8 Corporate Life Truths that every Fresher starting their Career must know

Finally it is time to bid adieu to your good old college days and move on to another phase i.e. corporate life.

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8 Corporate Life Truths
8 Corporate Life Truths

Finally it is time to bid adieu to your good old college days and move on to another phase i.e. corporate life. Bunking the classes, snoring in lectures, reaching late for the class, late night chats, gossiping with friends for long hours and many more lively things have to take a back-seat now. Reaching late may lead to a straight away salary cut, and laid back attitude in the first job is not welcomed by anyone.

There is a complete rule book that you will be required to follow as an ideal employee. But before you read that rule book of corporate etiquettes, let us introduce you to corporate life truths that as a fresher you must know. 

While you must have heard of various facts about the corporate life, here are 8 harsh realities that no one will tell you frankly once you enter corporate setting. Some of them might seem rumors but they are fact and you won’t be able to escape them. It is only after you accept these realities of corporate world, that you will be able to tackle them later on!

More Efficiency = More Responsibility = More Work

Yes! You are soon going to pay for being the most efficient employee of the organization. The more you work, the better it is for the organisation and no one will ever bother to ask if you need help. Rather, they will expect more from you gradually. And once they know your true caliber and you do not perform upto their expectations then you might end up in a brawl over your so called ‘underperformance’. 


You might even feel that you are performing better than your colleagues, but you will be judged basis your performance and efficiency of work. So, maintain a bar and balance work responsibilities to meet the expectations.

Remember this corporate Rule: If you don’t perform, your boss will hate you. But if you perform exceedingly, you’ll be hated by your colleagues!!

It’s all about Money, Honey!

It is a well put truth of life! There will come a time in life when you will take a job just because it pays well and you will see your friends getting placed in reputed MNCs. Considering the level of reputation associated with the salary package that showcases a good career growth, you might land up with a wrong job at hand that doesn’t matches with your skills and interest.

But, do not worry, consider the initial 5 years of your career as a learning experience. Work dedicatedly and learn the tricks of the game. You might emerge as a star performer if you become completely accustomed with the job profile and nature of work. Let the learning phase be so enriching that even if 10 years down the line you wish to take up on some entrepreneurial venture, you feel confident in managing all the dimensions of your business.

Remember this corporate Rule: Money is all, even if it doesn’t matches your interest, you are ought to work for the money in the initial years to gain the ROI invested in the education  

Company’s Growth is top priority over personal growth

When you are welcome in the corporate world, people are least bothered about your personal progress. For them, your contribution for the well-being of the organization matters and is a priority. If you decide to join an organization with an attitude that it will help you manage your personal life, you might be wrong.

During the initial years of career growth, freshers are considered the most hardworking folks in the organsations. Expectation from you will be higher in terms of productivity. So, do not dream of maintain the perfect work-life-balance in the beginning. Investing extra hours at the job, working to impress your boss will boost your career growth.

Remember this corporate Rule: Your welfare is directly proportional to the growth and profits churned by your productivity in the organization.

Think you are creative – Desk Job will soon kill it

There will come a day, when you will be bound to think, “Life is boring or is it my job?”. You might even feel “I used to be the most creative person in my batch. What has happened to my creative instincts?”. But, do not get disheartened, desk jobs are meant to kill your creativity unless you keep your skills updated by joining some additional course or activity.

When you will do the same kind of work on daily basis, work seems monotonous and your feel a weird slump in your productivity. During this phase, it is important to motivate yourself that your job is the best and that you can do it in the best possible way than anyone else.

But if the work is making you dull then do not hesitate to talk with your manager. He might help you by revision some of the work responsibilities and entrust you with some other tasks to help you avoid boredom at work.

Remember this corporate Rule: Desk Job will one day make you fall in love with the field job.

Accountability = Blame Game

When the first time you read this word in your classroom, you must have felt that accountability is an important factor to manage the tasks to curtail corruption and evaluate performance. But, once you enter the walls of corporate setting, you will soon realize that it is a very handy tool for playing an easy blame game. You will be surprised to find out that you can be held accountable for the tasks that involved your slightest participation because you are an easy scapegoat.

You will find your best of the peers and supportive boss taking a backseat if the situation would want a scapegoat to be hanged for the wrong-done. 

Remember this corporate Rule: You are accountable for tasks that weren’t even your responsibility because you were linked to it in XYZ manner.

KRA’s won’t match your Job Description

Key Responsibility Areas (KRA) is one word which will confuse you throughout your span in an organisation. KRA is meant to define the job expectations to meet the defined targets. Nevertheless, you will find yourself involved in the tasks that were never mentioned in your KRA.

Let us say for an example that you were hired to manage the financial accounts of the organsiation, but you might find yourself taking the customer queries and responsible for maintaining the daily cash balance as well.

Your KRA is your farman to achieve performance appraisal at the end of the day. So you ought to be a versatile employee. Because there will also come a time when tasks that are not a part of your KRA will become more important than the ones in your KRA.  

Remember this corporate Rule: Your job description is the primary bait to capture you. It is at the discretion of the organization to decide your core responsibilities. 

You are easily Replaceable

If you think that that you have all the power and the organization will become crippled in your absence, then you need to wake up. Remember that organization is always ready with a replacement of you. They know the value of each employee and are well-prepared with a back-up plan.

Good organizations keep a buffer of employees with them by maintaining links with consultancies. To make it worse, while you will be in your ‘notice period’ you will be entrusted with the responsibility to teach your job responsibilities to your successor. This becomes a no-escape situation when you might repent on your decision to resign in haste.


Remember this corporate Rule: Work as if you need the company more than it needs you. There are numerous unemployed talented people out there waiting to grab your position.

Office Politics is no rumor

Office politics is a fact and it exists everywhere. It is human nature to involve in bickering, backstab people rising in career ladder, feeling envious from colleagues whose work is appreciated. Just because you are getting promoted and you work very hard doesn’t mean that you can stay away from the bug of office politics. It is going to bite you one day or the other.

It is a part of organizational culture and informal groups and rumors are responsible for it. But, on the flip side, once you get involved in it, you stay abreast with the latest updates and happenings in the office. You are more alert with the lives of others and feel engage mentally with your social life in the office.

Remember this corporate Rule: Office politics is everywhere, and you cannot escape it, but do not get too involved in it otherwise it will spoil your career.

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