The Third Level Class 12 Notes: CBSE 12th English Chapter 1 Vistas, Download PDF

CBSE Class 12 The Third Level Notes: Here, students can find revision notes for CBSE Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 1, The Third Level. Find here full and detailed handwritten notes and summary of The Third Level.

Sep 27, 2023, 17:41 IST
Download PDF for CBSE Class 12 Vistas Chapter 1 The Third Level
Download PDF for CBSE Class 12 Vistas Chapter 1 The Third Level

The Third Level Class 12 Notes: This article presents Revision Notes for CBSE Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 1 The Third Level. You can also find attached a free PDF download link below to use the notes at your convenience. These revision notes have been prepared by the subject experts as per the updated and revised CBSE Syllabus 2023-2024.

Students are free to refer to the handwritten notes attached here for solving NCERT Solutions or preparing for exams. The notes are a compilation of a short brief on the author, a summary of the chapter, the theme of the chapter, a synopsis, and character sketches. All of these will help you understand the story, relevance, and characters in depth. Students are free to use these revision notes as a last-minute guide. But, you should always write your own answers in the exam, so please use these lines as a source of inspiration and reading material only.


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CBSE Class 12 English Revision Notes (All Chapters)

Revision Notes for CBSE Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 1 The Third Level are:

About the Author:

Jack Finney is the author of CBSE Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 1 The Third Level. He is an American writer who has mostly worked on Science fiction and thrillers. Previously he has also worked as a copywriter.

About the Story/ Synopsis of the Story

The story is about Charley and his experience with the Grand Central Station. He claims that he had been to the third level at the Grand Central Station while everyone including his wife, friends, and psychiatrist says that the station does not have any third level. Check the summary below to know the mystery of the third level at the Grand Central Station.

Theme of The Third Level

The Third Level is based on the theme of absence of mind. The disparity between the two-time stamps and spaces. Charley goes through a condition where he makes an imaginary entry into the third level at the Grand Central Station. The story through the series of a few incidents wants to inform people about the hectic, scheduled, and chaotic lives that they are living in today’s world. The story also holds a small comparison between the times decades ago vs. now and how our lives evolved towards distress, anxiety, and chaos in all these years of development.  

Character Sketches:

Charley: Charley was a peaceful person who loved visiting places that brought peace and calmness to his soul and body, just like his hometown. He is a person who still loves the lifestyle people lived decades back. He is a dreamer since he imagines the third level at the Grand Central Station. He is a good husband as he takes care of his wife, loves her very much, and finds peace in her. The first time he discovered the third level, he mentioned that he wanted to go back home to his wife Louisa. Charley is a brave person who likes to explore his imagination instead of fearing them. He also had a hobby of collecting stamps.

Louisa: Louisa is a strong, brave, calm, and practical person who understands the situation his husband has pushed himself into. She makes great efforts to bring some amount of comfort to him. Louisa is a great listener as she listens to her anxious husband, and his miseries and consoles him to stay calm and consult a psychiatrist. She also supports him in recovering from his time travel thingy.

Summary (Important Points)

  • On visiting the third level of the Grand Central Station, Charley meets his psychiatrist friend who tells him that he is in search of some peace(a wish he is making unconsciously). He told him that he was unhappy.
  • The psychiatrist explains to him and his wife Louisa that he is unhappy because of the life people are living in today’s day and age.
  • The conversation continues and he realizes that he is looking for some escape from the chaotic life he is living. His collection of stamps is also a temporary refuge from reality.
  • The author then says that during the time of his grandfather, the collection of stamps was a hobby since people did not need any temporary refuge from reality back then because of the peaceful life.
  • One day when he was returning home late from work, he decided to take the subway at the Grand Central Station instead of the bus since it was faster and he was restless about being at home.
  • Then he explains what had happened to him at the Grand Central Station. Check the points below to easily memorize the incidents that took place:
  • He passed a dozen men who looked just like him
  • When he walked down another flight to the second level, where the suburban trains leave from, ducked into an arched doorway heading for the subway, the trains got lost
  • He was bumping into new doorways and stairs and corridors
  • Once he got into a tunnel about a mile long and came out in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel
  • Another time he came up in an office building on Forty-sixth Street, three blocks away
  • He saw the station was growing like a tree, pushing out new corridors and staircases like roots
  • The corridor began angling left and slanting downward
  • The tunnel turned sharp left he went down a short flight of stairs and came out on the third level at Grand Central Station
  • There were fewer ticket windows and train gates, and the information booth in the center was wood and old
  • The man in the booth wore a green eyeshade and long black sleeve protectors. The lights were dim and sort of flickering, they were open-flame gaslights.
  • He wore a derby hat, a black four-button suit with tiny lapels, and had a big, black, handlebar mustache- A representation of men from eighty’s
  • He saw a boy holding a newspaper called The World that had not been published for years
  • Then he describes what Galesburg, Illinois looked like and how badly he wants to visit the place with his wife, Louisa
  • On giving the money while buying tickets to Galesburg, the man at the ticket booth told him that this wasn’t the currency.
  • The next day, he took out three hundred dollars from his bank and converted them into old-style money that filled the markets of 1894.
  • But, he could not reach the third level that day.
  • He narrated the entire incident to his wife, Louisa and she suggested him to stop looking for it.
  • He shifted his focus to collecting stamps with Louisa.
  • Charley had realized that his friend Sam Weiner had disappeared and he had gone to Galesburg.
  • He figured this out because one day when he was going through his collection of stamps, he came across a letter he had never seen before. But it was written way back in 1894 to his grandfather.
  • When he opened the letter and read it, he realized it was written by his friend Sam and there was a sign attached below which also belonged to Sam.
  • The story ends with the author revealing that Sam was his psychiatrist friend.

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