5 tips to master Body Language for interview

For an MBA aspirant and graduate, it is very crucial to understand the relevance of reading body language for interview. Read these 5 tips to master Body Language for MBA job interview.
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UCLA research has shown that only 7% of communication is based on the actual words we say. As for the rest, 38% comes from tone of voice and the remaining 55% comes from body language.


For an MBA aspirant and graduate, it is very crucial to understand the relevance of reading body language for interview because of the below listed reasons:

i. You will be judged in an interview on the basis of your body language

ii. When you take up managerial role or become HR personnel, it will help you in recruiting the right person for the right job

iii. Body language is universal and can help you deal with the other person more smartly

Beyond this, you must also be aware of some lesser known facts about the Body Language. These facts will act as your saviour guide while dealing with people anywhere in the world.

1. Humans can produce over 7,00,000 signals

2. Humans have the capability to produce over 5,000 distinct hand gestures

3. Humans can also come up with more than 2,50,000 facial expressions

4. Humans can be seen adjusting themselves in more than 1,000 distinct body postures.

If we go by this cheat sheet, it clearly indicated the relevance of understanding the body language when it comes to reading the people in our own way.

So let us read a few MBA interview tips to decode the encrypted messages behind our body language in a step-by-step manner.

The Secret to Facial Expressions

The science of reading facial expression is often mastered by the HR personnel of an organisation who are now and then engaged in the process of recruitment. As per the research, it was found that one specific region of the brain, called the amygdala, is associated with the regulation of facial expressions.

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Hence, it is not necessary that your facial expressions are voluntary, they can be involuntary as well.

Thus, it is important to keep in check your facial expressions when you appear for the interview as they have the power to get you the job opportunity.

Let us first understand the emotions emitted by the eyes, while conversing with the panel of interviewers.

1. When Eyes Speak the Story

There goes a proverb for eyes that says “The eyes are the window of the soul.” An an interview, this proverb stands true often and the interviewer usually gets the cues about your confience level by looking into your eyes.

When you appear for the interview, make sure that you maintain intermittent eye contact. Even as a child, we are asked to look into the eyes while confronting our parents to tell the truth. Hence, it is assumed that people often tell the truth and are honest about themselves when they maintain constant eye-contact.

But with eyes comes your eyebrows that exhibit three primary expressions: surprise, worry, and fear.

The infographic provided below eluciates the expressions of eyes which sends signals to the interviewer. You can practise talking while looking into the mirror and check if you are able to read eyes and decode the emotion behind them.

                                                                                                       Image Source: Pinterest

2. Your Smile Says it all (Real or Fake)

Your interviewers are expert in reading body language, so remember that you smile appropriately when you meet them.  

You smile is an indication of your attentiveness and alertness to what they are saying. It also indicates that you are optimistic and have high hopes with the current opportunity. A genuine smile is easy to identify and exhibits your true persona to the interviewer. A genuine smiles reach the eyes, crinkling the skin to create crow’s feet around them.

Take a look at the picture given below and decode the difference between fake and genuine smile.


                                                                                                             Image Source: Pinterest

You need to maintain a subtle smile while conversing with the panel. Do not keep your smile loud is it may portray you as domineering.

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How to get seated during the interview

After mastering the art of monitoring your facial expressions which is just one aspect of the body language, you also need to keep in check the way you get during the interview. There are three important aspects on which you must score full marks, i.e. your hand gensture, back posture and leg posture.

3. Hand Gestures don’t go unnoticed

Hand gensture is the first point of gracing the panel which helps them gauge your confidence level. A weak and harsh handshake must be avoided when you grace the panel. It may give an impression of your timid or dominating disposition to others.

Keep the handshake firm! The right way for an appropriate handshake is to stretch your fingers and make a 45° angle with your thumb. Let the skin between your thumb and index finger touch your partner’s hand and then close your fingers around his or her hand.   

It is equally important to use hand gestures while conversing with the panel. The image provided below illustrates the role of hand-gestues in the interview.


                                                                                         Image Source: Pinterest

4. Back Posture

Your sitting posture is another highlight for the interviewer to gauge your alertness and confidence level for the vacant position. When you are asked to get seated make sure that you sit up-right and relax but lean slightly forward way where your shoulders drop naturally and your back is straight but not flexed backwards.

The image elucidates the manner in which you are expected to get seated during the interview. Keep these points in check to maintain a near to perfect back posture.


                                                                                                  Image Source: Pinterest

It is advisable to avoid sitting in a position in which you appear like a statue neither you should lean in aggressively on the chair. Hunching down in your chair lays an impression of nervousness and low self-esteem.

5. Leg Posture

Another crucial aspect of your body language is the ‘Leg Posture’. Constant leg movemet is distracting and exhibits nervousness in the interviewee. The image provided below clearly defines that the posture of first person is the ideal one for the interview.


                                                                         Image Source: Pinterest

The leg posture of other three people is not up to the mark. It is important to carry a confident and professional look during the job interview. And leg posture is an important indicator of your self-confidence.

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So, it is recommended that before you appear for you MBA Job Interview, practise some body language techniques mentioned above.

 A near to perfect body language will surely render you fit for grabbing the job opportunity assuredly. As a matter of fact, these tips are only a self-help guide that will act as a checklist to monitor your body language and portray your best behaviour to the recruiter.

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