Case Studies: Building Blocks of MBA curriculum

Want to find out how corporate runs? There is no better way than MBA case studies for teh aspirants to learn about the corporate life.
Nidhi Gupta
Case Studies: Building Blocks of MBA curriculum

There goes a very famous saying “management is neither a perfect science not an art”. It is an amalgamation of both. Case studies proves this statement true when it comes to learning the art of managing while acquiring the know-how of business practises. Around the world, various economies have their distinct style of management. But as a learner you cannot be omnipresent to understand the subtleties and complexities that are foundation of corporate world. Hence, a case study will provide you a bird’s eye view of the corporate world before you step into it. 

So here is how case studies will provide to the best building blocks of MBA curriculum for an aspirant:

1. Exposes you to real life situations in corporate world

For an MBA student, having a work experience is an added boon but for those who are devoid of work ex, they find it difficult to understand the nuances of corporate culture. Case studies build a link between theory and practical situations. When your learn various concepts and theories from your books to prepare for the final exam, then these case studies, simultaneously prepare you for the world outside books.

2. Prepares you for dynamic business environment

Business environment is full of challenges and hiccups. It is only when you take a look at various case studies that you realise the hardships which a business passes through to reach the zenith. Big corporate brands did not become who they are overnight. Case study lets you understand the dynamic nature of business environment in a simplified way. When your professor talks about SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, and other relevant concepts, case study helps a management professional apply these concepts on live cases. 

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3. Teaches you management tactics to handle complex business situations

Whether a business has huge or small turnover, the complexities of its operations entirely depends the synchronisations of various departments in achieving the organisational objectives. If various departments work in isolation, organisation will never be able to achieve the wholesome goals. Thus, when you plan to enter the corporate world, make use of case studies effectively to understand the complex business situations. Whatever management tactics you get to learn in the class, a case study will give you a eye-opening view of how to implement these tactics. 

4. Enhances your analytical thinking and decision-making

So you joined at a managerial position but it is your first encounter with the corporate. How will you manage and justify your position and salary when you will get stuck in solving the issues at work? Need not worry; if you have read good number of case studies then you won’t become anxious at the workplace. Case studies give you snippets of corporate fiascos and achievements at length. For a management aspirant, case study is a chance to put their analytical skills to test and suggest the best solutions to overcome the trying times. The ones who are able to perform best are expected to hold reins of the real life situations in right direction too.

5. Lets you gain a wider perspective of various industries

Although you MBA curriculum offers specialization in the second year, but the first year curriculum is generic for all the aspirants. Case studies are an integral part of all the subjects so that you gain a wider perspective on how several industries function. Work Culture of advertising company completely differs from IT companies. When you read case study, they will not only show one side of the story, but will also seek your opinion on solving the problems. 

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