Importance of Nutrition and Sleep

Today, we deal with aspects that indirectly but with equal importance affect our performance in any examination. Eating right and sleeping adequately are two most neglected aspects of our lifestyle when we start to study. This will guide you to eating right and getting your adequate sleep to perform your best.

In the course of our studies we tend to neglect, what is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our well being, our health. We tend to compromise on our sleeping habits burn the midnight oil and study late into the nights causing our health to fail and it’s not long before it starts showing on our performance. And the other aspect we tend to leave out is food. Good food and the correct nutrition is something we lack and we feel it is alright to ignore, however it is not long before our body starts showing the negative effects of such self inflected harm by simply switching off.

Eating Right

Often we live in the thought that preparing a meal for our self is time consuming and will only hamper our studying and we then start to rely on junk food, or ‘take away’ which do not provide us the required nutrition we have to consume. Moreover, a shift in diet is also required for those who maintain a healthy normal diet because since one is undertaking a commitment to study the diet needs to change accordingly.

Here are a few ways that one can eat smart and right during the time of preparations:

Breakfast has to be a compulsory meal. Many people tend to skip breakfast. However it the first meal of the day and it is an extremely important. One should not skip his breakfast. Bread, cereals, scrambled egg coffee or even milk are good options for breakfast

One can keep some snacks at arm’s length while preparing. Studies have shown that maintaining a high sugar level in the body can actually help retain more than normal studying. Hence a banana or any other source of natural sugar should be consumed while studying to retain more. However one should not be too distracted with the occasional munching.

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Fruits and vegetables should play a major role in your diet. Fruits like bananas are full of natural sugar which helps keep the body awake. Leafy vegetables like spinach which is rich in iron and vitamin B should be consumed at high.

One should at all times stay hydrated. Coffee and sugar should be taken minimum and totally avoided at night, since this can hamper proper sleep.  On the other hand fruit juice, water, milk and anti oxidants like green tea should be preferred.

The key to eating right is to consume small meals throughout the day. Eating small meals on a regular basis will help to keep the energy levels stable in the body. Eating three large meals often make you slow mentally and physically. Since they take a longer time to process in your stomach thus making you feel lethargic.

One must remember that preparation is not only about studying but about smart studying; in the same way eating is not about consuming anything available in the market it is about knowing what you are consuming.


Adequate Sleep

Often we tend to neglect our sleep. We study late into the nights only to wake up at dawn to revise. This way we not only are unable to achieve the bare hour’s necessary to sleep but also we tend to feel lazy and sleepy the entire day. This not only hampers our productivity but also of our required sleep time.

Here are a few guidelines that need to be followed to bring discipline within us

One should try to get a good 8 hour sleep. This way he will not only be fresh but also his productivity will increase in all ways.

Coffee should be avoided before sleep, as it hampers sleep. One can play a soft soothing music before going off to bed. This will help one to fall asleep faster.

At times we tend to twist and turn on bed without actually falling asleep this is because there are a lot of pressing matters that happen to cloud our brain. Situations like this can be dealt with, through mediation. A five minute meditation to clear the head before sleeping acts as an excellent sleep booster.

One must not look at sleep as an activity that utilizes time with zero productivity as perceived by many today, sleep is very important as it is when we are asleep that our mind develops and we are able to revise more efficiently the next day.

One must remember that the night before the examination, we should get ample rest and eat good to perform our best.

One must always understand that the human system runs in a particular fashion and this has to be maintained for the body to function naturally. Poor eating and sleeping habits will only shut down the natural working system of the body which in turn will reflect in us through our poor performance.

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