Final checklist to complete your MBA assignment writing

As an MBA aspirant, you must understand MBA assignment writing is not only about jotting down facts on a piece of paper (or word document) to present to your guide. There is more to it! So take a look at the final checklist to complete your MBA assignment writing.
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As an MBA aspirant, you must understand MBA assignment writing is not only about jotting down facts on a piece of paper (or word document) to present to your guide. The assignment is a document which will carry well-organised facts and figures which is relevant to the research topic assigned by your teacher. It is a complete brain-work which does not end with ‘completing the writing part’. There is more to it which remains undone. If you do not pay attention on the detailing of these areas then the efforts out in the assignment work will seem dull and unwanted. Hence, it is important to present your assignment rightfully which pleases your guide. So you need to work on the formatting, index (table of contents), proofreading the assignment for grammatical accuracy and plagiarism check.

Why so much effort?

Without formatting, proofreading and presentation, the assignment is similar to notes provided in classroom lectures for future reference. You need to pay attention to detailing of facts and turn them into a useful report.

This step is crucial to learn because once you step in the corporate environment, everything is well-documented and presented in highly organised manner. In fact, some organisations have their own training centers where they train the newly recruits on how to format the document and make the information seem relevant to the user by incorporating smart-art.   

So let us find out a few steps which will help us in submitting an ‘A grade’ assignment to our guides and fetch awesome scores.

Part 3: Beyond Writing

Avoid plagiarism..Do not Copy Paste

We do understand that in academic writing there is lesser scope for providing 100 per cent original content. But, plagiarism can be avoided if you follow these points effectively in your assignment:

  1. Provide Citations in the text. You can use any of the document formatting guidelines (i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) recommended by your B-school
  2. Provide quotes with the name of the speaker/author/spokesperson
  3. Provide authentic references at the end of the assignment (books, magazines you used)
  4. Provide complete link of the website from where you picked the content. You can also hyperlink the text if you submit soft copy of the assignment
  5. Finally paraphrase the text wherever possible to avoid directly copying the verbatim. Use quotation marks to mention key statements of influential people.

These 5 pointers will ensure a plagiarism free submission of your assignment and you will walk free even after copying the works of others because you did it righteously! 

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Presentation attracts Points

The look and presentation of your MBA assignment is critical criteria that carry good weightage for the assignment. Thus, it is advisable that you leave time for this task as well. Check that you prepare the assignment in order which comprises of following parts

  1. Title Page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction to the topic
  4. Body (review of literature)
  5. Analysis & findings
  6. Conclusion
  7. Reference list

You also need to add ‘acknowledgements’ and ‘Executive summary’ if it is a project work. Another important step to ensure smooth submission is ‘Formatting’ which we will be taking up soon. It is said to be the sub-set of presentation and can help you score amazing grades. Word-processed assignments make a lasting impression on the evaluator and save your effort from re-writing the entire assignment. 

A poorly presented assignment leaves can boring out expressions as shown below:

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So make sure to submit a well-polished assignment because presentation reaps good marks.                    

Formatting is a must have

For MBA assignments, formatting is the mother of all the tasks. You cannot submit your assignment without undergoing this step. In some B-schools, there are special formatting guidelines which if not followed can lead to deduction in your grades. So make sure that when you are done with the MBA assignment, you do not miss out on formatting the documents.

Another interesting fact which you must be aware of is, students have faced rejection in assignment submission not because of the poor quality of content, but because of the poor formatting of the content. They finally end up feeling like the person in the troll below:

Image Source:

Follow the guidelines meant for aspects such as font size, font style, page margins, spacing, header and footer etc. If you feel that you are not good at it, then watch YouTube videos and free tutorials to learn the basic MS word doc formatting. It is very important to follow the guidelines being issued for formatting the assignment and save your time and effort for the next assignment.

Proofread multiple times

Proofreading your MBA assignment is the final step that must be taken before a document considering your task ‘complete for submission’. Proofread your document by slowly reading the text and figure out if it makes sense and communicates message to the reader.

Search for errors in spelling, word usage, grammar, and punctuation. Thereafter, consider rewriting the parts which seem vague and grammatically incorrect. The matter written in the assignment should convey message without ambiguity. The minion wants to say something but he wishes to clarify this grammatical error pertaining to tenses.

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Scrutinize your MBA assignment multiple times and remove all possible errors associated with grammar, sentence placement, active-passive tenses and sentence run-ons. Use formal tone in academic writing and stick to it. Do not mention slangs or leave sentences incomplete anywhere.

Incorporate all the guidelines mentioned here, and submit an error-free assignment to exhibit the best version of what you can write.

Deliver your assignments on time

You have put in mighty efforts in the assignment but do not forget to submit the assignment before the deadline. Deadline is the preliminary criterion which leads to acceptance or rejection of the work. Before you participate in the race, set your alarm clock to finish all the tasks on time.

As a future manager, time management, meeting the deadlines under pressure, organizing your tasks in limited resources are some traits which are looked upon eagerly by the recruiter. Accomplishing the tasks on deadlines can also help you plan ahead for the other assignments well-in-time.

You will only be able to achieve you deadlines once you allocate time for all the steps mentioned in previously.

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Follow the time religiously and do not procrastinate at all. Give up this habit to excel in your course and the race will be yours at the time of MBA placements.

With wide array of tasks to accomplish, you have plenty of time to plan for your assignment writing. We hope that you will follow these steps to accomplish the rewarding task of MBA Assignment writing and emerge as a winner in your batch.

If you have some more interesting points to share, kindly provide you comments in the below section. You can also read the previous article if you missed some crucial steps of completing MBA assignment writing.

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