How to dress up for your B-School Job Interview

Job interview is one of the most important aspects of MBA life. As potential job aspirants you would surely want to dress up in your best to lay positive impression of your personality. Find out some easy tips and Best ideas to dress up for your MBA interviews.
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Statistics say that when we meet a new person, 55 per cent impact of our personality is laid upon by the way we dress, act and walk. And only 7 per cent impression of our personality can be assessed by what we say! Hence, it is important that when you sit for your MBA Job Interview in the placement drives conducted by the institute, you pack and dress yourself accordingly to meet the demand of the occasion.

Amid all this we understand that the question “how to dress for my MBA interview?” worries most of the students when companies arrive for campus placement!

When you open up your wardrobe to pick and choose the right clothes for the interview, this guide will come handy to help you avoid any confusion and dress up like a pro. Follow these simple steps and dress up to make a lasting impression on the interviewer at the first sight.

Why Dressing Matters?

 In a Job Outlook survey conducted by NACE, the following facts were revealed about the personality of the interviewee on the interviewer.

The study elucidates that Grooming has highest impact (i.e. 73 per cent) on the interviewer, when you appear in front of them. Other eccentric features such as body piercing, unusual hairstyling and tattoos also carry high chance of impacting your job interview.

But at the end, your dressing can influence the interviewer depending upon the industry in which you apply. So these are a few tips to follow when you plan to get ready for the formal Job Interview at your B-School. The tips will surely save you from the nerve-wrecking experience of choosing the perfect outfit to win the game.

Do's and Don'ts in a Personal Interview?

Planning the Perfect Outfit

It is crucial to plan a perfect outfit for the interview. As a job aspirant, don’t ever underestimate the importance of appearance on the interviewer. Appropriate dressing instills  confidence and gives you sense of accomplishment even before you appear in front of the panel.

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Take a look at a few tips for dressing which have been categorised separately for Men and Women who are aspiring to grab a wonderful job opportunity.  

Tips for MEN

Face: It is preferable if you keep your visage clean-shaven for the day. It is because a clean-shaven face is the best look to let a potential employer know you're serious. A stubble or scruffy beard might portray you as a slacker.


Hair: It is important to choose a right hairstyle for the business interview. Your hair should not be shabby. Get them trimmed and get a business haircut done. Your hair will grow back but you might lose on an important opportunity with a shabby haircut.

Clothes: It is advisable that the choice of your attire should be made only after assessing the nature o the industry. You can keep it simple by wearing formal shirt, tie and trousers if you are applying in a firm.

But if some multinational financial or consulting firm is on the list then you should consider getting your Business Suit cleaned, ironed and keep it wrinkle free. You can choose a dark, two-piece business suit of black, navy blue or grey colour. Pair your dark coat with the colour of the shirt. Avoid lavender, pink, yellow, etc, as they do not look as professional.

Pick a nice tie for the day! Make sure that your tie doesn’t clash with the rest of the outfit. You can choose solid colours such as blue, beige, grey, dark green, or dark red are all really safe. Another important point to remember is the way you tie the ‘tie’. Keep the length of the tie fall right at your belt for the proper fit.

To stay in shape, you also need to consider the style, buckle, colour, and length of your BELT. For the job interview, a belt with small buckle, brown or black colour, matte or polished finish belt will work wonders.   

Shoes: Your shoes should coordinate in colour and style with your clothing. Men should consider wearing Oxford Shoes made of leather and have lace-ups. Again Black and brown colour will blend the professional look for the day. Don’t forget to shine your shoes.

Socks: Consider wearing solid, dark colour like black or brown coloured socks with the shoes. Remember that your socks must come up high enough so that they are about four or five inches higher than where your slacks hit the sides of your shoes

More on Grooming: Keep your nails cut and filed. Avoid being overdressed for the occasion. Maintain a sleek, polished and, most of all, industry-appropriate look.

What are the tips for succeeding in a Personal Interview?

Tips for WOMEN

Face: Putting your best face forward is important for the interview. Keep your make up soft and subtle and choose only those shades of beauty products that are within a close range of your skin tone. Make sure that if you wear a foundation then the colour should disappear into your skin. If you wish to wear blush then choose shades such as pink-coral that will add healthy glow to your skin.

Wearing eyeliner will really make your eyes stand out. But keep the look professional with colours such as black or dark brown. For lipstick lovers, neutral colours with a hint of pink, brown, or coral will best suit the occasion.

Hair: Hair is an important aspect of your personality and the interviewer is going to observe the details that you add to your overall grooming. Depending upon the short, long and medium length of hair, you can choose an elegant and professional hairstyle. A pony tail is a safe choice for professional look. In order to avoid playing with your hair while conversing with the panel you can also try make a bun with long hair and let all the positive vibe exhibit out from your face.

Clothing: It is advisable to keep the dressing conservative. For a job interview, you can choose to wear a two-piece matching business suit of black, navy blue or grey colour. To match up the colour of your suit, prefer wearing a light-coloured shirt that can be tucked in your skirt or trouser. Do not wear T-shirt or tops with tags, logos or writing on them.

Trousers/pants are the best choice for the interview. Do not include jeans in your professional attire. Avoid wearing tight fitting or skinny trousers.

You can pick a nice blouse or shirt and pair it with a clean and wrinkle free trouser. If you choose to wear a skirt, it is preferable that you pick hosiery stuff to maintain formal appearance. It is preferred to wear a knee-length skirt with no slits on the sides or front.

Accessories: Keep it simple. Do not wear excessive accessories/jewellery. If you have got yourself tattooed, then try to hide the same with your choice of attire. These aspects will keep your look professional. It is advisable to stay away from jewellery that jingle-jangles as it can distract the interviewer. You can go for jewellery such as single chain necklace, simple ring, or a wrist watch.

Shoes: If you love wearing heels then a 1” or 2” heel is appropriate for the occasion. Black and shades of brown with closed toe are generally a great choice for the interview. But depending upon the colour of your business suit, you can also choose shades such as navy blue or grey as well.

More on Grooming: Your make up for interview should not be too bold. In case you prefer wearing a nail colour, make it a point to wear neutral or lighter shades. Do not wear heavy perfume as it is again an agent of distraction.  

These are a few tips on dressing up for the MBA Job Interview. We hope that your dressing for success help you grab a wonderful placement package and you appear in the best of your D-Day dress.

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