6 lifestyle changes to keep hypertension under control

Stay away from the pain of hypertension with these lifestyle changes. They are effective to keep your hypertension at bay!

Nidhi Gupta
Dec 23, 2019, 13:18 IST

As per the data from nature.com, hypertension is responsible for 57% of all stroke deaths and 24% of all coronary heart disease deaths in India. Another source says that approximately one-third of our population will suffer from high blood pressure by 2020. The staggering rate of hypertension is in itself an indicator that something is seriously wrong with lifestyle of our generation.  

While organisations hold meeting to discuss escalations in sales, sooner or later, employees will also talk about the potentially increasing rate of hypertension in their medical reports. Take a look at the board meeting held in the office:

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So before you succumb to the monster called high blood pressure, let us take a look at some healthy lifestyle practises that will keep hypertension under control:

1. Exercise is the stepping stone to good health

Hypertension can be easily curbed with regular exercise regime. Time management is the key to get in the groove with exercising routine. You can join either a gym or yoga classes. In case you see a group who meet in the park during morning or evening hours to exercise, join them. 30 minutes of physical exercise holds high potential to lower your blood pressure significantly.

Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or dancing, choose any of the way but keep moving. Your body will gain strength. If you feel exhausted too soon, consult your doctor. They will recommend the best form of exercise that will keep your blood pressure in check.

2. Ensure carrying a healthy lunchbox

A healthy lunchbox is safe heaven for the rest of your day. Make sure that the cuisines in your meal are rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables. Prefer consuming a diet that is low on oil and fats. DASH diet is the best recommended plan to follow when the BP levels are high in the body.

Diet Plans for people with inactive lifestyle

In the beginning, it will be tough for you to change your eating habits, but it will pay off in the long run. A diet rich in potassium, magnesium, proteins and calcium is best recommended by the doctor. If you are not aware of the right meal best suited for your health, consult a nutritionist and get a diet plan for yourself.

3. Abstain or limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol is not a necessity to live life. Neither is it an elixir that will aid in maintaining blood pressure levels in the body. Look for substitutes that can replace your alcohol consumption. Avoid alcohol as much as possible especially those who are addicted to it on routine basis. Drinking more than moderate amount can actually raise blood pressure.

4. Cut back on caffeine intake

Caffeine raises your blood pressure. So it is a sign of worry for habitual coffee drinkers. Go for green tea in place of coffee. It has more healing effects on body and would not spike your blood pressure levels. In case you feel that caffeine intake is causing much trouble to you, then take a cup of coffee in a day. Too much of anything is detrimental to health. Even if you are not a person at the risk of hypertension, excessive consumption of coffee can lead to adverse health issues. You can opt for skimmed milk. It is a good source of calcium and is low in fat. You can also carry yogurt in your meals if milk is not your choice of beverage.

11 reasons you should choose green tea over coffee in office

5. Monitor your blood pressure regularly

It is important to monitor blood pressure so that whenever there is deviation, you can immediately consult the doctor. Negligence can be fatal for you and many people suffering from hypertension complain of health complications. Especially if you get into trouble at the workplace, it would be an emergency situation. So take proper prescription as per the level of blood pressure and don’t skip your medications.

6. Know your stress triggers

Often hypertension is a resultant of excessive stress. Try to zero down on the triggers that put you in stress. If there are some colleagues that always talk negative, avoid them. Try travelling at off-peak hours so that traffic jams doesn’t stress you out. Chronic stress enhances blood pressure and no matter how hard you try, but all the medications fail to bring it down.

Know someone suffering from hypertension? Share this article with them and help them enhance the quality of their lifestyle! For more interesting tips on maintaining good health, keep visiting us at https://www.jagranjosh.com/jobs.

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