8 amazingly simple ways to keep your spirits up in Office

Staying happy at office can significantly improve your productivity and motivation level. Here are a few simple ways that can keep you happy in your work life.

Updated: Sep 26, 2017 16:07 IST
8 amazingly simple ways to keep your spirits up in Office
8 amazingly simple ways to keep your spirits up in Office

With tiring schedule and endless deadlines, working professionals often end up spending more time at their office than at home. If you are going to be spending such significant amount of time at office, it is very important that you feel happy, satisfied and content while at work. In fact, as per several psychologists, being happy at work can significantly impact your motivation and in turn productivity in office. Therefore, no matter what, you should always try to stay happy during office hours.

But, keeping your spirits up while a tyrant boss sits over your head or while meandering your way around office politics might be more difficult than it sounds! This doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up on your dream of being happy at work. There some simple ways in which you can build a positive environment around you. You can get started with a few simple tips given below that will help you stay happy and satisfied in office.

A tyrant boss, backstabbing colleagues, poor pay packages, office politics, unequal distribution of work, favouritism — there are countless reasons to put one off work. Job stress can take a huge toll on your mental and physical health. Changing jobs constantly is not a solution, especially in today's economic scenario. So, here's how to make the most of what you have.

Spread Positivity

Although it may sound like a cliché, being positive is critical to you being happy at work. Every office and industry has its own set of problems; for you it may be favouritism or insurmountable work pressure. But you must understand that these problems are there to stay and not going to disappear in a day or two. Therefore, instead of being bogged down by them, it’s better if you develop a positive attitude towards them. Every problem can be solved but it will take some time and effort. Therefore, being negative about your office problems will not help you. Instead, if you are happy about the work you are doing and adopt a positive outlook the problems may not affect your daily life as much. Positivity is also infectious and therefore will also spread the cheer in your office developing a happy environment to work in.

Develop a winning attitude

In professional life, attitude is everything. You may be surrounded by office mates who hate their job or are doing it only to get their monthly salary. But this doesn’t mean that you have to join them in this attitude. Even if you are faced with hundreds of problem at work, try to take them with a pinch of salt. Develop a winning attitude in the work you are doing, because eventually you are putting in your invaluable time and effort in doing it. Therefore, instead of doing work just for the sake of it, try to improve yourself. Understand your shortcomings and learn from your mistakes. These will help you enhance your performance and productivity at work. They may eventually also help you to change your mind set and be more positive about your work life. In office, your only goal must be to complete the task assigned to you with complete honestly and satisfaction. At the end of the day, you must be able to face yourself and justify the work you have done. Such winning attitude will help you stay happy and also inspire others to up their game.

Show your gratitude

In the rat race to complete our work against time and meet our targets, we professionals have forgotten the virtue of gratitude. There are several people in your office who relentlessly work behind the curtain to give you an environment in which you can work. Starting from the security guard to the office boys and even your colleagues and teammates; they all work a lot in order to make sure you are able to do your job more effectively. Start showing your gratitude towards them. If someone helps you out or shares an important report that you needed to compile the monthly numbers, say thank you to them. It may be a simple phrase but it has miraculous effect upon people. Showing your gratitude towards others in office will show you that everyone is in the same boat and that to succeed you will need help and support of each of them. Soon, you problems will take a back seat and you will start working towards your goals with a happy and open mind.

Transform your colleagues into real friends

Ever wondered why during college days, even during the most testing of times (read exam days), you were able to sail through easily. The answer to this is ‘friends’. During your college days, you had built an amazing support structure that could help you get out of sticky situations and it worked like a charm. If you are able to apply this same formula in office, there is no problem big enough to stop you from being happy at work. So, try building some real colleagues in your office, those who will back you up and help you out during testing times. Friendly atmosphere in office will make the office space more cheerful with open discussion and pleasant chatter that can significantly reduce the work pressure.

Chill for a While

The old idiom ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ suits perfectly well to the times that we live in. With busy schedules to keep up and unending task list, we often forget that life is not all about work. If you exert yourself for 9 to 12 hours every day in the same corner of your office building, than it is bound to leave you grumpy and in bad mood. In addition to this, human brain is not capable of concentrating relentlessly for 9 or 10 hours at a stretch, therefore you must give your brain also regular breaks.  So, feel free to take a few breaks during your office hours. It may be for a quick walk or for a lunch outing with friends or team mates. You must completely shut-off your brain from work related thinking and let it relax. This will help you give some much needed rest to your brain and you will be more focused on your work once you get back to it after the break.

Speak up for yourself

Unfortunately, bullying has become a norm in offices today. Being troubled by a bully can be a major downer to your general mood and in turn can impact your happiness, attitude and productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to speak-up for yourself and make sure that you are heard. If you have any problems with anyone or anything in office, make sure that you have sort them out on the office floor either in front a senior or HR. Doing this will discourage anyone else also who might be baking some nefarious plans of troubling you in future. Speaking up for yourself will also help you highlight your work and get noticed in office. This means that it will certainly boost your confidence and keep you happy during the 9 to 6 office hours.

Seek Feedback

As working professionals, we must be open for ideas and learning. These two factors can help us grow tremendously in our professional career. Therefore, seeking feedback is another way to get to know your shortcomings and find ways to improve your skills and talents. So, make it a habit to seek constructive feedback from your colleagues, managers and seniors. Their criticism might sound a bit harsh at first, but it will go a long way in helping you learn the tricks of the trade. Feedback also helps you understand the goals and targets set for you and in turn will aid your performance drastically. And once you start getting good at the work you do, nothing can stop you from being happy.

Enjoy your work

Finally, coming to the most important point on this list; if you want to be happy in office start enjoying the work you do. Every day you put in a lot of hard work and hours of efforts in creating something new or doing a task that adds value to the organization. The work you do goes a long way in not only achieving the targets set for you but also aids in achieving the greater goals that are set for the company. Your work also aids others in completing their task on time in a way that their day also becomes fulfilling. So, start appreciating what you do and enjoy it. The day you start enjoying your work, you will surely start being more happy in your office. Right now, it may seem like an impossible task with several problems staring you in the face. But gradually as you start enjoying your work, you will surely start feeling happy about it.

To sum up…

Staying happy in office has its own set of perks and benefits, starting from the motivation that will drive you to achieve the set targets and delivering on the organizational goals. Apart from these organizational benefits, being happy at work will also help you to spread the cheer around among your colleagues and teammates, reducing the work stress and pressure while keeping the spirits up even during testing times. For more interesting reads on work life and office culture, please visit jagranjosh.com/jobs. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get quirky updates and office tips directly in your email inbox.

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