8 Healthy Food Habits for IAS Toppers!

Food habits can help to achieve better results from the IAS Exam Preparation.

With extreme competition and complete dedication towards the preparation process, IAS aspirants often ignore the most basic and the most important things. One such factor is the ‘Healthy Food Habits’! Food Habits, if ignored for a long time can come back to bite you during IAS Exam preparation phase. Moreover, many students preparing for Civil Services Exam often move away from home and, therefore, have to look after their food and other daily requirements on their own. Healthy food habits are not only necessary to maintain good physical fitness, but also play a vital role in the overall IAS Exam Prep strategy.

Here are 8 Healthy Food Habits, every IAS aspirant should include in their daily routine to keep illness and stress-related health problems at bay.

1. Follow a Balanced Diet

Although it sounds like a motherly cliché, following a balanced diet is of vital importance for anyone preparing for IAS Exams. A proper balanced diet should include three full meals that provide your body all the necessary nutrients required to keep your body fit and mind alert through the day. Try to include a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily food intake; it will help you build immunity and strong physique along with helping you to tackle mental stress. Try not to skip any meals or delay meal times to cover your IAS study timetable, eating on time will help study faster and better.

2. Heavy & Healthy Breakfast

It is common knowledge that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; however, this common knowledge is commonly ignored by all the common people. Skipping Breakfast to save 20 minutes may sound like a good idea, but doing so will make you feel lethargic and fatigued. Heavy and healthy breakfast is even more important for IAS aspirants because early morning is the time when your brain is functioning at its full potential and having a good breakfast aids the brain’s processing power even more.

3. Eat light, small and frequent meals

Heavy meals taken at a time will direct blood flow and energy towards digestion process leading to the sleepy lethargic feeling. But if you are preparing for the tough IAS exams, you need your energy directed towards the brain, isn’t it! Therefore, it is important to for IAS Aspirants to opt for light, small and frequent meals spread throughout the day, rather than binge eating at a time. IAS aspirants can also include healthy snacks and mini meals through the day to keep them full and refreshed at the same time.

4. Water if your best friend

Students preparing for IAS exams, start treating WATER as your best friend from today. During the course of your general studies preparation, you would have identified more than enough reasons about the importance of water as a component of your diet. If you need any more reasons, consider this! Being dehydrated can make you feel lethargic, irritable and tired; moreover it also affects your concentration, making it difficult for you to focus and study well. Also, water need not be consumed as just plain water; you can spice things up by opting for fruit juices, herbal teas or any other combination that may suit you. However, avoid caffeine and any caffeinated products, as they will not help you in the long run.

5. Pick Brain Boosting Foods and Beverages

Different type of food items can have different reactions to the body and general mood of the person. Therefore, it is very important for IAS aspirants to include right type of food items in their daily schedule. As a rule of thumb, focus on food items that are high in proteins. Proteins are very important as they burn slowly giving a constant source of energy to the body, keeping you full for long time durations. Also, try and include eggs, nuts, curd, cottage cheese and other low-fat items in your daily diet. As far as food items go, eggs, poha, idlis, dosa, dhokla are all light alternatives that can help you during exam preparation.

6. Avoid Brain Blocking Foods and Beverages

In continuation of the above point, IAS aspirants should try and avoid certain food items that may feel them lethargic and fatigued. Carbohydrates are one such food group that is digested very quickly and may compel you to eat more frequently. Stay away from sugary and processed foods like chocolate, cookies, cakes and candies. You may also exclude carb rich food items like rice, potatoes and white flour from your diet.

7. Protect Your Stomach

To ensure that your IAS study schedule is not hindered by any untimely illness, it is important to protect your stomach. To do so, try to include curd and buttermilk in your daily diet. Both these items contain good bacteria that will help you counter any problems like acidity, digestion problems, constipation and general stomach upset problems.

8. Avoid Eating Outside

While it may be impossible for some IAS aspirants to do so, it is important you try and avoid any outside food. You can never be sure of the quality, health and hygiene followed at the food preparation stage unless it the food is prepared at home. There have been several cases of food poisoning and contamination in recent past. To avoid any such situation, it is best advised to either self-cook your food or get it prepared by a trusted person at your home.

Some of the points mentioned above may sound like they are coming straight from a health guide, but they are very important in keeping you healthy and well for tough IAS preparation schedule.

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