IIM Admissions 2018: Common WAT & PI questions to prepare for admission

Get ready to ace second round of selection at IIMs with these WAT and PI questions that have been asked in the previous years. Read on to find out common WAT PI questions to prepare for selection at IIM.
Nidhi Gupta
IIM Admissions 2018

With all the IIMs and major B-schools that have released the admission shortlist and admission criteria, it’s time to get ready to face the WAT and PI round for selection. After the CAT exam, the second stage that tests the mental acumen of an MBA aspirant is one of the most challenging one if not prepared well for it. Generally, IIMs conduct WAT i.e. Written Ability Test and PI (Personal Interview) and other B-schools have replaced GD (Group Discussion) with WAT for assessing the managerial acumen of the candidates. So before you start to appear for the GD-PI-WAT at the top B-schools to receive the final admission call, take a look at this guide that will help you prepare well for the upcoming rounds:

To begin with, in this guide we have compiled a list of topics that are expected to be asked from the MBA Aspirants in the WAT round. These topics are inspired from the latest occurrences/happenings, events and issues that have been the topic of interest and can also be asked to test your general awareness. After all the primary purpose of the WAT round is to check the aptitude of an MBA aspirant from managerial point of view and to assess whether the candidate is prepared to take up the challenges both academically (in the B-school) and professionally (after graduating from the B-school).

So here are the topics that have been asked in the WAT rounds in the selection rounds conducted by the B-schools:

Common WAT Topics

• Multiparty election system is a boon/bane.

• Importance of CSR

• Spending dollars on space programs is useless

• Gender diversity and academic equality

• Judicious disposal of e waste by G20 countries

• We shouldn't believe all that we see

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• Net neutrality

• Are leader born or are they made

Trending Now

• Are memorials in the name of great leaders a waste of public money

• Global political discourse taking a right turn

The need and validity of UN in modern day world

• Money can’t buy everything

• Judicial activism is hampering democracy

• Start Up India

• Can Ethics and Profitability of a company go hand in hand

• Advertising is all glittered and a little truth

• Greed

• Emergence of regional political parties is good for the country

• Those who travel alone travel faster

• UN: A Failed Organisation

• Government should have no business in running businesses

• Good boss, bad boss

• Globalization vs. Protectionism

• Digital learning vs. Classroom learning

• Direct Benefit Transfer: Good or Bad in Indian Context

Personal Interview: Another milestone to achieve

After the WAT round, another major challenge that the MBA aspirants have to undertake is the Personal Interview round which is one of the most important part of the selection process after getting shortlisted. When a candidate faces interviews panel, generally it starts on the tone of “tell me about yourself” and then it is upon the wish of the candidate to take the interview in the direction which is set by him/her. The discussion can be guided by the candidate in his/her strong zone i.e. one could talk about hobby, work-ex or favourite subjects in academics. But make sure that you are thorough with the topic chosen in the interview. So here are some commonly asked interview questions which have been compiled from the interview experiences of IIM students to provide you an idea of the flow of the interviews.

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So here is a list of questions that you can expect in your PI:

General questions

Assessing your General Knowledge

About your aspirations

These were just a few questions that were shared with us by the candidates who have appeared for the IIMs interview. It also depends upon the candidate facing the panel that what is his/her interest area. It is your talk with the interviewer that will decide your final selection for admission in IIM.

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