6 ways to enhance your Employability Skills apart from studies

In this world of cut-throat competition finding a suitable job has become one of the toughest challenges. In this article we have have listed down key skills that will help you enhance your employability skills and get your dream job.

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Today, we live in an unforgiving world, where there is cut-throat competition for everything, be it natural resources, basic necessities of life or for jobs. With rising unemployment across the country, finding a suitable job has become one of the toughest challenges you will ever face in your life. Even in the sectors where jobs are available, the quality of students being produced by Indian education system is far below the requirements put forth by the respective industries. In recent times, many news stories have highlighted, how Indian students score poorly when it comes to employability quotient. Even for professional programmes like Engineering and MBA the core employment rate still lingers in single digits, which is a worrisome trend.

If you are also concerned about this worrisome trend and how it might impact you in future, it’s time to stop thinking and start acting. It is quite obvious that the key problem as far India’s unemployment is concerned is the employability of students passing out of educational institutions. However, when it comes to employability many other things apart from your core academic studies affect the final outcome. Below, we have listed down key skills that will help you enhance your employability skills and get your dream job.

1. Be a generalist

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Jacks Of All Trades might have been a negative connotation in the last century; however, in today’s world, it doesn’t hold true. Having knowledge, familiarity or basic knowledge of different fields actually plays a vital role as far as our jobs are concerned. For instance, a software developer is also expected to prepare a presentation deck for the client to pitch the project; or a teacher is expected to be good at career counselling. Therefore, it helps to be a generalist along with having specific knowledge of a particular subject. Being a generalist also opens up several new career opportunities apart from the core skill set that you possess.

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2. Improve your Communication Skills

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Without an iota of doubt, communication skills play a very important role when it comes to your employability. Right from the time of your interview, to daily working in the office, to official communication through emails and even performance appraisal discussion for promotions; all have the one common backbone i.e., communication skills. If you can talk and share your achievements, goals and skills with other with the help of your good communication skills, there is no one to stop you from achieving success. To put in the wise words of Paul J Meyer – Communication is the human connection that holds the key to personal and career success.

3. Build your professional and social network

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Another important factor that will affect your long-term employability would be your social and professional network. Many people look at building a professional network as a futile activity, but over the years, successful business leaders have proven them wrong. In today’s interconnected world, it is important to know like-minded people in the field of your interest. This will not only help you get a job but also assist you in gaining skills and improving them over time with their help. Therefore, it is very important to build your professional network. However, professional networks are not about the people you know, but it is about the people who know you and are equally committed to your success. So, keep that principle in mind while building your professional network.

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4. Values matter

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One of the most ignored aspects in the rat-race to find a job is human values. Despite being part of the global corporate machinery, at the end of the day businesses deal with human beings and therefore human values in their employees are considered to be very important by the employers. Human Values are an integral part of our personality and surely affects employability quotient. Many human resource studies have suggested that firms are now looking towards people who not only possess technical skills and ability to perform their duties but also those who possess human values. Although, human values are subjective, some common ones that matter to an employer include honesty, commitment, loyalty and punctuality. In fact, many employers have hinted that they are more inclined to hire applicants who have better human values over those who have better technical skills.

5. Emotional Quotient

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Another very important factor that employers look in their future employees is emotional quotient. Emotional Intelligence is the person’s ability to identify, acknowledge and respect their own emotions and emotions of other people. In a workplace scenario, this translates to employees who are not only balanced when it comes to their own but also are respectful of emotions of their co-workers. An overly emotional personal will not be able to find a balance between their personal and professional life and this can be seriously counterproductive for the organization.

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6. Develop Your Hobbies and Passion

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Since our childhood, we have been told to develop hobbies that we are passionate about. Well, somewhere in the race to become the best, we lost out on several opportunities to do so. Developing your hobbies exhibits your multi-faceted personality to your employer, which is definitely a plus. Your ability to handle and manage something that you are so deeply passionate about also shows your commitment to the cause you believe in. On the other end of the spectrum, your hobbies can also open up a world of opportunities for you as far employment fields are concerned. Today, we have many IITians who are great authors and many arts graduates leading major technology firms. This shows, how much of an impact your passion can have not only when it comes to employment but on your life in general.

These are just a few of the many factors that may help your improve your employability quotient in long run. So, start developing these qualities and make them a part of your daily life and you can expect wonders. If you think we have missed out on any other important factors, do point them out in the comments section below.

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