7 PowerPoint Hacks You must Know To Give Great Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is still the most conventional way of preparing and giving presentations in college or office. However, there is so much to the software that is left unexplored by the presenters due to lack of knowledge.

Created On: Sep 12, 2018 13:32 IST
7 PowerPoint Hacks
7 PowerPoint Hacks

Microsoft PowerPoint is still the most conventional way of preparing and giving presentations in college or office. However, there is so much to the software that is left unexplored by the presenters due to lack of knowledge.

No matter how good your verbal presentation is, if the slides on the screen are faulty, you will not be able to hold the audience's attention. Your knowledge and expertise are just as good as what people can hear and see. This is where the PowerPoint hacks come in handy.

Making and organizing slides are a child's play and something we learn in junior school. What will set your presentation apart are small tricks which are new to others.

Here are a few of them:

Press 'B' For A Plain Black Slide

You have been speaking for 15 minutes and no one seems interested anymore. In such a situation, you should press B and everything on the screen suddenly goes black. You can do this before making an important point and when you know that the audience is finding the text monotonous. Alternatively, you can also press W to turn the screen white. It will have the same effect on the mind of the audiences. And you need not worry, the screen will return to normal if you press any key on the keyboard or simply just move your mouse. 

Use 'Control+P' To Draw On Screen

This is a great command for real time sketching on the screen. Press 'Control + P' to quench your thirst for doodling, while giving a presentation. This is a great way to tell audience which part of the slide you are referring to when the particular slide is really long. To give a fair warning, drawing with a mouse is extremely difficult and you might want to use a drawing tool. You can go to the next slide by simply using 'Control + A'.


Use Animations

Using animations is the best way to jazz up your presentation. It is also a useful hack if you do not want your text to appear on the screen all  it once. Using animations holds the audience as they are waiting for next sub point to appear in a dramatic manner. You would not want to go overboard with it, though, by using all the animations in a single slide. This will not only seem unprofessional, but will also be too much to process for the audience.

Use Keyword Commands For Smooth Presentation

Isn't it impressive when someone doesn't need to use the mouse to do things on the computer? Definitely it is. Hence, you must learn the shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts to make your presentation smoother . Here are some basic commands you can memorize:
Change the z

Make selected text bold. Ctrl+B
Change the font size for selected text. Alt+H, F, and then S
Change the zoom for the slide. Alt+W, Q
Cut selected text, object, or slide
Copy selected text, object, or slide Ctrl+C
Paste cut or copied text, object, or slide Ctrl+V
Undo the last action Ctrl+Z
Save the presentation Ctrl+S
Insert a picture Alt+N, P
Insert a shape Alt+H, S, and then H
Select a theme Alt+G, H
Select a slide layout Alt+H, L
Go to the next slide Page Down
Go to the previous slide Page Up
Go to the Home tab Alt+H
Move to the Insert tab Alt+N
Start the slide show Alt+S,B
End the slide show. Esc
Close PowerPoint Alt+F, X

Use Hyperlinks

Did you know it is possible to jump from one point to another on a PowerPoint presentation? You can do so by using the 'interlinking' feature. This is a great hack for a quick presentation which does not seem broken at any point. This will give your presentation a Prezi-like feel, making the flow more natural and free.

Embed A Video

Sometimes it is difficult to explain something just through words and images, this where videos can be effective. The video should not ideally be more than 1 minute long as it also starts boring people and breaks the rhythm of the presentation. You can add the video easily through 'add media' option. Embedding also looks more professional in the sense that you do not have to switch between multiple platforms and thus giving an unnecessary break.

Zooming In And Out

Use the magnifying glass icon on the presenter screen and then click on the part of the slide you want to zoom. Once you are done explaining, you can zoom back out by clicking on the same icon. this will save you the effort of asking your audience to lean forward or pay attention to minor details in any image or text.

If you do not want the audience yawning away through your presentation, you must use the PowerPoint tricks we shared with you. PowerPoint is an extremely user friendly platform and also a highly unexplored one. But now that you know these hacks, you can take an edge over your competitors and rest assured that your presentation will be a great one.

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