Competitive Examinations—Your Guide to a Successful Finish

Memory was always associated with the gifted. People believed only a few had the ability to memorize and not all could handle the great power. However today study techniques have been encoded and memory is no longer with the gifted but with the hard working. And today everyone can work on their long term memory by practicing the following…

The real purpose behind education and tests has been lost. Today education is only sought after for cracking an examination, very little of it is retained for after use. This guide will help you not only to do well in your preparation but also help you to improve you long term memory…


Being Focused

While preparing one should always be focused in his study material. One of the major problems faced by the present generation is that they are unable to retain information for a longer period of time. The major cause being we are unable to focus entirely and get distracted easily. While preparing we should always remain focused and attentive. There should be no distractions of any kind affecting our focus.

 Avoid Cramming;

Students are given sufficient time to prepare and they should make the most use of it, leaving no room for cramming. A student wanting to succeed should start his preparations months in advance and also have time for revision. Overnight preparations, last minute studies and cramming should never be an option. To avoid cramming and last minute preparations one should study in regular sessions, maintain a schedule and even take breaks for effective studying.

Structure and Organize

This is another important aspect that should not be ignored. Research has found that information is organized in the memory in related clusters. One can take advantage of this mechanism by organizing and structuring the study material as they learn. Grouping of similar concepts, terms and definitions and other simple techniques of organizing the study material like making side notes are some ways one can indulge in to bring about organization and structure in his study regime.


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This is an important factor that needs to be always kept in mind. One should remember that education is not something that has a starting or an ending date. One should keep practicing every day to stay in touch and in order to improve. Studies as a whole should be treated like mathematics you cannot cram you need to practice every day a little be good at it. This "use-it-or-lose-it" phenomenon involves a brain process known as "pruning."

Different Multimedia Tools

One should just not to stick to using one tool of studying. While many people feel that learning through textbooks are effective. Other major tools of studying include highlighting of important texts, learning through making personal notes, through charts and diagrams. Mnemonic Devices is also other effective tool that people use for learning more effectively.


  We always have had friends who come by during exam time for studies and we exactly know what they mean. They expect us to teach them the entire book in a matter of hours.  However studies show this may not be all that bad. Cause if we are able to teach a person, then it simply acts as a benchmark of our own understanding of the subject. Teaching another person not only acts as a revision method but also helps us to identify the places we need to improve. Tutoring another person helps us in understanding the text in our own language which again only solidifies our knowledge of the text.

Learning Style

One should always be aware of the environment of his choice for maximum productivity. Each one of us is unique and has different styles of learning. While for some learning in the quite hours at night is helpful many people feel their memory is fresh and energized in the early hours of morning. Many have different techniques of learning while many maintain their sleep hours at night many take naps in-between. Hence one should definitely understand his learning technique and stick to that.

Mock Tests

This is another important aspect where one needs to keep testing himself to learn his progress. There is no point in learning new information if one is unable to retain the old, so repeated tests to judge oneself is extremely important. This method of learning may consume more time and hence one should start early but this definitely helps you to remember better. One should always take tests after finishing significant portions of the syllabus to understand how much he has learnt. This also helps in improving your long term memory.

Avoid Multi Tasking

Multi tasking is another stint that should be ignored at all times. When a person carries out multiple tasks at the same time, it may look like he can handle a lot of pressure, but it is not so. Multi tasking makes learning less effective, it consumes more time due to juggling between tasks and most importantly a person is devoid of his focus and is less attentive as the task increases in complexity.

Apt Studying

One should study intelligently. He should be able to understand his weak areas and devote significantly more amount of time in tackling those portions. Another great way to study effectively is to alternate the study routine. If a person spends the mornings studying and evenings for revision, then he could switch this by studying in the evenings and revising in the mornings. This way the brain will not be used to a particular pattern and always be alert.

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