Amazing Budget Friendly and Healthy Food Hacks for Students

Is low budget your excuse for missing out on healthier food options? Worry not, for we have some amazing budget friendly food hacks for students like you

Created On: Feb 11, 2020 14:58 IST
Amazing Budget Friendly and Healthy Food Hacks for Students
Amazing Budget Friendly and Healthy Food Hacks for Students

To explore all popular food joints around the campus area is on the college experience checklist of every student. With no one to keep tabs on when or what they are eating, a major part of their diet consists of fast food from the roadside stalls. The thought of having healthy food resides in the farthest corner of their minds. They are too eager and enthusiastic to check out food joints around the campus that nothing but outside food satisfies their craving taste buds. But some students also cite shoestring budgets and the shortage of time as the reasons for skipping on healthy meals and grabbing the easily available junk food items. Hence, here are some easy food hacks for college students that are both healthy and budget friendly.

Hostel Mess Specialties

Not all mess food is bad or tasteless as per the popular belief among students. Like any other chef your mess chefs to have a specialty. To figure out what that is, is your responsibility. Eating out every day burns a big hole in your pocket. But you can easily skip eating out on the days when something good is made in the mess. Ask around and find out what's the mess food specialty. At the month's end, when you are running low on budget then, the mess food like 'daal-roti' and 'rajama-chwal' are great day savers.

A Bowl of Oats or Cornflakes

A bowl of oats or cornflakes makes for a very healthy breakfast. You can easily buy ready-to-eat oat packet from any grocery store near you. And they are quite easy to make all you need is to add hot water or milk to them. Most hostel facilities allow the students to keep an electric kettle or induction cooking wares. Also, both oats and cornflakes come in varied flavours.

Protein Diet

There are many food options that can help you meet the proper protein requirements of your body. If your hostel allows you to keep an electric kettle or an induction plate it's quite easy to boil eggs. If not, then you could also consume eggs from a nearby roadside egg stalls. For those who don't eat eggs, paneer is another great source of proteins. You can also eat it raw if you don't want to eat the heavy curry panner dishes.

Fruits And Salads

Fruits and vegetable salads are a great source of the major vitamins and minerals that your body requires. But if you are not a fan of going to the vegetable market you could also order them online from popular grocery websites. Eat the seasonal fruits and vegetables as they are the most nutritious.

Healthy Fats and Snacks

With no fixed schedule, students have irregular food habits. They don't consume proper meals at right time but instead keep on snacking every now and then. Although, it's good to have some snacks handy at times but, the snacks commonly consumed by students contain unhealthy fats. Fat intake is important for the body but only healthy fat that too in required quantities. Peanut butter, almonds, curd, yogurt, flavored milk are some healthy fat containing snack items that students can stack or keep handy.

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Dairy Products

Milk is one of the healthiest breakfast and not to forget it is also a great source of calcium for our bodies. You can easily get a packet or bottle of milk from the nearest dairy. You could also choose your pick from other dairy items like curd, yougurt, buttermilk etc. And if you are not the fan of plain milk, you can also go for milkshakes or flavored milk.

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Dry Fruits and Dates

Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, groundnuts etc make for a great diet. They can easily be stocked and stored for long period. Dates too are essential for our body's growth as they are enriched with a lot of vitamins and minerals. However, these food items are consumed mostly during the winter season, you can eat them in summers too but in very small quantities.

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To conclude,

The above mentioned food items all constitute a healthy balanced diet. Being budget friendly they are also less likely to burn a hole in your pocket. Liked this article? Please share it with your friend circles to help them follow a healthy balanced diet in their limited student budget. For more such articles please visit, Alternatively, you can also get them directly in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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