8 Soft Skills Every College Student Should Possess

While hard skills like knowledge of mathematical formulas and scientific concepts will always have their own importance in minds of teachers and employers, there has been an increasing shift towards soft skills as well, lately.

Created On: Feb 8, 2018 17:35 IST
8 Soft Skills Every College Student Should Possess
8 Soft Skills Every College Student Should Possess

It's not uncommon to hear the phrase, 'you need to work on your soft skills'. This term 'soft skills' has been appearing on a constant basis in the educational scenario in the recent years. But what are these soft skills and why is it so important for college students to hone them. In a broad sense, soft skills can be termed as a person's ability to adapt to changing circumstances and his willingness to learn through experience. These skills come in quite handy across multiple domains and have been sought after quite a lot in the recent time by the employers. Although, a strong background in traditional or hard skills are essential to get a job, honing your soft skills increases your chance of getting hired in organizations by manifolds. Mentioned below are some essential must have soft skills for college students-


This is a must-have quality for students as they participate in many group projects and assignment throughout the semesters. Collaboration and teamwork will not only enhance their personal performance but also help their team to achieve the desired goals. Honing this skill will also come in quite handy later on during their professional life, for there are many instances wherein you have to work with a team.

How to hone the skill: Best way to enhance this quality is by participating in team sports and other group activities such as group assignments or projects.

Problem solving

As a college student who has recently moved out of the home and that too probably for the first time, you will be faced with multiple problems. In such a scenario, it becomes quite imperative that you are vigilant and come up with quick, effective solutions for your problems. It is crucial that you remain calm and don't panic when faced with a problem or a crisis situation.   

How to hone the skill: Try to get out of your comfort zone and indulge in activities where you will be faced with newer challenges.


Leadership is a great soft skill but not many people display this quality. While some are born leaders others learn to lead when faced with difficulties. Assuming control of things is essential to display your potential even in hard skills at times. Especially, if you are involved in team activities it always helps to have leadership quality. In the professional scenario also, people with leadership skills are very sought after.

How to hone the skill: Participate in your college student council election, become the president or head some club or student organization in college. These activities will prove to be quite helpful in giving you a hang of leadership roles.

Interpersonal skills

With increasing use of social media, the ability to talk face-to-face has reduced considerably among people. There has been a dip in the students Interpersonal and communication skills over the recent years. Students struggle to convey their messages across effectively which emphasis on the need for better interpersonal skills.

How to hone the skill:  Meet and interact with as many new people as you can. Indulge in talks with seniors or your contact in the industry, it will help you hold meaningful conversations with people. Go for a professional internship during break months for that will give an idea of things happen in a corporate setting allowing you to work on things where you feel the need for improvements.


In the current times, it's not just important to come up with a creative idea but also to present it in an innovative manner. With the competition among students becoming more and more intense over the years, creativity has become a crucial skill to have. Creative thinking and its application is quite useful for grabbing the attention of your audience.

How to hone the skill: Take part in inter or intra college competition that involves tasks based on designing and writing. It will help exercise the creative cells in your brain. Also, try to look for creative solutions to everyday problems.

Time Management

The skill of time management is one of the essential skills for college students to have. As prioritizing and managing things is something that you'd be required to do your entire life. The ability to juggle between tasks and allocating adequate time to each and every task is something that comes in quite handy not just in college but also your professional life.

How to hone the skill: Develop a habit of making a schedule for all the activities you indulge in college also try to stick to your schedule. Take part in different activities such as volunteering or some extracurricular to learn to manage multiple things at once.

Critical thinking

The ability to think critically is must for achieving success in our ever changing world. Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. It can be termed as the ability to think independently, responsibly, and productively. It the responsible thinking on the part of the current generations that will shape the way things will be for the future generations. Also, the ability to think critically comes in quite handy to make better decisions in life.

How to hone the skill: Your everyday actions show how critically you think about matters. Question your basic assumptions and be aware of your mental health process.

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Sorry for breaking it to you, but you will not always meet or come across people who have views similar to yours. You need to be adaptable and open to the views of others. Trends in music, politics and lifestyle have sub-trends which shape our lives in general. To be able to deal with them and 'adapt' to people with different opinions matters a lot and is one of the major success mantras in life.

How to hone the skill: Communicate with as many people as you can. College anyways is one of the best places to hone this skills as here you come across people from varied backgrounds. Be open to the views of others and try to understand the viewpoints. 

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