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Can You Become An IAS? Check If You Can Crack UPSC Civil Services Exam Here

UPSC Civil Services 2022 is to be conducted in June 2022. In the article below, check if you are an IAS material or have the qualities required to become a civil servant. UPSC Prelims Result 2021 is now available on upsc.gov.in and the UPSC Mains would be conducted from January 7, 2022.
Tulika Tandon
Are You an IAS Material

UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022 would be conducted on June 5, 2022. It is conducted every year to recruit candidates for administrative posts in the country. The UPSC Exam is attempted by millions of candidates every year, only a handful of those are selected. 

Becoming an IAS is everyone’s dream in India, especially North India, but many of us do not know the complexity of the job and its requirements. All one sees is the charm of the chair behind the National Flag of India. Hardly do people realise that it is a major job that requires a lot of potentials. An IAS Officer just can be and is not just born. He/She has to become one and rise to its requirements. 

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UPSC Prelims 2021 was conducted on October 10 and the results have been declared on upsc.gov.in. The candidates are now preparing for UPSC Mains 2021. But do you think you are an IAS material? Find out below.  Check out the following qualities that would help you decide if you really are ready to become a Civil Servant in India or are an IAS Material. 

Are You An IAS Material? Checklist to Qualify UPSC:

Do You Find the Job Attractive?

Many people just find the job attractive- a house to live in and a car to take you to places but that can even be possible if you become an entrepreneur. Red beams are not allowed by the Government nowadays, so if you just have the charm of the above-mentioned stuff, do not care to waste a seat. 

Becoming an IAS is much more complex than these things. 

Do You Find The Idea Of Being Powerful Attractive?

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Once you reach the places like eastern parts of UP and Bihar in India, you would find the notion of an IAS officer being the king of the region. You are laughing? No, it is a fact. The parents of those places find their sons as their Shravan Kumars who would become an IAS someday and would become powerful enough to pull them out of the poverty they spent their time in. It sounds like a Bollywood film story but sadly this is real. 

In case you just wish to become an IAS officer to be powerful enough to win back your family's dignity and power, I am not happy to tell you, the reason is not strong enough and you are not an IAS material. 


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Do You Like To Correct And Organize?

Some people have a tendency to manage things around them. This is the IAS Officer our country needs. In case you are one of those people who are good at the delegation of work and effectively managing events and things around you, you may one day become a great officer for the Government of India. 

India is a developing country and not a developed one. Here, management is needed, quick wit is required. In case you need to become an IAS officer you must know how to manage things around you well because to become one, you need to manage your syllabus well to clear the exam and after becoming one you need to manage the hundreds of people working under you effectively like it is done in an organization. 

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Do You Dislike The Government System of India?

I would ask you to think of five negative points about the Government of India right now in a minute. Did you manage to do that? In case you did, now I would ask you to think of five ways to amend each issue you thought about in a minute. Didn't manage that did you? In case you did, you pass and have the potential to become an IAS, in case you didn't, you are a negative mindset person who thinks that the system has issues. You need to stay in the system to correct it in the best ways possible at that time. 

In case you dislike the system and do not know how to correct it, it is no point coming inside it. 

Can You Study and Remember Things Well?

If Yes, you are totally an IAS material. This quality is required in a person at the stage of preparation and after getting the post as well. One must know what was done, when. Good memory skills are essential as you need to meet 100s of people in a day and you must know which one said what. During the preparation of UPSC, you need to remember many topics and must be aware of the current happenings as questions can be asked from everywhere. 

Do You Think You Can Only Contribute For Your Country This Way?

In case you think that by becoming an IAS you would be able to contribute the best possible of your capabilities to your country, then you actually are an IAS material. People must be reminded that an IAS officer is never on leave. You need an immense level of dedication for the country and your job to be able to do it. 

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Do You Have Patience?

Becoming an IAS requires patience at the preparation level and after that, the requirement rises 10 fold. You need to deal with people around you and also deal with the everyday requirements of those people. In case you are a district magistrate, no decision by you can be done in haste as it may have disastrous consequences. Moreover, the UPSC gives a minimum of 6 attempts to candidates which also requires patience to compete with. 

In case you have the above-mentioned qualities, you are an IAS material. You need to know how to write well and study smart to become an IAS lastly. The UPSC Prelims 2022 would be conducted in June 2022. The calendar is shown below. 


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