7 ways in which students can use social media to their advantage

Is Facebook or Twitter completely evil for students? Many would agree yes, but there is a flip side to it. Here are 7 ways in which students use social media to their advantage.

Apr 16, 2020, 16:17 IST
7 ways in which students can use social media to their advantage
7 ways in which students can use social media to their advantage

Since its inception social media has taken the world by a storm.Where the introduction of World Wide Web made the world a global village; the advent of Social Media revolutionized the way people communicate in this global village. The young generation of today took to social media like a duck takes to water. And soon the fever of social media turned into what critiques call the 'Social Media Addiction'.

Social media criticism witnesses all time high on the topic of studentsandsocial media. Many are of the opinion that social media is distracting and harmful for the students. There is a common saying that states 'excess of anything is bad.' The same is true for social media if used properly its very beneficial but if used in access it can be harmful. Like any other product in market social media has both its pros and cons. And it's mostly due to these misconceptions that the potential of social media in the field of education is vastly understated.

Let's look at some of the benefits that social media holds for the college student community.  

1. Educational Tool

Social Media can prove to be a useful education tool in the college learning. Students today come to college well equipped with the knowledge of internet and social media. Educators can leverage this knowledge to enhance the college education process. Webinars, online discussion forums and other such platforms can foster collaborations and discussions, create meaningful dialogue, help exchange ideas and boost the learning experience.

2. News Updates

Social Media sites are on the go news platform for students. From keeping them well informed about the lives of their friends and family it also keeps them updated on various trending news from around the world. One look at the news feed and they have snapshot of job openings, new technology developments, entertainmentand news updates from around the world.

3. Networking

Social Media is the easiest way for students to build their network in college. Friends, colleagues, associates everyone can be found and easily contacted through the means of social media. Through social media one can even remain in contact with people with whom they tend to lose contact due to lack of regular conversations and meetings such as school friends or friends and relatives in other cities. But most importantly social media has made it possible for students to make and maintain business connections. Like following famous people, subject experts on various topics, business tycoons, famous professors or people in their career field that they idolize. That is from interacting with fellow students to latest updates on subjects of their choice they have everything on their fingertips.

4. Experience Global Exposure

Internet made accessible vast amounts of information on any topic imaginable to everyone.And social media enabled students to share their findings from this ocean of information with their peers. Students share loads of content every day such as informative websites, webinar links, tutorial videos and other interesting content through social media. They get a chance of interacting with professors and students from across the world, share knowledge, seek help, hold discussions and watch classroom videos of well-known professors.

5. Employment Opportunities

Websites like LinkedIn enable students to establish a professional web presence, post a resume, connect with job seekers and employers. A lot of employers have also taken to websites like Facebook and Twitter for posting job openings in their offices. Students can easily follow businesses and professional organizations on Facebook, Twitter, andLinkedIn to stay updated on news and important developments from the fields of their career choices.

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6. For Creative Expression

College is a place where students learn a lot of new skills. And social media provides them with the perfect platform to showcase their talentsand that too on a global level. It allows for them to have a defined group of followers, people with similar likes and interests. Moreover appreciation and critique from people with similar interests can help them go a long way.

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7. Social Media Marketing

Digital advertising is seen as the future of advertising and social media marketing forms a significant part of it. With the social media users growing exponentially marketers saw a largely untapped market. And the field of Social Media Marketing was formed. It allows for marketers to publicize their products to a targeted audience in a much lesser budget. Social Media Marketing is seen upon as a great emerging career option and holds great opportunities for students. Many companies have dedicated social media advertising campaigns. And a lot of digital advertising agencies focusing greatly on social media advertising have also come up.

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Finally…the verdict

The above mentioned are just some of the benefits of social media for students. From providing them with opportunities to build business networks, to finding employment and becoming an employment opportunity in itself social media has lot to offer to students. It helps the students learn global perspective and look at things with a much bigger lens. Social media has made learning a fun experience. By encouraging interaction and exchange of idea it has taken learning beyond textbooks and classroom lectures. If used wisely social media has the potential to revolutionize the education scenario in the country.

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