68th BPSC Last Minute Preparation Tips & Strategy to Ace Prelims Exam

Candidates who will appear for the 68th BPSC Prelims exam on 12 February must go through the 68th BPSC last minute tips and strategies. Know the dos and donts, last minute revision tips, important tips, tricks and strategy to ace the exam.

68th BPSC Last Minute Preparation Tips plays a crucial role for any candidates who will be attempting the Prelims exam on 12 February. Candidates should get their hands on the last minute tips for BPSC Prelims to maximize their scores in the exam. As the BPSC exam is at the door, therefore, candidates should speed up their preparation right away. While they are in the last leg of their preparation, they should not be stressed and should devote 8- 9 hours to the revision every day. 


The 68th BPSC preparation strategy in the last week is different from the strategy followed throughout the year. This article on last-minute preparation tips for the 68th BPSC exam aims to provide a proper strategy that the candidates should follow in order to ensure smooth preparation. 


A robust strategy and these few last-minute tips could help aspirants to ace the preliminary exam with flying colors. Read the full article on 68th BPSC Last Minute Preparation for detailed information.

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68th BPSC Last Minute Preparation Tips

Candidates can check the last-minute preparation tips for the 68th BPSC Exam detailed below to boost their preparation level and improve their chances of scoring well in the preliminary exam.

Conceptual Clarity

It is crucial for the candidates to have conceptual clarity for the massive 68th BPSC syllabus. Having any kind of doubt in the last phase of BPSC 68th preparation can create confusion and affect their performance negatively. Thus, they should revise all the concepts thoroughly in the last week of preparation to ensure success in the examination.

Prepare Quick Notes

One of the best 68th BPSC last minute preparation tip is to prepare short notes. Candidates should jot down all the important GK questions, concepts, formulas, etc in a separate notebook and use them for quick revision. This will help them to revise all the important topics, current events, static gk, etc for the exam quickly and effectively.

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Attempt BPSC Test Series Daily

Solving mock tests and sample papers is one of the best ways of revising all the covered concepts and current affairs questions. Candidates should try to solve at least 2-3 full-length BPSC Mock Test to strengthen their BPSC exam preparation level. Also, it will help them to get an idea of their strong & weak sections and allocate more time & effort to improve their weak areas for better scores.

Skip New Topics

With a few days left prior to the exam, the candidates should avoid studying any new topics for the BPSC exam at the last moment. The focus should be on revising the topics that have already been covered. 


Studying new topics could lead to unnecessary stress and confusion before the exam. Thus, the aspirants are advised to revise all the covered concepts instead of trying to learn new topics.

Stay Confident

The next 68th BPSC preparation strategy is that the candidate should stay confident and positive during the last-minute preparation. The positive approach will definitely boost their performance in the exam. 


Candidates should also get sufficient rest and take at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night. With this, they should take short breaks in between their revision to keep their mind fresh and energetic.

Build a Strategy

It is crucial for the candidates to follow a proper strategy during the 68th BPSC exam. They should read the questions carefully to avoid any mistakes in the response. Next, they should skip the difficult and time-consuming questions and answer all the questions first that they are familiar with. This strategy will help them to score high on the exam.


Hopefully, these tips and strategies for the BPSC Prelims exam will help aspirants to achieve their goals and boost their preparation. Candidates should ensure that they attempt the 68th BPSC Prelims exam in a positive & confident way to perform well.

Additional Tips for BPSC 68th Exam 2023

Along with the last-minute tips for the 68th BPSC exam, candidates should follow certain guidelines before appearing for the exam. The list of exam instructions is elaborated below:



How to maximize your score in the 68th BPSC exam?

Candidates can maximize their 68th BPSC exam scores by solving mock tests every day and revising all the important topics regularly. Candidates should be confident enough to answer all questions correctly and avoid negative marking.

What are the best books for the 68th BPSC exam preparation?

Some of the best books for the 68th BPSC exam preparation are General Knowledge by Arihant Experts, General Science by Lucent, Yearly Current Affairs by Disha Experts, History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra, etc.

What are the 68th BPSC last minute preparation tips for Prelims?

Some of the 68th BPSC last minute preparation tips are that the candidates should use quick notes for revision of all the concepts, avoid studying new topics, and stay confident during the exam.

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