Do you know honey is the only food that never goes bad

In this article you will come to know about the fact that why honey is the only food that doesn't go bad

Que: Do you know honey is the only food that never goes bad?

Ans. Yes, honey never gets spoilt. There are many factors contributing to this unique property of honey. The first key factor is the low moisture content of honey that is enough to inhibit the growth of any microorganism coming in contact with honey. Another factor that keeps honey from spoiling is its acidity. Honey’s average pH is around 4. This acidity is brought about by the enzyme and glucose oxidase found in bees' stomachs. This glucose oxidase gets added to the honey when bees regurgitate the nectar. The enzyme and nectar mix together to create gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide which makes honey acidic enough to prevent the bacteria to thrive inside it. Moreover, honey being a supersaturated solution of sugar, inhibits the growth of bacteria and even yeast and other fungal spores.

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