you are also victim to this phenomenon, this next office health app will be your favourite. The Power Nap App is a wonderful partner that will help you take a power nap of 30 minutes during office hours, provided your office allows the same. This app comprises of relaxing sounds that will act as a tranquilizer for mind. Listening to calm tunes will also pacify added stress and boost creativity and productivity.  So install this app right away to let you relax when you are sleep deprived. Plug in the earphones and take a nap even in the cafeteria that is filled with the hustle and bustle of employees.

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5. Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

This app is more advanced version to keep a track of your lifestyle. Customised for the iPhone users, this app predict a person’s chance of having a heart attack in the next 10 years. It will save you from the risk of heart stroke in the office. People aged 20 or above must download this app to monitor their wellness meter and avoid visit to the doctor. You can save a lot on your medical bills when this app becomes you ally.

6. Mindshift

Stress and anxiety are a part and parcel of a routine workday. But gradually when stress accumulates, it can hamper your work productivity and can cause other health ailments that can be hard to fight in the long run. Mindshift is your saviour to fight this problem. The app aids in coping up with workplace stress. Instead of running away from situation, the app will coach you to become daring and take charge of the situation. As the name suggests, MindShift certainly shifts your pessimistic view to optimistic one.

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