CBSE Class 12 Geography (Term 2) Exam 2022: Important 2, 3 & 5 Marks Questions For Final Revision!

Solve the following important 2, 3 and 5 marks questions for CBSE Class 12 Geography term 2 Exam 2022 to be conducted on 18th May 2022. These questions are different from Geography sample paper questions released by CBSE.
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CBSE Geography Questions

CBSE would be conducting the Term 2 Geography Board exam for class 12 tomorrow which is on 18th May 2022. CBSE had released the sample papers for every subject which almost all students would have solved by now. Check here for additional 2, 3 and 5 marks questions below to solve before going for your CBSE Class 12th Term 2 exams. The questions have been prepared by experts at Jagran Josh. Check for better marks below.  

Term 2 CBSE Class 12 Geography Syllabus 2022: CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2022

CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2022: Most Important Topics In History & Geography| CBSE Term 2 

CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Geography: 3 & 5 Marks Questions  

Answer these questions in 150-200 words. 

  1. Explain retail-trading service. 
  2. Describe quaternary services. 
  3. What is the digital divide? 
  4. Define consumer cooperatives, departmental stores & chain stores. 
  5. Discuss the significance and growth of the service sector in modern economic development.
  6. Suez Canal has no water locks. Why?
  7. As a field of study, what would you include in the extensive reach of geography?
  8. The scope and nature of human geography can very well find out in the physical environment and its modification by human beings.
  9. Do you find any dichotomy between physical geography and geography?
  10. Explain any five characteristics of large-scale manufacturing in the world.
  11. What are the characteristics of traditional large scale Industrial regions?
  12. Discuss the significance and growth of the service sector in modern economic
  13. development.
  14. Which is the busiest sea route in the world. Describe its four characteristics?
  15. Two man-made navigation canals serve as gateways of commerce for both the
  16. eastern and western worlds. Explain.
  17. Where is copper found in India?
  18. Why is India endowed with a rich variety of mineral resources?
  19. Distinguish between Ferrous and Non-ferrous minerals.
  20. What do you mean by regional planning?
  21. Mention the issues included in the concept of development.
  22. Mention the important features of Hill Area Development Programmes.
  23. Mention the important features of Drought Prone Area Programmes.
  24. Describe the role and importance of the railway in the economic development of India?
  25. Explain with five suitable examples, how the level of economic development and nature of terrain affect the density of roads in India.
  26. How is environmental pollution caused? Mention four types of pollution
  27. responsible for environmental degradation.
  28. Explain any three consequences of air pollution.

CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Geography: 2 marks questions

Answer the following questions in one sentence:

Q1. Where and when the first railway was opened in the world? 

Q2. Which region of Russia exhibits a very dense network of roadways? Ans. Industrialized part of west Russia 

Q3. What is Stuart highway? 

Q4. What is Pan American highway? 

Q5. What is orient Express? 

Q6. Write two inland waterways of North America? 

Q8. Which two cities are connected by channel tunnel? 

Q9. Name the famous petroleum pipeline which connects the oil wells of the Gulf of Mexico to the North-Eastern states of the USA? 

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Q10. Which are the two regions of the world having a very dense network of airways, roadways and railways? 

Q11. What is satellite Communication? 

Q12. Which two factors contribute to the growth of Railways? 

Q13. Why is Road transport better than rail transport? 

Q14. What are the disadvantages of Air Transport? 

Q15. List the factors which affect inland water transport? 

Q16. Suggest measures to overcome the urban transport problem? 

Q17. Discuss the advantage of roads? 

Q18. Advantages of Pipeline transport? 

Q19. What is the significance of Inland Waterways? 

Q20. Elucidate the statement- “In a well-managed transport system, various modes  complement each other.” 


CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper 2021-22- Class 12 Geography- Check With Answers & CBSE Marking Scheme

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