IAS Interview 2022: Clear UPSC CSE Personality Test In 1 Attempt! Follow This Strategy, You Won't Fail

UPSC IAS 2022: UPSC IAS Interview is the last step in achieving your civil services goal. Candidates are more cautious at this point because it is 'do or die' for them and their year-long hard work is about to bring results. Check the tips below to qualify IAS interview in one go.
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UPSC IAS interview 2022

UPSC Mains Result 2021 is expected soon now. UPSC CSE Mains 2021 was conducted from 7-16 January 2022. Now the candidates are waiting for their Results and UPSC Interview 2021 schedule and become IAS officers after qualifying for the last round of Civil Services Exam 2021. 

The aspirants get goosebumps imagining themselves passing through the corridors of Union Public Service Commission, sitting in the middle being surrounded by the interviewers (who themselves are IAS officers and ranked officers). One thing that is for sure is, that whoever faced and passed this fear of his/her, succeeds and becomes an IAS officer.

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Moreover, the candidates are scared as this is the last step of their UPSC CSE Preparation and an end to their year-long wait and hard work. 

Follow the given tips below by the experts (retired IAS officers, Interviewers and qualified aspirants) to get a good score in CSE Interview 2021. 

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IAS Interview 2022: Tips To Avoid Failure

Israel Jebasingh served as an IAS officer for about a decade. He secured AIR 59 in 2004. After this, he began running his own IAS Academy in Chennai. As per his experience, a candidate has got nothing to fear. He says that the Interview process lasts for around 30-35 minutes. This time limit is enough for the officers and interviewers sitting there to analyse whether a candidate is suitable for Civil Services or not. 

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The interview carries 275 marks out of the total 2025. This is what is important for the candidates to know. Also, the total of Mains and the interview is considered for finding out the final scores of the candidates. 

Things to keep in mind

This is not a test of your knowledge but your personality. So the candidates need not worry about any answer being completely right or wrong. 

It is the job of the interview panel to see how any candidate sitting on that chair approaches the question they shoot. The personality traits are assessed through the way you answer. 

"I strongly believe the reason for my success was due to the strategies I learnt from a few gurus who had already cleared the exam. Those strategies are not rocket science, but a simple approach for all stages of the examination. I strongly believe that successful strategies are always simple. Unfortunately, some candidates think it is too complicated and therefore lose out on success", says Israel Jebasingh. 

The interviewer is sitting there to check your -

  1. Mental alertness
  2. The critical power of assimilation
  3. Clear and logical exposition
  4. Balance of judgement
  5. Variety and depth of interest
  6. The ability of social cohesion 
  7. Leadership skills
  8. Intellectual and moral integrity

In case the candidate fails on any one of these, his score shoots down. 

Candidates must avoid turning out with sob stories in the interview. The job of an IAS does not require a high emotional quotient, but a balance. Moreover, many times such sob stories are not considered rational and are deemed to be fake. 

Candidates must also be careful about entering their hobbies into the DAF. Trust us when we say, questions are asked based on them and if you fail to answer one, you lose marks. So it is better to anyway write what you actually do so that no misinterpretations are possible.

Candidates must dress appropriately. Once an interviewer asked a candidate with long hair about his appearance, he answered sarcastically. He said everyone has his/her own style and women are never asked about their long hair. He is still preparing for the next UPSC CSE. The interviewer gathered that if a candidate is not ready to adjust to a little norm, how would he accept the rules by the Government of India?

Many studies have shown that being authentic is a virtue in a personality test. The interviewers look for authenticity which defines your integrity. Thus candidates may gain by saying that they did not know the answer to a particular question.

Thus these little tips may make you look inside yourself and come up with an impressive personality. We would soon come up with some new tips from the candidates who succeeded in CSE. 

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