67th BPSC Mains Question Paper 2022: General Studies Paper-1 and Paper-2 PDF

67th BPSC Mains 2022 exam successfully held on 30th December 2022 for General Studies papers. Check exam analysis. difficulty level and questions asked in General Studies Paper-1 and Paper-2.

67th BPSC Mains Question Paper 2022: General Studies Paper-1 and Paper-2 PDF
67th BPSC Mains Question Paper 2022: General Studies Paper-1 and Paper-2 PDF

67th BPSC Mains 2022 Analysis: The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) successfully held the BPSC 67th Mains 2022 examination (Day 1) on 30th December 2022. Candidates were asked questions from General Studies Paper 1 and Paper 2. The 67th BPSC 2022 exam is being held for the selection of eligible candidates for 802 vacancies across different departments for posts including Bihar Administrative Service, Subdivision Backward and Most Backward Classes Welfare Officer, Rural Development Authority, Municipal Executive Authority, to name a few.

 As per the 67th BPSC Mains Exam Schedule on bpsc.bih.nic.in., the Mains exam is being held on 30th December 2022, 31st December 2022, and 7th January 2023. The 67th BPSC Mains Admit Card 2022 has been released for download from 24th December 2022 onwards.

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BPSC 67th Prelims 2022 exam was conducted on 30th of September 2022 for around 4 lakh candidates. As per the 67th BPSC Prelims Result 2022, a total of 11,607 candidates qualified for the BPSC 67th Main examination. As per the BPSC Controller of Examination Amarendra Kumar, More than 90 percent of the candidates qualified for the Mains appeared for the examination on 30th December 2022. Day 1 was successfully held across 19 examination centers in Patna in shifts.

67th BPSC Mains Exam Dates

Exam Date



30th December 2022

General Studies - Paper 1

09.30 am to 12.30 pm

General Studies - Paper 2

2 pm to 5 pm

31st December 2022

General Hindi

12 pm to 3 pm

7th January 2023

Optional Paper

12 pm to 3 pm

67th BPSC Mains Exam Analysis 2022

On 30th December 2022, the 67th BPSC Mains 2022 examination was held in shifts for General Studies Paper 1 and Paper 2. Descriptive-based questions were asked in both papers. The exam was held in pen and paper mode. There will be no negative marking in the 67th BPSC Mains 2022 examination. The duration of each paper was 3 hours.


Maximum Marks

Difficulty Level

General Studies 1


Moderate to Difficult

General Studies 2


Moderate to Difficult

67th BPSC Mains Question Paper 2022: Topics Asked in General Studies Paper-1 & Paper-2 

Questions asked in BPSC 67th Mains GS-1 Paper


Q1. Discuss the factors responsible for the formation of the Indian National Congress. What were the British policies towards early nationalists? (38 Marks)

Q2. Trace the course of expansion of Western and technical education in Bihar between 1857-1947. (38 Marks)

Q3. Critical analyze the factors responsible for the emergence of Gandhiji as an eminent nationalist leader. (38 Marks)

Q4. Write an essay on the Quit India Movement of 1942. Was it a spontaneous movement? (38 Marks)

Q5. Describe the chief characteristics of Mauryan art. (38 Marks)

Q6. Write short notes on any two of the following: (19x2=38 Marks)

(a) Santhal Uprising

(b) Champaran Satyagraha

(c) Rabindranath Tagore’s Contribution to the Freedom Movement


Q7. Discuss the origin, membership, development and objectives of ‘QUAD’. What is its significance for India? (38 Marks)

Q8. ‘Agnipath’ is a path towards development or destruction? Comment. (38 Marks)

Q9. Discuss the concept of ‘One Nation One Election’ in Indian context and give your argument for and against it. (38 Marks)

Q10. What is the root cause of war between Russia and Ukraine? Discuss its impact upon the nations of the world with special reference to India. (38 Marks)

Q11. It is generally alleged that ruling party misuses the Constitutional Institutions for its vested interests. Do you agree with this view? Give arguments in support of your answer. (38 Marks)

Part-C (Statistical Analysis, Graphs, and Diagrams)

Questions based on data on percentage marks obtained by seven students in six different subjects.  (36 Marks)

Q13. Questions based on data presented in pie charts. (36 Marks)

Q14. Questions based on graphical chart. (36 Marks)

Q15. Questions based on bar graphs. (36 Marks)

67th BPSC Mains 2022: Check Syllabus & Latest Exam Pattern Download PDF

67th BPSC Mains Cut Off 2022: Check Expected and Previous Years Cut-Off Marks

Questions asked in BPSC 67th Mains GS-2 Paper


Q1. “The Indian Parliament is not a sovereign legislature. It has vast but not unlimited powers.” Comment on this statement and highlight as to why the Indian Parliament cannot be equated with its British counterpart. (38 Marks)

Q2. Discuss the problem of Centre-State relations in India and its prospects in future, with special reference to Bihar. Examine as to how the problem can be constructively handled in tune with cooperate federalism. (38 Marks)

Q3. Account for the emergence of regional political parties in India. Do you think the existence of the regional political parties is good for satisfying regional aspirations and national unity? Give reason in support of your answer. (38 Marks)

Q4. An independent judiciary, having the power of ‘judicial review’, is a salient feature of the Constitution of India. Do you think ‘judicial activism’ has further added to the powers of the Supreme Court? Explain with examples.


Q5. Present the picture of industrial development in Bihar and compare with industrial development of India. Indicate the causes of industrial backwardness in this State and illustrate the recent remedial steps taken by the Government of Bihar to improve the situation. (38 Marks)

Q6. It is said that ‘JEEVIKA (BRLPS) is a tool of women empowerment’. Give an introduction of this project and describe its objectives. Evaluate the role of ‘JEEVIKA SCHEME’ in the context of women empowerment in Bihar. (38 Marks)

Q7. As per ‘NITI Aayog Health Index, 2021’, Bihar ranks 18th out the 19th larger States of India. List the factors responsible for this pity situation in this State. What steps have been taken to improve health situation in Bihar? Are they sufficient? Support your answer with facts and figures. (38 Marks)

Q8. Write the name of major natural resources existing in Bihar State. Out of these, select any two and show the pockets where they are found and narrate their importance in Bihar’s economic development.


Q9. Quality of life and health of any nation is directly linked to food and dietic security. India has made appreciable achievements in terms of production, productivity, availability of food grains, horticultural produce, etc. In view of the above perspective, discuss the role of technology in agricultural development of Bihar.

Q10. “Technology being more of a curse than a blessing.” Justify the statement in context to the environmental pollution.

Q11. Bihar is a flood-prone State. How can the modern technology help to control floods and manage this kind of disaster? Give your explanations with suitable example.

Q12. “Nanotechnology has a huge potential to transform people’s lives for the better.” Justify the statement with appropriate examples.

67th BPSC Mock Test 2022

67th BPSC Mains Admit Card 2022


Q1. Is there negative marking in the 67th BPSC Mains 2022?

No, there is no negative marking in the 67th BPSC Mains 2022.

Q2. What was the difficulty level of General Studies in BPSC 67th Mains 2022?

BPSC 67th Mains 2022 General Studies Paper 1 and Paper 2 Difficulty Level was Moderate to Difficult.

Q3. Where can I find BPSC 67th Mains Question Papers?

Read our article 67th BPSC Mains Question Paper 2022: General Studies Paper-1 and Paper-2 PDF on Jagran Josh.

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